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(1 comments) Enjoy these days of Christmas everyone. (2 comments) wishes everyone a happy, healthy 2015. May all our goals be fulfilled. XXX (1 comments) Just a reminder (2 comments) is inspired by good friend NEW-CAZ to counteract my current negativity (2 comments) Full of beans today - helped in large part by bright sunshine. Lovely early walk by the sea past our beach huts. (1 comments) Yesterday's beautiful sunset - last for a while sadly (1 comments) is in need of some motivation not to slither today (3 comments) Great time with the grandkids - managed to have some fun during the few breaks in the poor weather :-) (2 comments) Back home after a fabulous walk in the sunshine in a little local seaside town. This is where I had lunch - and it's also for a good Sparkfriend who used to visit there regularly before she moved. XXX (2 comments) Canít believe the change in the weather today Ė grey and cold! Yesterday I was tramping the undercliff walk with sunshine and blue skies. (2 comments) In line with my new activity policy, was by the sea at 6 a.m. watching this Dutch barge landing building materials for a new observation tower for visitors to Brighton. (2 comments) Giant crane working on the new observation tower on the local beach. Impossible to get an idea of scale but is locally nicknamed T.Rex! Giant crane working on the new observation tower on the local beach. Impossible to get an idea of scale but is locally nicknamed T.Rex! went fo a beautiful walk with the grandchidren (and lollies!) yesterday in breezy sunshine - lovely time and an opportunity well taken - pouring with rain today! (2 comments) had a lovely day in the sun yesterday with various friends ending up at local pop-up restaurant for curry cooked by a good neighbour who was renting it for the evening. (2 comments) was happy to wake to sunshine and walked to the sea to see the new delivery of components for our observation tower. AKELAZ was happy to wake to sunshine and walked to the sea to see the new delivery of components for our observation tower. You can just some pictures at the bottom of how it will look. was happy to wake to sunshine and walked to the sea to see the new delivery of components for our observation tower. Lots of fun and colour at Gay Pride yesterday (2 comments) So lovely on the beach today - and everyone with smiles on their faces :-) (2 comments) saw a lone, sad, wet seagull by the sea just as the thunder started. (2 comments) is at the end of a VERY cloudy day and I have been cheered by a beautiful sky across the square where I live. Hoping for a better day tomorrow :-) (2 comments) and the gloom continues! (1 comments) is back from a wet but surprisingly reviving walk in the rain. (2 comments) is so happy for bright sunshine today :-) (1 comments) is ready to get back on track for 2016. I may have been absent but have been thinking of you all. Have a good time these holidays everyone! (2 comments) Christmas was lovely - and indulgent! Definitely time to buckle down! (2 comments) Happy New Year everyone - let's make 2016 a good one ((XXX)) (2 comments) Sunset last night - before the rain returned (3 comments) Along with the rest of the world and particularly his family I want to say: 'Don't Go'. RIP David Bowie (3 comments) Beautiful in our sunny square by the sea today - walk was worth it though :-) (4 comments) Chaotic time yesterday at a Birthday Party - Turkish Mezze - Wine - Chocolate cake, Somehow managed to stay within calorie range :-) (3 comments) Sunrise from my window over Brighton this morning. 'Shepherd's warning' of rain, they say. (2 comments) Aaaagh! Nothing seems to make my tablet work and this big laptop is so slo-ow it's sending me mad! Seeya soon Sparkies. ((XXX)) (2 comments) FINALLY!! It's all sorted. Phew! (1 comments) My 'forty-ten' year old and I on his birthday. Wouldn't stand for owning up to the big FIVE-O so I compromised on the balloon numbers!!! (4 comments) is happy to have woken early with lots of energy. Happy to have woken early with lots of energy :-) (2 comments) Very annoyed that I delayed going for a walk in glorious sunshine and now it's pouring with rain :-( The sun was trying very hard to shine on the sea at the end of my road. Good portent I hope :-) (2 comments) And the sun has come out! is really having a problem uppping the ante on the new exercise minutes target - just have to find the motivation (1 comments) is trying to up the ante on exercise minutes - motivation is sadly lacking though! (3 comments) slept really well last night - loads of energy today!! (1 comments) is off out for a walk with friends to take advantage of the sunshine (1 comments) Beautiful sunshine again today - SO good to see. Off for a walk with the dog from the local pub. (1 comments) is having a quiet day today (1 comments) My new best friend - sadly only borrowed -but we both need more exercise so it's a great arrangement :-) (3 comments) Back with the yoga which is making me happy. Have a happy day too. (2 comments) Just got my walk done in time (3 comments) Guess what I'm doing today! Treat from my sons :-) (5 comments) Finally getting back into action - lovely walk on a nearby country estate yesterday. (1 comments) Such a different day - walked by the sea in drizzle and wind. Quite bracing though! (2 comments) can hardly believe this is the same country as yesterday - glorious walk by the sea - though not as brave as these chaps!! (1 comments) Been out in the sunshine all day - blue blue sky and really fluffy clouds. (2 comments) Two years ago - 70th Birthday (6 comments) Amazing sunset over our square tonight :-) (3 comments) Unbelievable change from yesterday! Definitely an 'indoors' day. (2 comments) had a great time away in historic Portsmouth Harbour. Back now and ready to Spark. Happy Tuesday everyone. (2 comments) Lots of sightseeing/walking when I was away including following this battleship for a mile and a half round the bay as it was piloted through the harbour mouth from dry dock. Lost one pound WOO HOO! (3 comments) Sunshine in the square where I live - on the way back from a glorious walk :-) (2 comments) Gloomy and cold today but had promised to walk the pub dog for the first time in ages :-) (3 comments) Wet and cold today - AGAIN! Is it really June? Just gotta be positive! (1 comments) Rained off from a BBQ yesterday and it's worse today - expect better from June! (3 comments) Can see the sun just peeping through the clouds - just hope it comes through and puts a smile on everyone's face today. AGAIN! everything covered in thick damp mist. Can't believe it . . . (2 comments) Sad day as far as I'm concerned. (3 comments) A glimpse of Big Ben through the trees as I walked my socks off by the Thames during my trip to London. (2 comments) The British Museum - wonderful exhibition of relics recovered from two sunken Egyptian Cities. (1 comments) had an early morning walk by the sea in the sunshine with a friend and his dog (2 comments) Wonderful sunny day - cheers me on in my kitchen project! Beach BBQ this evening :-) (1 comments) Wonderful time at our BBQ on the beach last night. Such a balmy evening that we stayed until the moon was high. (3 comments) Still at it!! (1 comments) (1 comments) Off for some time in gorgeous sunshine. Have a good weekend all. (4 comments) Lovely afternoon yesterday in the sunshine at our small local marina listening to music with good friends. (4 comments) Seems this is the last day of the yellow stuff for a while - off out to enjoy it! (1 comments) 12th century church in the sunshine during a long walk in a local fishing town yesterday. (1 comments) had a gorgeous walk with the family at a sustainability sight in the sunshine. HOORAH! All technology problems finally solved and more than happy to be back Sparking. Dramatic and mood enhancing sunrise to fly me on my way! Happy Tuesday to All. (3 comments) Selfie of my little wounded soldier on his way to have the stitches removed from his torn ear. (1 comments) Glorious sunny morning by the sea (2 comments) Seagulls looking for breakfast in the sun this morning (1 comments) Glorious red sunrise but knew it heralded trouble! Rain and wind now sadly. (2 comments) Walked the Snow Dog trail in town yesterday. Large models decorated by schools or companies raising money for the local hospice. Started at the top of the square where I live. (1 comments) Another of our charity Snowdogs - they are causing massive interest and raising a lot of money for the local hospice. This one is named 'Splash'. (4 comments) Making a new friend (4 comments) Friends forever! (2 comments) 'Purple' Wedding in Istanbul July 2011 (3 comments) ME WITH MY LITTLE MOTIVATORS (4 comments) My grandsons with me on my birthday Sons and grandsons at my birthday lunch (2 comments) Corfe common, Dorset, overlooked by the castle ruins. (7 comments) Eli at his birthday BBQ (1 comments) Big Brother Sam and Eli with a new toy (1 comments) Another birthday toy Eli with his other granny You're missing the party, Eli (1 comments)

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