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OMG I HAVE A BODY!! (It's not laced well, I wanted to get it on quickly) (20 comments) Me, my mom, Bingley and Little G (3 comments) Selfie with Bingley! (8 comments) I decided I needed a new pic for you guys! 99 lbs down overall in this photo! (10 comments) Merry Christmas 2013 from Bingley and me! (3 comments) Hey bay-beh *winky* (19 comments) New hair... still a bit wet and not styled. Cut off about 6 inches! (11 comments) June 2014 - 165 lbs (5 comments) Myself and my second cousin once removed, Makayla, playing with Legos on the 4th of July! (3 comments) There's a list of things I could criticize about this photo, but it really shows the color of my eye (5 comments) She's got leeeeegs! (9 comments) Bedtime Selfie (2 comments) (2 comments) Hubs, Underling Josh and Me at the Riversharks Game (3 comments) My Bingy Baby (5 comments) Relaxing on a gorgeous day at the ballpark. (4 comments) I love my kettlebell! (4 comments) Heavy metal! (17 comments) Oct 1st Kettlebell Progress Photo (11 comments) New hair! Oct 23, 2014 (11 comments) 11-4-14 (10 comments) worked my backside off this morning in my workout. OWNED IT. Don't slack off just because it's the holidays. Your body deserves better. (4 comments) Today would have been my dad's 71st birthday. I know it would please him to know that I ate beets last night, and really liked them. Still don't like them pickled, though! (8 comments) December 1 2014 Kettlebells Progress (4 comments) 12-03-14 Hellooooo (3 comments) Today I'm grateful for being a morning person! (5 comments) Little black dress! (9 comments) Haven't gotten my raise at work yet, but I got a bonus! (2 comments) More good news: bikini from China finally arrived! (After I was refunded!) Tell me what you think, please! (16 comments) Me and my fur son. (1 comments) For those of you who were curious about my tattoo! (6 comments) (7 comments) Special preview of what's to come for my SparkBuds! THEY GAVE ME A PUPPY TO HANDLE FOR THE ADOPTION EVENT! *squeed my pants* I'm trying to make a Coach Bingley shirt for my Cafe Press store and the site won't let me save the back. *pout* (4 comments) Back from our Gettysburg! Sun is out, slept in, grocery shopping, shelter volunteer meeting. Feeling pretty good. ;) (7 comments) Breakfast then bells on my balcony. (1 comments) 7 am, sunny and 65 degrees equals perfect time to run! (2 comments) When I got to work this morning, I was pretty convinced I was going to have a bad day. That turns out to be not the case. Life is not perfect by any means, but it's good. :) (1 comments) Wisteria? Saw these on my run this morning. (3 comments) Had a good, if hot and tiring day. Treating myself with a cool shower and some Ginger Ale 10. (1 comments) Bells done. Abs next. Dog walking before lunch. Yoga tonight. #tiredalready We gon eat a moderate amount of Indian food like it's my birthday! (Oh IS!) (9 comments) Bingy & me hanging out at work. Plus my new phone case! (3 comments) Spending some quality time with my baby boy. (4 comments) got really sweaty this morning during my workout. yes I am sucking my stomach in. (6 comments) Sweating out my anxiety this morning! I used to hate sweating, and now I love it. Grow to love it and you'll be rewarded! (3 comments) Readt (3 comments) Complete! (6 comments) First workout post mud run. I hurt all over and today is my "hard" workout. Here goes nothing! (3 comments) Pizza night! (2 comments) It's been that kind of day. (3 comments) Working outside for the crft fair today with Bingley! (3 comments) Brought Bingley to walking group this morning. He made it about 2.5 mikes before he needed a little break! (2 comments) I'm being brave! (8 comments) This face! (2 comments) Starting Monday off right, with sweat! Today's agenda; haircut, coffee w Godmother, car inspection, registration renewal, work on my faire skirt. (8 comments) Looking forward to a weekend with no plans. Time to catch up on my backlog of chores! Photo is from walking group this morning. (4 comments) Be fit! Got all six workouts in this week! Plus a short run and walking group. What did YOU do? ;) (5 comments) Adventure Run w. Sharon! (3 comments) Bingley says I should skip blogging and just pet him. (1 comments) Senior prom, 1999. (2 comments) Ren faire! (3 comments) Mornin', SparkPeeps. (4 comments) Yes I sing to my dog. Suck it, haters! (5 comments) Saw this beauty this morning during walking group. (2 comments) You other drinkers can't deny! (2 comments) I said I was going to try to track my dinner, but how does one even begin to track this??? (1 comments) (8 comments) (7 comments) (1 comments) Kettlebells rule! (3 comments) Happy 5th birthday, Bingley! (7 comments) (4 comments) Feeling very hungry today. Could be boredom. Have already drunk 20 cups water so it's not thirst, lol. (1 comments) Turkey meatballs, light tomato sauce and cauliflower rice. Huge meal, less than 400 calories! Stopped twice on the way to work to take photos of trees. Nature is amazing! (3 comments) Pulled pork, sweet potato & cranberry sauce taco w/ cauliflower rice. day 366 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 10/28/2015 *sigh* You'd think in the year since the photo on the left I'd see a BIT more definition! (7 comments) Had an emotional day. Depression is back, hopefully temporarily. No anxiety though, not for months. I'll take what I can get. :) (10 comments) Happy Thanksgiving! (2 comments) 4 week exercise streak! (1 comments) day 400 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 12/1/2015 Throwback Thursday, 110-ish lbs ago! (6 comments) Is in a van with four sleeping dogs, aka, heaven. (1 comments) Sausage, potato & kale stew, less than 500 calories for a huge bowl. (1 comments) Me, the Hubs and Bingley. (7 comments) Made Italian Sprinkle Cookies today and haven't eaten one yet! (4 comments) Made potica and Russian black bread, just need to bake them. Boiled potatoes. Ate breakfast. Gonna work out, make lunch, wrap gifts, shower, head to work. :) (2 comments) It's 65 degrees and we have the windows open and the "fireplace" on! Going to see Star Wars this afternoon and then dinner! (2 comments) Craving salad after eating so poorly for weeks. This salad was delicious but it had nuts, dried fruit and cheese. #nothealthysorry (3 comments) Egyptian soup (hence the camel) and grilled cheese. Mmm. (5 comments) Had a wonderful day at Longwood Gardens today. (4 comments) Kettlebells and Downton Abbey (1 comments) Me and Bingley. (7 comments) When your living room is your gym you have no excuses! (8 comments) Not sure why the photo looks squished, but breakfast today is Funfetti quinoa! (4 comments) Didn't wanna work out. Did it anyway! (7 comments) I'm creating the me I want to be. (2 comments) I've lost and kept off more than 100 lbs. My body isn't perfect. But it's mine and I'm proud of it! (6 comments) Extra hungry today. Bulking with veggies. (1 comments) Boston Terriers sit weird. (1 comments) Puppy bowl snacks! (4 comments) Pumpkin spice brown rice breakfast pudding! (1 comments) Big fat snowflakes! (4 comments) day 475 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 2/14/2016 (1 comments) Flex!!! (8 comments) Doggie yoga pose? (2 comments) Worked out this morning while watching Downton Abbey. This morning's episode made me cry while doing rows! Workout DONE! (3 comments) Fighting your way uphill is hard, but it can also be beautiful. Emotionally exhausting day today. (3 comments) Giant strawberry! (Part of my afternoon snack.) (3 comments) Giant strawberry! (Part of my afternoon snack.) Giant strawberry! (Part of my afternoon snack.) day 500 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 3/10/2016 (2 comments) My food consistency is lacking right now. Working on it! (3 comments) Is having friends over for corned beef tonight! (4 comments) (7 comments) TOM struck today. The first day I'm always exhausted and uncomfortable. Here's a pic of pretty flowers to make up for my absence. (1 comments) Southwest Millet Salad w Corn and Black Beans! (5 comments) Bingley did NOT want to cooperate and look at the camera. Jerk. (5 comments) Coach Bingley making sure I do my ab workout right! (5 comments) HEALTHY Pineapple Chicken Teriyaki (with mushrooms) (4 comments) This pic is a couple months old but people seem to like it so I'm putting it on my SparkPage. (5 comments) You know you jelly of mah dins. Chicken caprese with polenta and spinach. Just under 500 cals. (4 comments) I've been through all of these today. (10 comments) Decent pancake mix! I had mine with real butter and cherry berry blend fruit. (7 comments) We didn't win anything, but my buddy Josh and I had a blast at tonight's Adventure Run! (4 comments) On a clear day you can see Philly from this park, 19 miles away. (2 comments) Workout felt extra tough today. (7 comments) It was way shorter than I'm comfortable with and it wouldn't quite zip in the back but I Iike the shape! (6 comments) Copycat snack! (ARAZA30) Rainbow Kale Power Salad w Peanut Lime Vinaigrette (6 comments) Sometimes pretending to be in a food mood puts you in a good mood. (7 comments) Pampering myself tonight. Mani and Netflix. (6 comments) Beef espedatas with roasted potatoes and braised kale and spinach. (5 comments) Fill out that dress with guns, ladies. ;) (5 comments) Doing an MS walk with two fabulous ladies from my walking group! An easy four mile Sunday morning! (3 comments) (1 comments) Went to a local diner for lunch and got an Asian Chicken Salad with Sesame vinaigrette on the side. (2 comments) Excited to try this tomorrow! (2 comments) Had a great day today. Ready for bed though! Someday I'll lose that little flap under my arm and the one in my armpit. Damn it I will! (6 comments) (2 comments) I was almost hoping this wasn't delicious because it was $2.99 but it was soooo gooood! (6 comments) After the rain comes a rainbow. :) (3 comments) My exterior is ready for the showroom. Not sure if I'm emotionally ready haha. And I won't make it through the day with these shoes. (13 comments) Wednesday workout done! (6 comments) day 550 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 4/29/2016 (3 comments) Bingley loves me! (8 comments) My snack for this afternoon at work. (2 comments) Healthy breakfast at Corner Bakery after 3 mile walk with walking group. (3 comments) Right after Monday's Intermediate Kettlebells workout! (1 comments) So glad "Hungry Week" is over! My body was begging for extra calories and it got it. (1 comments) This is... ADVENTURE RUN!!! (2 comments) It's 9 pm, I'm exhausted, and I'm going to bed. So is Bingley. (2 comments) My walk today was really beautiful. (7 comments) Angel food cake, honeyed whipped cottage cheese, and blueberries macerated in balsamic vinegar and cilantro. AKA - dessert! Chicken fajita kebabs over brown rice! (4 comments) Poppies for sale at my god mother's farm (1 comments) It feels like all I've been doing lately is running around. Today I had lunch with my godmother and got my tomatoes planted. (1 comments) day 575 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 5/24/2016 (4 comments) Pepperoni Pizza Quinoa from (5 comments) Love my Bingley! (3 comments) The incredible shrinking amazon! (4 comments) (7 comments) My humps! (2 comments) New size large shirt. No more XLs for me! (4 comments) ONEderland official pic =) (6 comments) It's amazing the difference 28 lbs makes! (12 comments) Looking hot! (1 comments) My new skort! Size 12 (13 comments) A photo of my face I actually LIKE! (3 comments) Ren Faire costume. I have a WAIST!! (2 comments) Little 'Black' Dress (11 comments) Hey I look GOOD! (5 comments) It's only 11 lbs, and I can maybe see a difference? What do you think? (3 comments) Bingley chilling on a chair at my work. (3 comments) My Engagement Photo 2008 (1 comments) My Mom and I 2008 (1 comments) New Hair 7/18/12 (3 comments) One of my wedding photos... I think I was at my heaviest. (2 comments) Me and the new hubby 9/28/08 (4 comments) 230 lb comparison shot... how do I see a difference in the mirror but not a photo? (3 comments)

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