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Super quick and super nutritious lunch. Local farm eggs and avocado on heavily seeded wholemeal toast... Yum! Local farm eggs fried, with avocado mixed with all natural salt free jalapeño herb blend! Wholemeal seeded bread all makes for a really quick and delicious lunch! Ready to roast along with dinner and leave in oven as it cools for slow roasted vegetables, no oil, for lunch tomorrow. Beautiful and fresh from local farm shop! Tasty Indian style scrambled eggs in ghee with mini potatoes, onion, peas and tomatoes. With turmeric, garam marsala, cumin, garlic and chili. With a methi chapatti on the side. Loved our lunch experiment with new recipe! Who knew how much decaff had improved! While this PG Tips decaff tea isn't as good as my beloved Barry's Tea, it is a lot better than trying to drink the dishwater that is decaff coffee. I end up using 2 spoons of granules to get even half decent coffee. Bleh! Yellow kiwis for snack! Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face, Great chieftain o' the puddin-race! Burn's Night tonight, I used to live in Ayr, near where he was from. We are having vegetarian haggis tonight though, as my husband is vegetarian, and being pregnant, I can't eat a real one due to the liver in it! Not sure what Rabbie would have thought of vegetarian haggis, but the spirit is right! It took me less than 7 minutes to prep veg for dinner and lunch tomorrow. Who says good food can't be fast! Ready to roast with no effort from me! Sorting out my little girls birthday presents today. She is tagging onto my MIL's 60th party as she was born on same day! (4 comments) Just buried Ebony, my cat, and said goodbye. (7 comments) 20 week scan today! (3 comments) Off to the Farm Park for a slightly poorly Pickle's birthday. Beautiful sunny day here! (6 comments) Our little family, The Pickle is 5 days old, and the no sleep really shows! February 2014 (6 comments) (19 comments) My little girl and me! (12 comments) Wedding in August 2016 (7 comments) Having fun with my little girl today... Drawing pumpkins, sticking legs to make a spider pumpkin and making crispy spider cakes! (2 comments) Samhain is here! (3 comments) Well that's us then... 2 weeks with my husband off across the world to Texas and myself and my little girl home together! (6 comments) 2 mile walk in the park, collecting Autumn leaves and feeding the ducks, geese and swans. Oh the joys of sick 3 year olds who can't go back to nursery today... This picture is from Christmas. Today she is a snotty grouchy mess! (3 comments) My 18 year old cat is playing babies with my little girl today.... (4 comments) Number one reason to get myself back to bettering my health. For the sake of being an averagely decent human... Clean up after your dogs poo when you take it out! It's disgusting and lazy not to do it. A child falling in it could end up being blinded from parasite infection! I have 2 pairs of stinking shoes to scrub now and a great walk spoilt...we where having fun... Walked The Blackpool Illuminations tonight, bringing my total mileage for the day to over 10 miles walked! (1 comments) Walked The Blackpool Illuminations tonight, bringing my total mileage for the day to over 10 miles walked! It's here! Can't use until tomorrow when the gas delivery pipes are made bigger... But it's here at last! (6 comments) Promenade walk with my little girl today. She is 3 and can walk the nearly 2 miles to town! day 1000 of my streak for "Eat at least 5 fruits/veggies per day." earned 8/31/2017 (1 comments) My 18 year old cat is very patient with my little girl playing vets! BIG lily in our front garden! (2 comments) Don't you just have days like this... Very much the feeling! Had a wonderful time on the beach with my daughter and sister in law today. She is back from The Netherlands for a while and came to stay with us. (2 comments) July 2016 in the Lake District. (9 comments) (5 comments) On the beach! In August would you believe it? (9 comments) (8 comments) My little girl is wearing a dress from when I was little! (7 comments) April 2017 (3 comments) Christmas 2016 (2 comments) Enjoying the sun before the height of the day #sunsafe 9am paddling pool fun! Suncream all round. 3 miles walked without noticing with my little pixie in the park! Hmm somebody on my friend feed should recognise the hat she made me! Currently being modelled for "going to see fireworks" (5 comments) Look at the concentration on that little face demonstrating her yoga! My 3.5 year old daughter! Might have time to catch up with friends this evening... Husband's back tonight and back to routine. No more children's parties for my daughter's friend or fish and chips! (4 comments) My daughter enjoying her Easter present... Going to last a lot longer than just chocolate! Arms full of cinnamon bunnies! (7 comments) had fun on the beach this morning. (3 comments) Smile. (4 comments) I have eaten 3 cinnamon bunnies I made with my little girl for Easter gifts. She had lots of fun, and stopping at 3 before I feel TOO guilty. (6 comments) Ebony the cat off to the vets for ANOTHER £80 blood test to be prescribed £50 medicine for 4 weeks worth.. *twitches* (8 comments) My little girl is 3 today. Off to the Farm park soon! (10 comments) My cat is being VERY patient playing vets with my toddler (4 comments) Oh... We have heavy snow forecast for Sunday. We don't get snow on the coast much, and it will be my little girls first snow... Which my husband will miss. Sad. (4 comments) My girl attending the first big birthday party she has been too! (3 comments) had a great walk in the park with my little girl, a treat for her for going to bed nicely every night for a week. (5 comments) pretty lights! (4 comments) out for lunch to celebrate my husband's Nanny's 88th birthday. Had a lovely time with 4 generations of us together. (9 comments) took my little girl out to see the Blackpool Illuminations tonight. (4 comments) is still playing hipster with more avocado toast today! (3 comments) Breakfast! With really delicious rye type bread full of sunflower seeds. is pretending to be oh so hipster with her avocado toast lunch. (4 comments) Yesterday's dinner, steamed sprouting broccoli, sesame green beans, mushrooms and prawns. Healthy and delicious! 8 servings of green tomato chili made, and a cute weird little double tomato! Really looking forward to this slaw for lunch! No mayo loads of flavour! NINE servings of 80g of vegetables in dinner last night. Homemade mock-meatloaf, cauliflower mash. 5x... feh!! 9x in one meal! 13 servings across the whole day! (1 comments) 10 portions dal 8 portions marrow curry 8 portions German lentil and veggie sausage 4 portions quorn paprikash 4 portions Turkish aubergine Not in picture are 10 portions mashed potatoes, 8 breakfast muffins (no fat, no added sugar) for my little girl! Not bad for one morning huh? Picota cherries for dessert. Just delicious cherries of protected origin, grown only in certain regions and they pop stalkless off the trees when they are ready! 15 servings of vegetables and fruit today! How many did you get? Eat a rainbow! Our tomatoes didn't do well this year.... This is it... Green tomato chili it is I guess. Happy Summer Solstice 🌞 Sharing seeded sun blush tomato bread with my family. My little girl and I made this together. COOKIE! (6 comments) Higher protein bread with local orange tomatoes, egg amd avocado. Nutritious lunch! And quick! Rainbow salad! 🌈 5.5 servings of veg is one meal... And every colour for a range of nutrients. This is how you should eat a rainbow! (1 comments) Aubergine and courgette, roasted with no oil, gently spiced with tomatoes and garlic. And look at the yellow of that yolk! Perfect lunch! Lunch! Higher protein bread with avocado and all natural no salt dried herb mix, multi coloured tomatoes and egg... So tasty! Vibrant! (1 comments) is feeling productive, look at all these veggies! Dinner and then more to roast for cold lunch tomorrow. (3 comments) Low carbing the avocado "toast" by having pastrami instead of bread today! Delicious and decadent with a ghee fried egg and tomatoes. Homemade methi chapatti, with ghee fried egg, local handmade super-fiery chili-lilli (like piccalilli but with chili!) and a kachumber of multi coloured tomatoes, mini cucumber and mint. So delicious and fresh tasting. So nutritious! Halloween crumpet for breakfast! Decorated my Christmas Cake today. No icing as I really don't like it much! Potatoes! Not beetroot! All natural, Purple Majesty potatoes! Have a wonderful Winter Solstice! Here is my Yule bread, sunshine shaped to welcome back the light! Bright Blessings. Home made pistachio cardamom curry from last night with chickpeas instead for protein with methi roti... Unexpectedly vegan lunch! About to go in the oven. Home made tomato ancho chili sauce with bean and jalapeño cheese stuffed peppers. My MIL has got me the new Mexico Rick Stein book, we loved the series on TV, can't wait to get my book (she had to swap the book she got me for Christmas as my husband got me the same one!) This is what gets chosen when a non-drinker like me gets a 3 year old to choose wine by whats on the label! For less than the price of one takeaway coffee I donated 2 bags of pasta, a box of cereal and 2 packets of teabags. If you can, donate to your local food bank, it means the world to somebody... your donation could mean a child can concentrate in school, a mother can feed all her children, somebody could concentrate in an interview for a job to better themselves. Did a bit of walking today! Just a bit... New most active day for me! 272 minutes walking. 😥 Tides out, morning walk in the wind with MP3 player making me feel ME! (7 comments) Some view from the top of the park in Lancaster. Cold windy and sunny walk of 4 miles 3.5 mile walk to the soundtrack from my favourite game, Skyrim, I even walked down the aisle to a piece from this at my wedding! The park was icey and frosty (1 comments) 3.5 mile walk on a thankfully cooler day. Saw a cluster of cute ladybirds chomping down on greenfly! Busy hands again this evening still working on dream catcher for my little girl for Christmas. Evening crafting keeps hands busy... Making a Dream Catcher for my nearly 4 year old for Christmas. " Many flowers are breaking through the concrete" bonus points to anybody who knows what Mod belted that out! (9 comments) 60 minute walk in high winds with very dramatic seas! (1 comments) This is my cat Ebony testing new products! (2 comments) (6 comments) (7 comments) (7 comments) (11 comments) (3 comments) (6 comments) (9 comments) (5 comments) The most versatile food ever! Is there anything it can't be?? (14 comments) Love Awkward Yeti! (2 comments) Coffee is magic! (1 comments) #harrypotter (1 comments) This... (1 comments) (11 comments)

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