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Arms full of cinnamon bunnies! (7 comments) My daughter enjoying her Easter present... Going to last a lot longer than just chocolate! Breakfast! With really delicious rye type bread full of sunflower seeds. Pleased to have maintained being 198lbs over Easter! No gain to take away my excitement of getting under 200 on Good Friday! What a day to have achieved it when all sort of goodies where on the way. So I am pleased to have maintained. That's an achievement. #harrypotter (1 comments) Might have time to catch up with friends this evening... Husband's back tonight and back to routine. No more children's parties for my daughter's friend or fish and chips! (4 comments) Morning walk views... Beautiful day. Down 126lbs and my collar bones are coming back! Loosing the weight of a whole person will do that! Really looking forward to this slaw for lunch! No mayo loads of flavour! Coffee is magic! (1 comments) Blue seas, sun and NIN on to listen and ignore the world for a while... Perfect. day 500 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 5/10/2017 (1 comments) NINE servings of 80g of vegetables in dinner last night. Homemade mock-meatloaf, cauliflower mash. 5x... feh!! 9x in one meal! 13 servings across the whole day! (1 comments) Hmm somebody on my friend feed should recognise the hat she made me! Currently being modelled for "going to see fireworks" (4 comments) 3 mile walk and appreciation of high Victoriana seaside shelter and Cruxshadows to listen to. My little girl and me! (11 comments) (8 comments) Our little family, The Pickle is 5 days old, and the no sleep really shows! (5 comments) On the beach! In August would you believe it? (7 comments) My little girl is wearing a dress from when I was little! (6 comments) had fun on the beach this morning. (3 comments) Wedding in August 2016 (7 comments) Christmas 2016 (2 comments) Smile. (4 comments) I have eaten 3 cinnamon bunnies I made with my little girl for Easter gifts. She had lots of fun, and stopping at 3 before I feel TOO guilty. (5 comments) Ebony the cat off to the vets for ANOTHER £80 blood test to be prescribed £50 medicine for 4 weeks worth.. *twitches* (8 comments) (17 comments) My little girl is 3 today. Off to the Farm park soon! (10 comments) COOKIE! (6 comments) My cat is being VERY patient playing vets with my toddler (4 comments) is still playing hipster with more avocado toast today! (3 comments) is pretending to be oh so hipster with her avocado toast lunch. (4 comments) Yesterday's dinner, steamed sprouting broccoli, sesame green beans, mushrooms and prawns. Healthy and delicious! Bleak and beautiful today. Dark with the clocks changing and heavy cloud. A walk to please the body and soul, in the sunny sea breeze. Been patient and waited until today to have Hot Cross Buns! Tastes even better for waiting for just one day like when I was little instead of eating things all year round. OMG I enjoyed these... Local hand made butter on Hot Cross Buns I waited until only today to have... Just like when I was little and you couldn't buy this sort of thing all year! (1 comments) 15 servings of vegetables and fruit today! How many did you get? Eat a rainbow! is feeling productive, look at all these veggies! Dinner and then more to roast for cold lunch tomorrow. (3 comments) Need to get my girl out out for a walk today! She is BUSY and LOUD already. (3 comments) Tides out, morning walk in the wind with MP3 player making me feel ME! (7 comments) Satisfaction is washed towels drying out in the bright sun. They will smell so good! Enjoy the small things every day. The park was icey and frosty (1 comments) pretty lights! (4 comments) My girl attending the first big birthday party she has been too! (3 comments) July 2016 in the Lake District. (8 comments) took my little girl out to see the Blackpool Illuminations tonight. (4 comments) out for lunch to celebrate my husband's Nanny's 88th birthday. Had a lovely time with 4 generations of us together. (9 comments) (5 comments) Morning walk. Tides in and the sun is peeking out! Music on and off I go. " Many flowers are breaking through the concrete" bonus points to anybody who knows what Mod belted that out! (9 comments) I am under 200lbs again! Haven't been here since I had a baby! Feeling pleased with the effort I have put in! is under 200lbs!! 198 today!! I did it! (5 comments) (1 comments) This is my cat Ebony testing new products! (2 comments) (6 comments) (7 comments) (6 comments) (11 comments) (3 comments) (6 comments) (9 comments) (5 comments) I got my 120 lbs lost back!! Re-losing after pregnancy and PND gains. (1 comments) The most versatile food ever! Is there anything it can't be?? (14 comments) (11 comments)

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