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Poppies - Watercolor 24 hrs. at the vet is exhausting! Katie is sleeping it off. (3 comments) Pink Rose - Watercolor This was my driveway for 25 yrs. Living in the Texas Hill Country. (1 comments) Up close and long ago. Syd showing off her new onesie and her newest guitar! Syd and her buddy, Bogie. Syd wearing her wig. She's had Alopecia since she was 9, no hair, eyebrows, lashes. Syd being cool. My 13 yr old GD. Rosie, my baby for 11 yrs. until cancer took her away. RIP Rosie. I'll always love you. (2 comments) Megan my oldest GD (2 comments) My oldest Grand Daughter, Megan. (2 comments) My new fur baby - Katie - 8 mos old. (4 comments) Katie weighs 6 lbs. Small kitty. (2 comments) Sometimes a kitty just can't keep her eyes open. Being the new kittie is exhausting work! Finally relaxed in her new home. (2 comments) Katie found the birdies! Me with my rubber face - At goal. (11 comments) (7 comments) Wrinkles and all. (3 comments) My youngest son and his family. (7 comments) My two sons who don't look anything like each other. (4 comments) Cutie Pie Blue (8 comments) Watercolor (3 comments) (3 comments) Watercolor gifts (3 comments) Watercolor gifts (2 comments) All in a Row (4 comments) Old Barn (Watercolor) (11 comments) Watercolor of Bo - My son's dog who was too ill to go on. (8 comments) A little gossip at the waterhole (5 comments) Winter landscape in oil (7 comments) Watercolor--Playing with Purple & Yellow (3 comments) Doodling with watercolor pencils. (1 comments) Imaginary Flowers - Watercolor (4 comments) Little Brown Jugs in Oil (3 comments) Church on a Texas hillside with bluebonnets. (12 comments) Detail of hillside Church. (5 comments) Watercolor - tulips I did for my DIL. (6 comments) White Sands and Blue Mountains in Oil. (2 comments) One of my first oil paintings. (9 comments) Rosie watching birdies in the sunshine. (11 comments) Just Me at home. Jan. 1, 2010 (12 comments) Rosie likes flowers. (2 comments) My Screensaver (7 comments) Joe and I in Central Park, NYC (3 comments) Joe & I in NYC circa . . . 2003? (12 comments) Joe playing and singing (5 comments) Matt&Marianna (2 comments) Marianna - Collage of her life. (5 comments) Solomon and his Human, Joe - my best buddies! (3 comments) My thinnest, 138 lbs. age 45. (4 comments) 50th BIRTHDAY - 10 short years ago - below goal weight. (6 comments) Here's how I started out! (6 comments) (6 comments) 50th birthday - Big Hair - It's a Texas thing! (12 comments) Rosie ready for a nap. (4 comments) Rosie waiting for the popcorn. (7 comments) Mr. Harry Cat aka Jungle Kitty - RIP (2 comments) Southwest landscape in Oil (1 comments) Abstract landscape - Watercolor (2 comments) Desert landscape for ME - watercolor (2 comments) Fun With Color! - Watercolor Color Study (3 comments) Texas landscape in oil that I painted long ago. (2 comments) One of my drawings from 1985. (7 comments) When you're married to a Game Warden you have to paint some wildlife. (9 comments)

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