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SparkRecipes Favorites
Shared/Submitted Recipes
sugar-free cocoa syrup
Chocolate Syrup, homemade
Almost Waffles!
Pop's Cheesecake w/ Pumpkin
Pop's Cheesecake, Neufchatel, 1/2 pound, 1/4 of recipe
Pop's Cheesecake 1 lbs, 8 servings, 1/2 Splenda-1/2 Sugar
Linda's Cottage Cheese Cheesecake, Neufchatel cheese, 6 portions
Cream Cheese, Fat Free, Bread, 16 slices in Zo Breadmachine,
Meatloaf-Sausage Burgers
Diane's Lemon Cheesecake Squares
Oma's Cottage Cheesecake @allrecipes.com
Biscuit Crust/Heavy Cream Breadmachine in Zo
Fried Beef Liver, 3 oz
Flitters @ Diane's
Meatloaf Burgers
1/3 Whole Wheat Bread using 3/4 heavy cream, 1/4 whole milk, 16 slices to the loaf in Zojurishi
Eggnog Bread,breadmachine, in Zo, 16 slice loaf, 1 slice serving
Eggnog Cream Cheese Breadmachine, Zo 16 slice loaf
Buttermilk White Bread, Whole Milk, Breadmachine, 16 slices
Buttermilk White Bread-Breadmachine,whole milk, 13 slices
Really Rich White Bread, Breadmachine
Fried Round Steak
Hamburger made with 30% sausage, 4 oz total
Rugalach Dough
Souped Up Minute Rice
Spaghetti & Veggies with Cheese
Think Thin Pasta
Tuna Soup
Cottage Cheese & Noodles

Favorite Recipes
Ultimate Mini Cream Cheese Tarts
Lamb Shank Soup
Tuna Soup

Reviewed Recipes
Homemade Brown Sugar/Splenda Blend
Healthy Homemade Greek Yogurt (fat-free)
Diet Rite Bread
Diet Bread
Pumpkin Pie Cream of Wheat Cereal
Mocha Coffee Treat
Moist Pumpkin Cake
Mondel Brot
Carrot Pumpkin Bars
Mini Cheesecakes RECIPE
Chicken Couscous Soup
Soft-Serve Banana 'Ice Cream'
Instant Potato Soup
Zuppa Toscana Soup
Zuppa Toscana - sausage and kale soup
Fried Catfish
Grilled Cheese Pizza Sandwich
Matzo-Breaded Salmon
No-Bake Layered Pumpkin Pie
Whole Wheat Pumpkin Pancakes
Pumpkin Treat
Sweet Dessert Bliss
Play N' Eat chicken Dinner
Chicken Breasts with Red Wine Sauce
Baked Manicotti
Watermelon Blueberry Banana Split RECIPE
Field Peas
Crunchy Catfish Nuggets
Strawberry Creamcheese Bites
Sugar Cookies
Homemade Peanut Butter
Chicken Wagon Wheels
Ultimate Mini Cream Cheese Tarts
Jewish Kugel
Roasted Turkey RECIPE
Baked Tilapia
sweet glazed salmon
Crustless Pumpkin Pie
Peanut Butter Banana Cream of Wheat
Tuna Melt
Salmon Patties
Tastey Cream of Chicken Chicken Tenderloins
Cabbage Vegetable Soup
angie's just like take out fried rice
Sweet Potato Chicken Stew
Cabbage and Zucchini
Vegetarian Pizza Toast RECIPE
Minestra (Wedding Soup)
Fried Cabbage
hot dog or hamburg buns
Yummy Peaches
Rainy Day Soup
Lamb Shank Soup