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SparkRecipes Favorites
Favorite Recipes
Peanut Butter and Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips
Old Fashioned Blackberry Pie
Veggie Pizza on Whole-Wheat Crust with Feta and Mozzarella Cheeses
Venison Barbeque
Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp
BREAD Buttermilk Wheat Bread bread machine 866 grams
Three-Cheese Alfredo Sauce
Baked Salmon Dijon
Golden graham smores
BREAD Potato Bread 1 slice of 12 (Bread Machine)
MAKEOVER: Breakfast Bake (from trinity cookbook) (by PROJECTLORNA)
French Toast new aldi ww bread
Breakfast Bake
Glazed salmon
Impossible Bisquick Pumpkin Pie (by PROJECTLORNA)
Apple-Cinnamon Slow Cooker Oatmeal
Whole Grain waffles from waffle iron book
Pancakes made with F&A baking mix/blackberries (by PROJECTLORNA)
Pancakes made with F&A baking mix
Fish and Egg Breakfast Tacos (by PROJECTLORNA)
french toast 5 slices whole wheat no egg
MAKEOVER: Easy Blackberry Cobbler (by PROJECTLORNA)
french toast 6 slices
Easy Zucchini Parmesan
Sauteed Zucchini and Summer Squash
french toast
Low cal whole wheat pancakes
scalloped potatoes campbells book
Whole Wheat Yogurt Cinnamon Pancakes
BBQ for buns
low fat whole wheat waffles
Crispy Faux-Fried Mexican Chicken
Cucumber Salad (trinity ckbk pg 29)
Easier Stuffed Green Peppers
Salmon Patties
MAKEOVER: Slimmer Beef Stroganoff (by PROJECTLORNA)
MAKEOVER: Chicken breasts with sour cream & salsa (by PROJECTLORNA)
Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins (by PROJECTLORNA)
MAKEOVER: Egg and Refried beans Breakfast Burrito (by PROJECTLORNA)
Cream of mushroom hot dish 1 cup
MAKEOVER: Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes (by PROJECTLORNA)
Homemade chicken noodle soup
Hot Dish with venision
Salmon Cakes
Mint Chocolate Chip-Oat Cookies
chicken slow cooker salsa
mayo dressing
MAKEOVER: Whole Wheat Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies (by PROJECTLORNA)
Pomegranate Bread
MAKEOVER: Chocolate Fondue made to choc fudge
Chocolate Fondue
PIE Apple
MAKEOVER: Pomegranate Bread (by PROJECTLORNA)
MAKEOVER: Low Fat Dark Chocolate Muffins (by PROJECTLORNA)
BREAD Cheese (Bread machine)873 gr
Potato Pancakes
Navy Bean Soup
Zucchini Jam (from Trinity cb p 186)
Salmon Patties
Barbequed Ribs from Employers Ins Cookbook
BREAD Whole Wheat 100% Homemade
Low fat low sugar banana bread
Zucchini Impossible Pie (trinity cookbook)
Chocolate Zucchini Bread
Broccoli Woccoli
Turkey Stuffed Bell Peppers
Single Serving Chocolate Brownie
banana bread w/ almonds
french toast 2
my spinach quiche
Crustless Spinach, Onion and Feta Quiche
Glazed salmon 1 oz serving
Nutty Baked Apples with Raisins
Easy Oatmeal Banana Bread
Pork Loin Roast
Soft-Serve Banana 'Ice Cream'
Pumpkin Oat Muffin/Bars
pumpkin pancakes 1 of 38
my slow cooker chicken stroganoff 175 per 100 grams
my cheese mushroom onion spinach quiche
Pork chops and apples
Scrambled brains
Crock Pot - Cube Steak and Gravy
911 Chocolate Emergency Cookies
Herb Crusted Salmon Fillets
my zucchini chocolate muffins
Zucchini Brownies
Easy Beef Roast
High Fiber Brownies
Easy Homemade 'Nutella' (Chocolate Nut Butter)
My scalloped potatoes 1 cup
Banana Oat Pancakes 1 of 10 (Trinity cookbook)
Cornbread Waffles
BREAD 50% Whole Wheat breadmaker 880 gr per loaf
My fish chowder 1 cup
Fish Chowder
BREAD 100% Whole Wheat (Bread machine) 1 of 10
My Beef Stew 1 cup
Homemade blueberry pancakes 1 pancake of 10
Potato-Crusted Catfish
Pan Pizza (from Trinity cookbook) cut into 12
Sauerkraut Hot Dish (from Trinity CB p 83) 1 c
Bread Dill Homemade 850 grams
Slow Cooker Boston Baked Beans
LASAGNA (from employers cookbook)
Chicken Dumpling Soup (Trinity Cookbook) 1 cup
Cranberry-Almond Oatmeal Cookies
Broiled Tilapia Parmesan
Chicken Vegetable Stew Serving 1 cup
BREAD Honey Oatmeal 933 grams (Bread Machine)
Skinny Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Whole Wheat Oat Pumpkin Muffins
Green Bean and Mushroom Casserole
My Meat Loaf 1356 grams
Yummy Salmon Patties
Turkey Vegetable Penne Soup
Banana pancakes
Coach Nicole's Fresh & Skinny Guacamole
Easy Slow Cooker Lemony Garlic Chicken Breast
Breakfast Bake (from trinity cookbook)
Wild Rice Cran-apple Breakfast Bake (from Trinity cookbook)
Mild Salsa
Lightened-Up Apple Crisp
My venision chili recipe
Whole Wheat Waffles
French Toast
100 Calorie Cinnamon Pancakes!

Reviewed Recipes
Oatmeal Pancakes
Lowfat Cheeseburger Pie
Apple-Cinnamon Slow Cooker Oatmeal
Hodgson Mill Whole Wheat Muffin w/Blackberries
Whole Wheat Yogurt Cinnamon Pancakes
Low fat low sugar banana bread
Potato-Crusted Catfish