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Shared/Submitted Recipes
chicken Surpise

Favorite Recipes
Turkey and Black Bean Sloppy Joes
Simple Quinoa and Vegetables
Chicken Leftover Tostada
Chef Meg's (Leftover) Chicken Nachos
Slow Cooker Provencal Chicken and Beans
Southwest Pasta Salad
Steph2003's Chicken & Dumplings
Soft-Serve Banana 'Ice Cream'
BBQ Mango Chicken
My Favorite Shrimp Gumbo
Island Chicken with Pineapple Salsa
Mexican Shepherd's Pie
Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup
Parmesan Basil Salmon
Cajun Turkey Sausage & Veggies
Chicken Curry Pineapple Salad
Awesome Breakfast Casserole
Fast and Wonderful Chicken and Rice Soup
Chickpeas, Butternut Squash and Raisins with Couscous
Fiesta Lime Chicken
Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken
Muffin Cup Quiche
Ms-Evie's slow cooker lemon chicken
Curry Chicken Thighs
Garlic-Spiked Broccoli and Mushrooms with Rosemary
Ground Turkey Skillet
Spicy Eggplant Curry
Spicy Baked Eggplant
High-Energy Trail Mix
Barley and Lentil Soup with Swiss Chard
Easy Broccoli, Millet and Chicken Casserole
Black Bean Soup
Crunchy Spinach-Apple Salad
Fruited Chicken Salad w/Yogurt
Honey Curry Chicken
Chicken Rolls
California Roll in a Bowl
Chicken, Sweet Potato and Carrot foil pack
Spiced Cranberry Pears RECIPE
Thai Basil Chicken with Broccoli
Sweet Potato Chicken Stew
Slow Cooker Maple-Orange Chicken with Acorn Squash and Sweet Potatoes
Roasted Turnips, Sweet Potatoes, Apples and Dried Cranberries
Meat Loaf Filled With Veggies
Savory Stuffed Pumpkins
Black Bean and Cabbage RECIPE
Peanut Butter Chicken
Peanut Butter Chicken
Breakfast on the Go
Low-Fat Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Pie
Autumn chicken and vegetables
low carb/low fat curry cauliflower soup
Mediterranean Chicken with Rosemary Orzo
Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Casserole
Rustic Italian Tortellini Soup
Greek Turkey Burgers (Spanikopita Burgers)
SP_Stepf's Technicolor Pasta
Kickin' Creamy Chicken Stew in a Slow Cooker using FROZEN chicken breasts
Chocolate Cheater's Dream
Flat out Chicken Sausage Pizza
Chicken and Shrimp Paella
Mediterranean Chicken
Chili Lime Chicken
Salsa Turkey Burgers
Honey Garlic Grilled Eggplant
Eggplant & Black Bean Stew
Baked Eggplant
Butternut Squash Risotto with Greens
Chocolate Peanut Butter Fiber One Candy
Chocolate Peanut-Butter Breakfast Pudding
Yummy Peaches
Citrus and Black Bean Salad RECIPE
Hamburger Vegetable Soup
Red, White & Blueberry Crisp
black bean and mango salsa
Skippin' John
Fruit Pizza
Unstuffed Cabbage
Orange Chicken
Chicken, Pasta, Kale/Cabbage and Carrots Soup
Tangy Tuna Crunch
Turkey and Artichoke Stuffed Shells
Honey Chicken Kabobs
Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Stew
Zesty Chickpea Salad
Quinoa and Black Bean Salad RECIPE
Garlic Chicken Pasta with Lime
Whole Wheat Pasta Bake w/ Chicken and Spinach
Spinach and Chicken Skillet
Tomato and Spinach Chicken
Garlic Spinach Stuffed Chicken
Chocolate Mint Whoopie Pies

Reviewed Recipes
Eggplant & Chicken Stew
Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken
Ms-Evie's slow cooker lemon chicken
Spicy Eggplant Curry
Chicken, Sweet Potato and Carrot foil pack
Peanut Butter Chicken
Breakfast on the Go
Chili Lime Chicken
Honey Garlic Grilled Eggplant
black bean and mango salsa
Unstuffed Cabbage
Garlic Spinach Stuffed Chicken