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SparkRecipes Favorites
Favorite Recipes
Garlic Pita Chips RECIPE
Quinoa and Black Bean Salad RECIPE
Fudgy Brownies
Scallops In White Wine Sauce With Whole Wheat Linguine
Slimmer Beef Stroganoff
Baked Lentils with Cheese
White Beans, Spinach and Tomatoes over Linguine
Black Bean Hummus
Spinach Chicken Bake
Steph2003's Chicken & Dumplings
Chicken Marsala RECIPE
Ultimate Personal Pita Pizza
Blueberry Muffins RECIPE
Oriental Rice RECIPE
Grilled Corn with Lime Butter
Vegetarian Garden Pasta
Vegan Pumpkin Tart with Pecan Crust RECIPE
Authentic Chinese Stir Fry
Vegan Black-Eyed Pea Salsa RECIPE
Tofu Fettuccini Alfredo Recipe
Granny's Quick Cobbler
Pumpkin Brownies
White Chicken Chili
Low-Sodium Apricot Chicken
Black Bean Burrito Bake
Vegan Artichoke Risotto RECIPE
Feta & Spinach Scramble
Apple Coffee Cake RECIPE
1-Minute Faux Bananas Foster
Gazpacho RECIPE
Citrus and Black Bean Salad RECIPE
Oreo Cream Dessert
Chicken Noodle Soup RECIPE
Bean and Macaroni Soup RECIPE
Spiced Pumpkin Soup RECIPE
Vegetable Couscous RECIPE
World's Best Spinach and Artichoke Dip
Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Stew
Skillet Lasagna
Nutella Dip!
Sweet Potato Custard
Cheesy Vegetarian Sweet Potato with Beans RECIPE
Parmesan Rice Pilaf
Chicken Oregano with Sweet Peppers
Slow Cooker Beef Roast with Cranberry and Red Wine Reduction
Low Cholesterol Scalloped Potatoes RECIPE
Whole Wheat Bread (Breadmaker)
Creamy Chicken Enchiladas RECIPE
Lentil Vegetable Soup
Hot Fudge Brownie Cake
Cabbage Noodle Salad RECIPE
Dark Chocolate Stout Cake
Leprachaun Pie
Blueberry Compote
Applesauce Carrot Cake RECIPE
Best Corn Bread
Polenta with Turkey and Mushrooms RECIPE
Citrus Cheesecake RECIPE
Hamburger Stroganoff RECIPE
Banana Raisin Muffins RECIPE
Slow Cooker Banana Bread
Pasta Italiano RECIPE
Benny's Ground Chicken and Beans
Zucchini Brownies
Black bean Quesedilla
Sweet Potato Custard RECIPE
Alyson's Vegetarian Chili
Cowboy Caviar
Tofu Chocolate Cake
Rainbow Pizza RECIPE
Mini Cheesecakes RECIPE
Spicy Baked Sweet Potato Fries
Vegetarian Taco Salad RECIPE
Christmas Breakfast Casserole
low carb pizza
Spicy Almonds RECIPE
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burritos
Muesli Pecan cookies
Sugar-Free Pumpkin Cheesecake
911 Chocolate Emergency Cookies
Trail Mix, Raw, Organic
L.R. pizza
Runner's Oatmeal Blueberry Pancakes
Sweet Potato, Mushroom and Black Bean Chili
Vegetarian Sweet Potato Pie
Yams - Sugar Free (Sweet Potatoes)
Jumpin' Jambalaya RECIPE
Skinny Sour Cream & Chicken Enchiladas
Mexican casserole
Wonderful Stuffed Potatoes
Southwest Beans & rice
French (Women Don't Get Fat) Toast
Warm Apples with Granola topping
Low-Fat Chicken Fajita Salad For 2
Chicken with Couscous and Veggies
Mexican Casserole
pumpkin pudding pie
kitchen sink trail mix