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SparkRecipes Favorites
Shared/Submitted Recipes
Pancake made of buckwheat (Buchweizen, hajdina)
Low calorie baked pepper-tomato salad with coriander
Milkrice pudding low calories (rice cooked in milk) Tejberizs
Mixed green leaf salad with tomato, corn, peppers
Rucola-Cornsalad salad (fresh, light and tasyt)
Linzer Raspberry-Almond Cookies (1piece=125kcal, realsimple.com)
Hungarian Apple Pie - Almás lepény at Magdi néni (1serving=1square=1x1inch=55kcal)
Tökfőzelék at Magdi néni (marrow thick soup Hungary)
Garnier stabilized lemon perle
Lemon cake by Sophie
Raisins-apple cake. Mazsolas-almas suti (from Osze Zsofia) (1cake=1000g,1serving=1/8=125g=158kcal)
Hungarian Turos csuzsa, pasta with cottage cheese and bacon (250g=1srv) (Túrós csusza)
Rhubarb pie French (Tarte a rhubarbe) (1pie=~1000g,1serving=125g=1/8pie)
Olive and Tomato salad (Italian)
Spring salad of Veronika
Rucola-paprika salad
Szilvés és meggyes rétes at Magdi néni (1srv=50g=1slice) (Hungary)
Zöldbab leves at Magdi néni (Grean bean soup, 1 serving=1cup)
Vadas sauce at Magdi néni (Hungary)
Easter braid at Magdi néni (Fonott kalács, Hungary) (2x 20 slices,1slc=1srv=35g)
Easter braid (Fonott kalács, Hungary) (20 slices, 1srv=1sl=25g)
Gerbaud cake (Zserbó süti, Hungary) (1serving=5x2cm=35g)

Favorite Recipes
Cucumber, Tomato Summer Salad
MAKEOVER: Low fat waffles (3 serving per recipe) (by HAKAPES)
Hungarian Apple Pie - Almás lepény at Magdi néni (1serving=1square=1x1inch=55kcal)
Kitchen Basics: Chicken Noodle Soup

Reviewed Recipes
Warm and Spicy Banana Waffles
Raw Tomato Marinara
Low fat waffles
Dirty Rice with Shrimp and Andouille
Onion Lentil Soup

Shared/Submitted Cookbooks
Hungarian dishes