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SparkRecipes Favorites
Favorite Recipes
15 Minute Black Bean and Corn Salsa
Slow Cooker Honey Mustard Chicken
Slow Cooker Bourbon Street Chicken
Breakfast Rice Pudding
Cream of Tomato Soup
My Gramma's Egg Noodles
Huevos Rancheros
Fresh No-Cook Tomato Sauce
Summer Corn Relish
Grilled Vegetable Calzones
Tropical Grilled Chicken
Baked Chicken Parmesan with Roasted Summer Squash
Grilled Shrimp with Mango-Chili Sauce
Honey Garlic Pork Chops
Pico de Gallo - Authentic Mexican Salsa
Chili Cheese Fries
Cashew Chicken
Better-than-Takeout Chicken Fried Rice
Coach Nicole's Mini Vegetable Frittatas
Slow Cooker Creamy Paprika Pork
Curry Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Cream of Mushroom Soup Swap
Not-Fried Shrimp with Japanese Cocktail Sauce
Loaded Potato Soup
Chicken Fajita Stuffed Peppers
Holiday Spice Cut-Out Cookies
Apple Hand Pies
Chicken Leftover Tostada
Grilled BBQ Chicken Flatbreads
Bruschetta-Stuffed Mushrooms
End-of-Summer Roasted Veggies
Skinny Chicken Parmesan Salad
Slimmer Sausage and Peppers
Garden Harvest Vegetable Soup
Easy Whole Wheat Flatbread
Grilled Corn Soup
Whole-Grain Berry Muffins
Turkey Taco Salad
Spanish Rice and Vegetables
Goat Cheese Alfredo Pasta
Garlic-Herb Potato Packs
No-Fail Grilled Tofu
Carrot-Cranberry Salad
High-Protein, Low-Sugar Blueberry Muffins
Flaxseed, Wheat, and Bran Muffins
Crispy Faux-Fried Mexican Chicken
Broiled Tilapia Parmesan
Slow Cooker Spanish Chicken
Low-Sodium Breakfast Sausage
Skinny Scalloped Sweet Potatoes
Cheesy Salsa Dog
Mediterranean Chicken with Orzo
Cottage Pie
Crispy Baked Chicken Nuggets
Easy Ginger-Garlic Sauce
Chili Spices
Mini Taco Cups
Prosciutto Lettuce Bites
Spicy Sliders
Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies
Slimmed Down Shrimp and Cheesy Grits
Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken
SparkPeople Cookbook SNEAK PEEK: Lunch Box Carrot Slaw with Apples
Three-Cheese Macaroni from 'The SparkPeople Cookbook'
Tomato-Cheese Frittata
Chicken-Veggie Quesadillas with Ranch Yogurt Sauce
Pumpkin Pie Spice Mix
Healthy Deviled Eggs from FANNETASTIC FOOD
Skinny Pizza Margherita
Fudgy Brownies
Chicken Curry
Vegetarian Sausage with Braised Cabbage
Tomato Soup
Coach Nicole's Vegetarian Lentil Loaf
Curried Carrot Soup by FANNETASTIC FOOD
Panzanella (Bread and Tomato Salad)
Spinach and Tomato Pasta Salad
Crunchy Coleslaw
Chicken-Veggie Stir Fry
Tuna and White Bean Salad
BLT Potato Snacks
Spice Cookies
Caramelized Onions
Black Beans and Brown Rice
Spinach-Berry Salad
Slow Cooker Beef Roast with Vegetables
FANNETASTIC FOOD'S Healthy Whole Wheat Pumpkin Raisin Muffins
Tasty Trail Mix
Nutty Baked Apples with Raisins
Petite Pecan Tarts
Leprachaun Pie
Slow Cooker Boston Baked Beans
Salmon Cakes
Turkey and Black Bean Sloppy Joes
Orange Coconut Parfait
Easy Poached Eggs and Pasta
Super Speedy Sausage Rolls
Shrimp Creole
Kentucky Hot Brown
Italian Venison Cube steaks
Vegetable Risotto
No-Guilt Cheese Enchiladas
Empty-the-Pantry Stew
Rainbow Fruit Salad RECIPE
Noodles with Easy Peanut Sauce
Honey Popcorn Balls RECIPE
Chicken Nachos
Slow Cooker Lasagna
Slow Cooker Marinara Chicken and Vegetables
Slow Cooker Provencal Chicken and Beans
Faux Potato Salad
Parmesan Zucchini Crisps
Fantastic Hummus Guacamole Dip
Grilled Portobello Mushrooms with Herbs
Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup
Cowboy Caviar
Chicken Enchilada Casserole
Boneless Sweet BBQ Wings: SparkRecipes Un-Chained Recipe Contest Finalist
Better Beef and Broccoli
Gooey and Sweet Baked Apple Treat
Sesame Chicken
Cowboy Caviar
Veggie Panini
Chef Meg's Slow Cooker Vegetable Curry
Skillet Lasagna
Baked Chicken with Garlic and Sun Dried Tomatoes
Simple Quinoa and Vegetables
Stir-Fry Vegetable with Shirataki Tofu Noodles
Slow Cooked Apple Sauce
Pong Pong Pork Chops
Coach Nicole's Chewy Oat & Nut Granola Bars
Asian Barbecued Turkey Lettuce Wraps RECIPE
Mini Eggplant Pizzas
Summer Fresh Fruit Salad - Strawberry/Mango
Spring Rolls
Italian Country Chicken Soup
Yummy Caesar Chicken
Coach Nicole's Yummy Hummus
Grilled Garlic Citrus Flank Steak
Salsa Turkey Burgers
FANNETASTIC FOOD'S Cinnamon Raisin Almond Balls
Easy Steamed Fish Packets
Eggplant Pasta
Orange Chicken
15 Minute Chili RECIPE
BBQ Steak Wrap
Easy Peanut and Sesame Noodles
Bean Salad
Linguine with Spicy Shrimp
Cinnamon Raisin Kugel RECIPE
Breaded Chicken Parmesan
Deviled Eggs
Hawaiian Pizza: 'SparkRecipes Un-Chained' Contest Finalist
Chicken Enchilada Casserole
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Roll-Up
Carrot Pumpkin Bars
Vegetarian Garden Pasta
Easy & Wholesome Zucchini Muffins
Grilled Cheese Pizza Sandwich
Baked Buffalo Chicken Nuggets
Garden Vegetable Frittata
Easy Pork Won Tons RECIPE
Alyson's Vegetarian Chili
Chicken Croquettes
Faux Fried Cheese Sticks
Cajun Chicken Caesar Salad RECIPE
Chewy Molasses Ginger Cookies
Lightened-Up Apple Crisp
Cheesy Vegetable-Stuffed Eggplant
Veggie Kebabs
Veggie Wrap
Chicken Escondido
Sweet and Spicy Potato Oven Fries
Slow Cooker Vegetable Curry
Healthy Chicken Vegetable Casserole
White Beans, Spinach and Tomatoes over Linguine
Chicken Satay with Vegetables
Cheese quesadilla
Vegetable Beef Soup
Skinny Caramel Popcorn
Pistachio Pineapple Pudding
Poblano Cream Cheese Sauce
Italian Chicken with Olives
Italian Vegetable Bake RECIPE
Kitchen Basics: Chicken Noodle Soup
Mom's Sauerkraut Soup
Grilled Vegetables with Pineapple
Perfect Pasta Primavera
Veggie Curry
Mama's Red Beans and Rice
Salmon with Summer Tomato Salsa
Green Beans Sauté RECIPE
Vegan Bruschetta
Polish Kraut 'n Apples
Not Fried Rice
Tex Mex Calzones
Navy Bean and Tomato Soup
Tuna Salad RECIPE
Southwest Chicken Stew
BBQ Pulled Pork Stuffed Baked Potato
Cheesy Grilled Banana Peppers
Curried Mango Pork Chops
Easy Tuna Noodle Casserole
Healthy Moussaka
Keema (Ground Beef Casserole)
Pork & Turkey Cabbage Rolls
Easy Lemon Chicken
Mediterranean Baked Fish RECIPE
Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Dinner
Chicken Paprikas
Pulled Chicken BBQ Sandwich
Bread Pudding
Sweet Dessert Bliss
Caribbean Jerk Pork Salad
Shrimp Vera Cruz
Greek Hummus Wrap
Banana Raisin Muffins RECIPE
Mandarin Orange Cake - Low Fat
Spicy Round Steak
Southwest Chicken & Brown Rice with Veggies
Crock Pot Roast w/ Gravy
Sugar Cookies
Sweet Potato Streusel Tarts
Chicken Quesadillas RECIPE
Cabbage and Zucchini
Spicy Shrimp and Tomatoes
Cauliflower Soup
Devilish Chocolate Muffins
Chicken Enchiladas
Fresh Vegetable Stir-Fry RECIPE
Whole Wheat Pasta with Sesame Peanut Sauce
Slow Cooker Vegetable Soup
Pasta Italiano RECIPE
Breakfast Casserole
Zucchini Brownies
Orange Juice Fizz RECIPE
Shish Kabob RECIPE
Whole Wheat Veggie Pizza
Easy French Onion Soup
Portabella Mushroom Bake
Sweet n' Sour Chicken and Cabbage Soup
Apple and Pork Stir-fry with Ginger
Soft Ginger Cookies
Fish Curry
Cranberry-Almond Oatmeal Cookies
Not-So-Devilish Eggs
Butter Chicken
Roasted Tomato Soup
Hearty Beef & Vegetable Stew
Southwestern Grilled Pork Tenderloin RECIPE
Mexican Lasagna RECIPE
Baked Pork Chops RECIPE
Cinnamon Raisin Scones RECIPE
Tofu Fettuccini Alfredo Recipe
Bean Casserole
100 Calorie Cinnamon Pancakes!
Oven Sweet Potato Fries
Slow Cooker Chicken Stew
Apricot-Orange Bread RECIPE
Taco Salad RECIPE
Sweet and Sour Seashells RECIPE
Pumpkin Custard
Pasta Delight RECIPE
Low Fat Sweet and Sour Chicken with Brown Rice
Healing Stroganoff
Cabbage Noodle Salad RECIPE
Eggplant Parmesan
Stuffing Muffins
Cabbage Vegetable Soup
Shortcake Biscuits with Berries RECIPE
Caribbean Pork with Pineapple
Ginger Beef
Pumpkin Muffins RECIPE
Vegetarian Chili RECIPE
Asian Chicken Salad
Beef, Bean and Veggie Soup
Oh Boy, Salad!
Vegetarian Philly Cheesesteak
Curry and Veggies Rice
Sunshine Rice RECIPE
Chicken Wagon Wheels
Broccoli Soup RECIPE
Peanutty Fruit Salad RECIPE
Creamy Soy Corn Soup RECIPE
Crab Melt
Tortilla Chip Casserole
Italian Slow Cooker Vegetables
Good-for-You Cornbread
Cheese and Garlic Rotini With Grilled Chicken
Tomato Vegetable Casserole
Bean and Macaroni Soup RECIPE
Sandwich Wrap Pepperoni Pizza
Better than mozzarella sticks
Parmesan Fries
Yummy Pumpkin Custard
Curry Dip RECIPE
Salmon Patties
Healthy Sweet Potato Fries
Pumpkin Treat
Sweet Potato Custard RECIPE
Cream Cheese and Salsa PinWheels
Banana Walnut Protein Muffins
Chicken and Vegetable Stir-Fry RECIPE
Oriental Rice RECIPE
Cucumber Salad
Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms on the Grill
Moist Pumpkin Cake
Kidney Bean Salad
Granny's Quick Cobbler
Sweet Potato & Apple Kugel RECIPE
Sticky Chicken RECIPE
Crab Imperial
Brown Rice Custard
Honey Roasted Ham
Zesty Chicken and Rice Skillet
Chicken Goulash
Poppy Seed Bread RECIPE
Beef Stroganoff RECIPE
Beef and Vegetable Stir-Fry RECIPE
20 Minute Chicken Creole RECIPE
Portobello Burgers RECIPE
Meatless Tacos with Vegetable Protein Crumbles RECIPE
Fruit Pizza
Sweet Potato Salad
Honey Chicken Kabobs
Corn Chowder
Chicken with Couscous and Veggies
Chicken - Veggie Toss
Creamy Shrimp Curry
Baked Chicken Salsa
Honey Mustard Roasted Chicken RECIPE
Spanish Rice & Beef
Apple Coffee Cake RECIPE
Sweet Potato Custard
Filling and Easy Rice Dinner
Parmesan Rice Pilaf
Oatmeal Cookies
Chicken Oregano with Sweet Peppers
Jessica's Pumpkin Rolls
Low Cholesterol Scalloped Potatoes RECIPE
Red Hot Fusilli RECIPE
Crispy Baked Egg Rolls
Nuts and Bolts RECIPE
Minestrone Soup RECIPE
Vegetable Soup with Beef RECIPE
Creamy Chicken Enchiladas RECIPE
Spicy Chicken Burgers
Grilled Fruit Kabobs RECIPE
Summer Frozen Fruit Pops RECIPE
Shrimp Scampi
Sloppy Garden Joes RECIPE
Easy Zucchini Parmesan
Sticky Chicken RECIPE
Garden Potato Salad
Vegetable Couscous RECIPE
Sweet and Sour Pork Stir-Fry RECIPE
Chicken Kabobs
Spicy Southern Barbecued Chicken RECIPE
Baked White Fish with Mushrooms
Baked Chicken Tortillas
Spicy Hamburger Stir Fry
Marinated Flank Steak
Applesauce Carrot Cake RECIPE
Homemade Salsa
Vegan Creamy, Curried Veggies RECIPE
Cabbage Casserole
Slimmer Beef Stroganoff
Skinny Sour Cream & Chicken Enchiladas
Chicken and Corn Chowder RECIPE
Hamburger Stroganoff RECIPE
Spicy Crab Dib
Chicken, Broccoli and Pasta Salad
Macaroni and Cheese RECIPE
Vegetarian Taco Salad RECIPE
Waldorf Salad
Mexican casserole
Warm Apples with Granola topping
Shrimp Fried Rice
Grilled Chipotle Chicken Breasts RECIPE
Wonderful Stuffed Potatoes
Dreamy Chocolate Fudge RECIPE
Turkey Kielbasa Cannellini
Chicken and Creamy Curry Wrap
Beef Stroganoff RECIPE
Garlic Pita Chips RECIPE
Zucchini Lasagna RECIPE
Baked Mushroom Chicken
Light & Easy Vegetable Fried Rice
Fajita Tacos
Porcupine Meatballs
Turkey Veggie Meatballs
Rainbow Pizza RECIPE
Turkey Joes RECIPE
Beef Tacos RECIPE
Winter Crisp
Spicy Baked Sweet Potato Fries
Simple Chicken Cordon Blue
Potatoes and Ham Au Gratin
Coach Nicole's Cold Weather Vegi Stew
King's Ranch Chicken
Coconut Meringue Cookies
Meringue Christmas Cookies
Baked Apple
Chicken Parmesan RECIPE
Baked Cinnamon Apples RECIPE
Healthy Breakfast Cookie
Yosemite Chicken Stew & Dumplings RECIPE
Apple Rice
Turkey Stuffed Cabbage
20-Minute Chicken Parmesan RECIPE
Cindy's Bread Stuffing
Harvest Apple Bread
Caribbean Chicken RECIPE
Ginger Spice Biscotti RECIPE
Zesty Cheese Ravioli
My Chicken crock pot meal
Chicken Curry Pineapple Salad

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