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Other Resource Other Resource: I'm trying to build muscle while losing weight. Any advice?
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SparkRecipes Favorites
Shared/Submitted Recipes
Easy Maryland Crab Cakes

Favorite Recipes
Indian Spinach and Tofu Crockpot
Indian Cauliflower with Potatoes (Aloo Gobi)
Samantha's Creamy Cauliflower Soup
Miso Soup
Maple Pecan Chicken
Mexican Rice, Seitan and Veggies over Salad Greens with Guacamole
Pumpkin Dip
Chocolate-Tofu Pudding
Thrive Apple Cinnamon Energy Bars
Gazpacho (Chilled Vegetable Soup)
End-of-Summer Roasted Veggies
Baked Chicken with Garlic and Sun Dried Tomatoes
Tangy Tuna Salad Sandwich
Slow Cooker Turkey "Stew"
Creamy Green Enchiladas
Super Easy Tofu Pudding
Chocolate Silk Pie
Cowboy Caviar
Whole Wheat Couscous with Spinach and Squash
Five Spice Shrimp
Noodles with Easy Peanut Sauce
100 Calorie Cinnamon Pancakes!
Kitchen Basics: Chicken Noodle Soup
Beef Roast with Broccolini and Sweet Potatoes
Cauliflower or Mock Potato Salad
Alyson's Vegetarian Chili
Chocolate Chip Cookies RECIPE
Cocoa Crusted Pork Tenderloin
Sweet Potato & Apple Kugel RECIPE
Whole Wheat Oat Pumpkin Muffins
The Perfect LOW FAT Pumpkin Pie
Chef Meg's Herb Roasted Turkey
Sweet Cider Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Olive Tapenade
Chocolate Pumpkin Protein Pudding
Slow Cooker Lasagna
Slow Cooker Lentil & Quinoa Stew
Best Cornbread Ever
Fudgy Chocolate No Bake Protein Snacks
Black Rice Pudding
Coconut syrup
Tuna and Peanut Butter Burgers
No-Cook Protein Bar
Mashed Cauliflower with Herb and Garlic Flavor
Low-Fat Maple Granola
Chicken and Broccoli Casserole
Spring Rolls
Sticky Chicken RECIPE
Thai Basil Chicken with Broccoli
Broccoli Woccoli
Black Bean & Tomato Soup
Beets with Olive Oil and Red Wine Vinegar
Breaded Chicken Parmesan
Pong Pong Pork Chops
Peach Crumble
Herb and Onion Wheat Biscuits
Roasted Corn and Pepper Soup
Thai Chicken Coconut Soup
Maple-Walnut-Bran Brownies
Blueberry Flax Seed Muffins
15-Minute Chili
Tuna and White Bean Salad
Sweet Potato Custard RECIPE
20 Minute Chicken Creole RECIPE
FANNETASTIC FOOD'S Cinnamon Raisin Almond Balls
Chilled Cucumber Avocado Soup
Honey Mustard Roasted Chicken RECIPE
Strawberry Spinach Salad
Chilled Strawberry Soup
Strawberry Cocoa Smoothie
Slow Cooker Mild Chicken Curry
Ham & Potato Au Gratin Crock Pot Style
Slow-Cooker Salsa Chicken
Vegetable Couscous RECIPE
Lindy's Famous Protein Bread
Sweet and Spicy Potato Oven Fries
Veggie Kebabs
Broiled Cinnamon Peaches
Lime Shrimp
Quinoa-Black Bean Casserole
Best Vegan Banana Bread
Grilled Vegetables with Pineapple
Slow Cooker Provencal Chicken and Beans
Pico de Gallo - Authentic Mexican Salsa
Herbed Bulgur and Lentil Salad
Lemon Garlic Tilapia
Roasted Broccoli
Slimmer Beef Stroganoff
Chicken Vegetable Soup with Rice
Italian Vegetable Bake RECIPE
Cranbreey Scone
Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
Spaghetti Squash Marinara
Sweet Potato Wedges with Rosemary RECIPE
Squash your Pasta
Hot Cocoa
Skillet Lasagna
Low Carb Bran Chocolate Muffin-Net 0.5
Potato Crab Patties
Sweet Potato Fries
Roasted Turkey RECIPE
Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins
Whole Wheat Pancakes With Yogurt
Sweet Berry Smoothie
Five Minute Chocolate Mug Cake
Strawberry Mango Protein Smoothie
Sloppy Garden Joes RECIPE
Quinoa Soup with Spinach and Corn
Fudge Mint Chocolate Pudding Pops
Cocoa Almonds
Baked Potato Soup
Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins
Crock-Pot Split Pea Soup
Crock Pot Sour Cream and Onion Chicken
Cyn's Mock Potato Casserole
high protein orange cranberry flax bran muffins
Maryland Creamy Potato Cauliflower Soup
Miracle Cauliflower Soup
Carrot Pumpkin Bars
Balsamic Strawberries with Ricotta Cream
Mousse a la Banana RECIPE
Whole Wheat Pancakes With Yogurt
Broccoli Everyone Will Love
Leprachaun Pie
Oven Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Breakfast Casserole
Creamy Tomato Gorgonzola Soup with Fresh Basil
Orange Cranberry Muffins
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins
Best Ever Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
Oatmeal chocolate muffin
Brussel Sprouts with Maple Syrup
Vegetarian Black Bean Cakes with Orange-Basil Salsa
Whole Wheat Oat Pumpkin Muffins
Maple Almond Granola
Chocolate Fondue
American Goulash
Bavarian Beef
Steak Diane
Cinnamon Raisin Scones RECIPE
Crustless Spinach, Onion and Feta Quiche
Wonderful Stuffed Potatoes
Deviled Eggs
White Beans, Spinach and Tomatoes over Linguine
Whole Grain Crock Pot Hot Cereal
Whole Grain,Sugar and Dairy Free, Hi Fiber, Hi Protein, MUFFINS
Mini Eggplant Pizzas
Soup, Harvest Vegetable Beef
No Bake Graham Cracker Cheesycake
Sauteed Chicken with Cherry Tomatoes
Healthy Chicken Vegetable Casserole
World's Best Spinach and Artichoke Dip
Oven Roasted Veggies
Mom's slow-cooker pork chops and sweet potatoes
Olive Oil and Lemon Salad Dressing
Banana Raisin Muffins RECIPE
Cheese quesadilla
Corn Chowder
Italian Herb Seasoning
Chicken Escondido
Blueberry Orange Smoothie
Vegetable Beef Soup
Peanut and Sesame Noodles RECIPE
Simple Quinoa and Vegetables
Honey Roasted Ham
Carol's Slow Cooker BBQ Beef (crockpot, barbeque, slowcooker, crock pot)
Single Serving Mixed Fruit/Yogurt Smoothie
Black Bean Chili
Pumpkin Treat
Light & Easy Vegetable Fried Rice
Flaxseed, Wheat, and Bran Muffins
Black Bean Hummus
Smoky Refried Beans Soup (Vegan)
Quinoa with Spinach and Feta Cheese
Breakfast Muffin Bonanza
Tropical Grilled Chicken
Foolproof Oven Baked Brown Rice
Vanilla-Scented Granola
Coach Nicole's Chewy Oat & Nut Granola Bars
Cherry granola
Veggie Curry
Mama's Red Beans and Rice
Banana Cake- no icing needed
CAKE: Easy Banana Cake
Keema (Ground Beef Casserole)
Soft-Serve Banana 'Ice Cream'
Low Cholesterol Scalloped Potatoes RECIPE
Sweet Dessert Bliss
Winter Crisp
Green Beans Sauté RECIPE
White Chicken Chili
Joey's Peanut Butter Cookies
Perfect Pasta Primavera
5-Minute Berry Smoothie
Low Fat Dark Chocolate Muffins
Not Fried Rice
Vegan Bruschetta
Spicy Baked Sweet Potato Fries
Maple-Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Buttermilk Blueberry Muffins
Cranberry Orange Buttermilk Mini Muffins
The SparkPeople Special Smoothie RECIPE
Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake
Harvest Tomato Tart
Skinny Gingies
Kale with Sesame
Potato and Kale Zuppa
Quinoa and Black Bean Salad RECIPE
Easy Oatmeal Banana Bread
Healthier Green Bean Casserole
Simple Roasted Turkey
Caribbean Chicken RECIPE
Spinach Stuffed Sole RECIPE
Banana Bread
Celery and Potato Soup
Frozen Pudding Pops
Coach Nicole's Yummy Hummus
Easy & Wholesome Zucchini Muffins
Easy Peanut and Sesame Noodles
Lightened-Up Apple Crisp
Good Seasons Roasted Vegetables
Easy Crock Pot Chicken, Beans, Corn and Rice
Easy Poached Eggs and Pasta
Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms on the Grill
Chicken & Asparagus Pasta
Simple Roasted Veggies
Southwest Chicken Stew
Crockpot chicken--takes minutes to make
K's homemade turkey noodle soup
Jello Gelatin & Pudding Layered Dessert
Kickin' Creamy Chicken Stew in a Slow Cooker using FROZEN chicken breasts
Slow Cooker Creamy Italian Chicken
Roasted Veggies and Orzo
Parmesan Tilapia Fish

Reviewed Recipes
Super Easy Tofu Pudding
Squash your Pasta
Low Carb Bran Chocolate Muffin-Net 0.5
Chicken & Asparagus Pasta
Whole Wheat Pancakes With Yogurt
Strawberry Mango Protein Smoothie
Light & Easy Vegetable Fried Rice
Banana Cake- no icing needed
Celery and Potato Soup

Shared/Submitted Cookbooks
Best of Spark Recipes_alyfitn
Quality Calories