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Kelly 31415 15 lbs. to go!! ;) full length...

An old pic of me @ 325lbs.- my heaviest-ugh! 11/17/2010

me with my rocker" look-late 2007-@ my thinnest

I have 52 pics in my gallery


"Rev.Dreams" 2 be even healthier by June 7th, 2015

NEW YEAR! NEW ME! New updates!
Starting with a fresh slate(profile)!
UPDATE 4/17/15:
Saw doc on Tuesday. If blood work turns out as good as he hopes on Monday... he will definitely take me off my sugar & cholesterol meds!! He thinks the results will be even better than last time!! He is still considering taking me off the thyroid med. I only lost a pound since December! But he says it's because I gained muscle mass. I went from ...
NEW YEAR! NEW ME! New updates!
Starting with a fresh slate(profile)!
UPDATE 4/17/15:
Saw doc on Tuesday. If blood work turns out as good as he hopes on Monday... he will definitely take me off my sugar & cholesterol meds!! He thinks the results will be even better than last time!! He is still considering taking me off the thyroid med. I only lost a pound since December! But he says it's because I gained muscle mass. I went from a size 24 jeans back in December to a size 16/18 now. Gonna be stepping up the exercising with Casper & he's also been teaching me how to dance!...I can't cut back much more on food & eat like him as I didn't have the gastric bypass surgery like he did. But I am on the lean & green diet like he is... Doc says I am doing so good I don't have to see him for 6 mths. instead of the usual 4 mths.!!... Just following the lean & green diet Casper is on has worked wonders for me! He's been such an inspiration to me! ... New goal date is for June 7th,2015...

UPDATE 3/14/15:
Check out the old me from 2010@ 325 lbs. Yuck!-lol! Vs me(minus being dolled up as I was lounging-lol!) now @ 185 lbs. Got a ways to go but WOW! what a difference!!...My weigh in is April 14th so I will have a NEW update then!! :)

UPDATE 12/8/14:
Great visit@ doc's today!! Very impressed w/ my progress! Will be taken off sugar & cholesterol meds in April! He's keeping me on thyroid med indefinitely. He wants me to lose only 20 lbs.(making me @ 170 lbs.) but I am rooting for a 50 lb. weight loss (making me @ 140 lbs.) He said any more & I will be scrawny looking.Sugar,thyroid, & cholesterol are all at normal levels. Keep active with exercise & eating healthy like I have been & he will see about taking me off thyroid med. He wants to see me lose this weight between now & April 14th!! :) I've set a NEW goal date of February 16th,2015 to lose the 20 lbs. & then will go from there on losing the additional 30 lbs.(if needed)!!...



Hi everybody! My name is Kelly & I have been a member of SP since July 20th, 2010. In the time that I've been here I've lost 135 lbs.with the majority lost since August 17th,2011. I have just 20 lbs. to go to meet my goal weight of 170 lbs. by my new goal date of 2/16/15!! In March 2012 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes(-found out I'd had it for 5 yrs.-),under active thyroid,& high cholesterol. My sugar is now normal as are my thyroid & my cholesterol. The doctor will be taking me off my sugar & cholesterol meds in April 2015! & if I lose that last 20 lbs. by my April 14th dr. appt. he will consider taking me off my thyroid med!! My doctor is very impressed with my progress & says that he is going to mark me down as a success story. I know that it has taken me longer to lose the weight this time around. But I am doing it the healthy way. Not due to being under stress. I am doing it through living a healthier lifestyle. I AM seeing results & you can too!!... We all hit plateaus but we make our way through it. Please don't give up!...

The 1st time around in 2007 I lost 109 lbs. within like 4 months time. Refer to pic of me (with my "rocker chick" look)at my thinnest. I was like 8 lbs. from my weight loss goal when I came to the Adirondacks to better my life on 1/4/2008. I am currently 2 lbs. from the weight I was in that photo. I'm the happiest I've been in a long time! I came here to build a positive life with my "partner in sublime" Casper. We've been together since 3/29/07! First met as kids & reunited some 23 yrs. later & have been inseparable ever since!! Unfortunately I had been under a lot of stress up to that point & was severely malnourished. Had I not removed myself from the situation I was in at that time I probably would not have survived because I was sicker than myself or anyone knew. So Casper literally saved my life!! & I owe him a lot for all that he has done for me! He is a good man! & I am so blessed to have him in my life!

Many ask me-"How did you do it?!" & my answer is:
I have cut my portions by more than half. I am eating more "Lean & Green!" Eating lots of fresh fruits & vegetables. I eat chicken & fish. I barely even eat any red meats these days. I don't eat much pastas & bread anymore. I've cut down on the processed foods & the takeout/ eating out. I rarely have soda & I have only about 2-3 cups of coffee a day. I don't crave/overindulge in sweets like some & for that I am thankful. I haven't given up things completely. I just learned more about moderation on the not so good things & focusing more on the foods that are good for me!


For those of you that know me I keep VERY! busy. I am all over the internet & I wear many hats. I have a lot of people that depend on me & I need to be healthy to be able to do all that I do...

As an Event Promoter/Manager/Agent/Marketing Rep/ Founder(since April 2007) I provide non-profit promotional assistance by helping musicians to promote their links & through recommendations as well as airplay on our online radio & TV stations. So I do a lot of networking through business & social networking sites. We also have a foundation/ musical movement geared toward child abuse awareness which is incorporated into our promotions company & as part of our ministry. I am an (ordained) reverend. I am a singer. We also have a LIVE!! online music room that we are currently retooling! This area is my focus.

I also share missing/ exploited posters & AMBER alerts via the internet,assisting authorities in solving cold cases,etc...

As if that were not enough I have several other projects going on like online studies to better my advocate/research specialist/ mediation work.

In February 2014 I joined the events committee planning the founder's day carnival held the first weekend after Labor Day where I live.

If you would like to know more about me-please feel free to add me here & please be sure to tell me how I know you! Thanx!:

~Follow my journey to a healthier "ME" :) ~

**Profile updated 1/18/15**
Why I Want To Get In Shape:
*I want to make a world of difference for others in all areas of my life(promoting,music,ministry,advocacy/act
ivism,etc.) &
I want to be healthy enough to do it
*I want to continue to build upon my life with my "partner in sublime"-my best friend & soul mate Casper. He is an amazingly inspiring man & has taught me much about life.
My Inspirations:
To be healthier & stronger-(I was born w/ club feet/knock knees/hip dysplasia)-.
To be able to fit into those great pants I saw at the department store
To inspire & be inspired by others
To be a happier & healthier me-for ME! :)
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*Eat in moderation. Not taking "bad foods" out of my healthy lifestyle entirely. Continue using self control. What I am doing is working!!

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