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Year of Restoration 2014


* I have never regretted a healthy choice.
* It is always a choice, not a sacrifice. ~ Danni (Hungry Healthy Happy)
* Only 1 in 10 are finishers. I am a finisher!
* I have a choice!
* Just because I can't do it today, doesn't mean I won't be able to do it some day. ~Arthur
* If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed. ~ David ...

* I have never regretted a healthy choice.
* It is always a choice, not a sacrifice. ~ Danni (Hungry Healthy Happy)
* Only 1 in 10 are finishers. I am a finisher!
* I have a choice!
* Just because I can't do it today, doesn't mean I won't be able to do it some day. ~Arthur
* If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed. ~ David Viscott
* Figure out what's good for you, then create a liking for it. You've got to work at living. ~ Jack LaLanne
* Self-respect is the root of discipline: The sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself. ~ Abraham Joshua Heschel
* I am not where I need to be, but thank God I am not where I used to be. ~ Joyce Myers
* There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. ~ Beverly Sills
* The harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap we esteem too lightly. ~ Thomas Paine
* The song only goes wrong when we keep thinking back to the wrong notes . . . Fall Forward. ~ Ann Voskamp
I started this journey in 2009 in my late 40's. I have been overweight for many years. Twice before I lost 40 pounds at a time; but then it seemed something in me just broke and I let everything go and put all the weight back on plus.

One of my fears that has held me back from making the necessary lifestyle changes sooner is that this scenario will re-occur and I will be right back where I was. I pray that the third time is a charm!

I want to do this in a way that I hope I can live with on a permanent basis, trying to make more healthy choices along the way, and fewer unhealthy choices. By God's grace I know I can do it, and I pray that I can reach out and take his grace when I need it.

4/1/09 - 302 starting
5/11/09 - 292
6/18/09 - 279
7/19/09 - 272
9/27/09 - 260 1/4 to goal
12/20/09 - 250.5
1/30/10 - 241.5 1/3 to goal
7/10/10 - 232
6/1/11 - 252 (20 pounds gained since my Mother's death and my job loss)
1/1/12 - 262 (up another 10 pounds)
2/16/12 - 265 (this stops now)
April, 2012 - 254
7/25/12 - 249
12/31/12 - 244
4/19/14 - 275

April, 2010 - 1 year anniversary for my new lifestyle -
down 60 pounds from 1 year ago. On track! Added 1 pound walking weights into my cardio walk.

June, 2010 - introduced strength training back in to my program.

August, 2010 - Mother passed away after some time of declining health. As of November, I am still struggling to get back on track with my healthy lifestyle and have actually gained some weight. Am behind in my long range goal for the first time. I've re-set some goals while I work through my grief. I will beat this! I just need some time.

June, 2011 - I've gained 20 pounds since I lost my job in March and had to take a position with a 90 mile commute one way. Time for a fresh start. Re-set my goal weight, my trackers, etc. I am not sure if I am quite at determined, but I am determined to be determined.

January, 2012 - I'm up 30 pounds. I've got the exercising down, but am working to lasso the eating. Fall as often as I will, I am determined not to give up!

April, 2012 - Down 6 pounds. Re-committing to an eating plan that will work for me. New goal for 2012 is to lose the 30 pounds I gained last year. I can do this.

June, 2012 - Working on renewing my mind, in healthy living and other areas of my life. If the battle is not won in my mind, it will never be won. This is my renewed focus for 2012. I've been training for a 10K in July for over a month now. No running per my trainer - yet! But I'm going to walk it! I am eating less and exercising more than I did in the fall and winter of 2009 when I was at this weight, but the scale is not budging. At that point, the weight practically slid off. Is it my 3 hour per day commute, lack of sleep, meds? I wish I knew. Nevertheless, I will not give up. Whatever it takes!

July, 2012 - has been a difficult month of learning endurance and perseverance, but has ended up being a month of wins. I walked my first official 10K, came off of my meds that I was suspected of causing weight gain, moved forward in my thought patterns regarding eating, crossed 1,300 miles on my walk across America, already achieved my fitness minutes goal for 2012, and broke that plateau by a 4 pound loss. For a total of 53 lost. There is only one way to go - forward! Rejoicing! Tears of joy!

December, 2012 - I've not achieved all I wanted this year, but I've learned a ton. I am a finisher. I will go on.

April, 2014 - 2013 was the most difficult year I have ever experienced. I maintained weight until November, when my husband had surgery with complications. Due to stress and time constraints, I left myself fall into old habits and gained 20 pounds. I felt myself in a deep hole. But this is the year of restoration, and I am slowly seeing light from this deep dark hole. I will go on.
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WARMSPRINGDAY got in a walk even though it was the last thing I felt like doing. I have never regretted a healthy choice.
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My Goals:
*Ultimately, a healthier lifestyle is my goal - weight loss is a by product.

*My long range goal is to lose 157 pounds. I've had some setbacks and pitfalls. April, 2012 - I wanted to be at my goal weight by now. I am not, and I'm trying to let it go, set smaller short term goals and press forward.

*Hopefully avoid some health issues by exercise and healthy diet.

My Program:
*Consume calories per day based on Spark People's plan following a balanced diet using diabetic dietary exchange chart.

*Drink at least 6 - 8 cups of water per day.

*Add more whole grains, fruits and vegetables into my diet. Trying to make a healthy lifestyle one choice at a time.

*If eating junk food/pre-packaged food is a "necessity" for my sanity, limit myself to package serving amount and track it.

* Walk at least 3 miles per week.
January, 2012 - changed to 13 miles per week.

* Look for ways to be more active, not sedentary.

*Strength training 2 - 4 times per week.

Other Information:
I am a homemaker and work full time as a Software Test Analyst.

I love to read - I used to be an avid espionage reader, but somehow it doesn't hold my interest right now. I'm more into inspirational and biography type books. Listening to a lot of inspirational audio books on my commute to work.

Joined Flylady November 2009 - Baby steps in other areas of life.

For a long time, I had a single white rose as my wallpaper and a pink page in memory of my precious Mother who died 8/8/10. She was the rose in my world. Every time I went to change it, I would end up in a sodden emotional puddle. I've finally managed to change my page, but somehow I cannot make myself yet remove this small tribute to her. It will never be the same. I love you, Mother.

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Member Comments:
7/23/2014 11:35:15 PM

Thanks so much for stopping by my page. You are always a great source of encouragement to me, you know. I have had a devil of a time finding some traction in this weight loss journey, but the good news is that I haven't given up. Your blog about one healthy choice at a time has been an incredible source of inspiration and given me a focus that has been very helpful. I hope you are having a great week! - Maureen

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7/23/2014 1:51:13 PM

I'm posting SparkGuy's blog on my blog, thanks to finding it on yours. What a treasure! Thank you! Giving you the heads up so you don't have to take time to read mine.
emoticon emoticon

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7/5/2014 1:23:24 PM

That's what I thought, too, about taking vitamins in the pm. I also slept really well that night, too. Usually they keep me awake, energized; make me have to go; or I sleep at a very light level. I was so amazed when none of that happened!, and just the opposite happened. Maybe it's b/c I'm older now, LOL.
emoticon emoticon

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7/5/2014 12:31:49 PM

Thelma, I'm so proud of you for making daily healthy choices and permanent lifestyle changes, resulting in fulfilling positive results! I'm giving you a STANDING OVATION for the goals you have achieved and the progress you continue to make! You are:

emoticon * S * P * A * R * K * T * A * C * U * L * A * R * emoticon

S = Set goals! Develop plans! Take action! Make progress! See results!
P = Promote regular medical checkups to achieve optimum health!
A = Approach each goal with optimism, dedication and completion!
R = Reduce stress! Eat healthy! Drink water! Exercise regularly! Sleep better! Have fun!
K = Keep track of nutrition intakes, fitness minutes, weigh-ins and body measurements!
T = Trust your choices, decisions and actions in all that you do!
A = Add variety to nutrition plan, fitness activities and personal well-being goals!
C = Create a non-food reward system for working hard to achieve healthy results!
U = Utilize behavior modification to break bad habits and challenge yourself to change!
L = Live life embracing healthy choices, positive changes and individual growth!
A = Assemble a support system to help one another stay on track!
R = Record emotions, setbacks, adjustments, progress and achievements in a journal!

~ Monika ~ emoticon emoticon emoticon

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7/3/2014 4:33:58 PM


I saw a post by you (a long time ago I think) that said, "Wonder if everyone in life struggles with an "addiction" of some kind.

"Normal" eaters never cease to amaze me. I so long for that."

I struggle with the same and find this statement so true.

take care

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