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2016 is the year of me...

2016 - New year - New Single Life - New Me.

2015 -
Quit Smoking - one year November 2015
Survived Templar Tympani Defect surgery - Spinal Menninjitis - and brain surgery Nov 2014 - Feb 2015
My husband walked out March 2015
Back to work April 2015
Divorce Final November 2015

2014 -
Healthy food choices. (period) stop the junk madness
Start moving - Improve my a1c lab work, chloresterol etc
Get back down to my low... and ...
2016 - New year - New Single Life - New Me.

2015 -
Quit Smoking - one year November 2015
Survived Templar Tympani Defect surgery - Spinal Menninjitis - and brain surgery Nov 2014 - Feb 2015
My husband walked out March 2015
Back to work April 2015
Divorce Final November 2015

2014 -
Healthy food choices. (period) stop the junk madness
Start moving - Improve my a1c lab work, chloresterol etc
Get back down to my low... and surpass it.

2013 -
Ahhhh.. not sure what happened here. No looking back

Dont like job - change it. ((DONE)) Left Jan - HIred back in April)
Dont like my weight - change it -- and hurry up and stop playing AT that goal... Power thru!
Eat right (stop dinking around) Move (ya know what that entails)
Plan how to leave work at work and get back to living again.

Reduce the number on the scale to my lowest weigh pre-accident/surgery. That was 185. I know - its only 7 lbs... but thats the first goal. From there... its a no holds barred.

PX90 - Lord help me.
WORKOUT - somewhere, somehow.. I will get in fitness minutes at least 3x a week.

5K - I want to complete at least one this year. I missed them last year and was bummed. It still hurts to walk - but with stretch and perserverance - comes achievement.

Empty nest again: break out the cookbooks. Something NEW once a week. New and HEALTHY!

Blood Sugar -- need to get it back under control. I got out the meter and did testing.. and its is JACKED UP! way up! So I will get that back under better control. The above items will all help this emensely.
STRAIGHT UP NOW.. My favorite sayings are:

No Sacrifice - No Victory! (gotta luv transformers)
Aw quite complaining - You can rest when you get home!
Pain is just weakness - leaving the body!
"Life's too short to live as a spectator. get up, and get in the game." (thanx El)
Dont you let anyone *INCLUDING YOURSELF* tell you that you CAN'T do it. See it - Want it - Believe it )- and DO it! Allie Vincent from Biggest Loser book
--- 2010
New job... revise the schedule.
Bike accident in March included a horrid knee surgery fixing the menniscus (2) replacing the ACL and weeks and weeks of knee brace no move - no bend to get the kneecap to STICK back on. Yeah basically I tried to tear it off. So my workouts stopped. I had PT and busted thru it. Then I was forced to return to work early (or lose my job) - nice huh? I went back and they put me on every odd thing I shouldnt be doing. This included a 6 month write-up (legally marginal at best) and I suffered. nuff said. That was over mid December. So.. Moving on!
* Jan 2009 -- total inches lost w/ 3 month PT - 8 inches LOST!
* January 31, 2009 --- 1st 5k TEXMED in Houston. This will be 1/3rd of my 2009 goals! **finish time 55 min burning 695 cals!**
* Feb 28th - Connaco Rodeo Run (yes I ran) Time 50.11, polar 46min.
* March - New long shorts... size 10! TEN baby.. TEN!
* April 2009 -- Scratched cornea and hand gash accident.
* 5/08/09 -- Donated blood! They will take me again! YEA
* 5/09/09 -- Finished 5k at 46.29, burned 1100 cals!
**NOTE: I was layed off soon after this.. and lost my mind, and found some pounds back. Thanks to my sparkly sisters.. Im back.. IN FORCE.. ha! a force to be reckoned with!


--- 2008
- 4/2008 - ONE-DERLAND!!! Goal MET! Check!
- Easter 2008 Weight training added into my established cardio.
- Dr took me OFF my chloreserol meds. $50 saved!
- 5/2008: Completed first 5k walk. GOAL - CHECK!
- 6/3/08: Polar11 HRM Burn fat burn!
- July 2008: Its official. I've gone from 24/26 to a size 14 (lean boot cut jeans at that) .. no more saggy baggies!
- July 2008: Lab results are in! They ROCK!
- 08/13/2008: At 187 lbs, My fat% is 29.8 (heathy) - my lean mass is 131.6, and fat mass in lbs .. 56! BMR 1577
- Sept - trip to Germany! Had a blast, got in lots of walking. Home to Houston after IKE - whew!
- 10/11/08: 20% total weight loss to date - CHECK!
- November: It's official - I'm offa bunch diabetic meds
- 11/16/08: I'm outa the OBESE BMI range! 178.5!
- Dec 9 - 11, 2008 - Son Graduates!! - CHECK
- 12/14/08 Jingle Bell Walk/Run - CHECK!
On 12/31/2008 - grand total weight loss for 08 = 51 lbs!

Married for 5 years to my very best friend (05/24/2003)
I'm 44 and lived in Houston my whole life. Got the accent to prove it. I am a relatively new full nester - my daughter has come back and she's starting college in January 2010.

I strive to be the woman of substinance that I want to be!

Im from Texas so of course I'm chatty. It's genetic!
Make sure and say hello if you read this!!!!

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My Goals:
DONE!! Quit Smoking!

DONE!! Get back to my low of 186.

DONE!! Blood Sugar control

DONE!! Low carb, good food choices

Start moving

My Program:

and not lose my mind in the process!

Cutting the carbs and working on my blood sugar readings

Personal Information:
I'm native Houstonian, born here, raised here, At some point in life, you just gotta embrace your inner redneck! ahah

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2/11/2016 8:52:29 AM

Good morning! Are you tired of watching what you eat, finding time to exercise, trying to do things up differently to stay interested and engaged? It’s at those moments when we’re wondering if it’s all worth it we need to dig deep into our inner person, the one so far deep, deep inside and find the will to continue. Staying on track takes effort and time, but it can be done!! Let’s get to it!! (Reggie’s Philosophy)

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2/10/2016 3:57:40 PM

Hi! Motivation starts with a thought...if we're positive we will succeed, then we will succeed...if we're positive we will fail, then we will fail. Let's think positive thoughts of success! Together we will succeed!!!!

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2/1/2016 5:52:17 PM

Missed your Birthday, so sorry. Glad you are back missed you. No being single isn't too bad in fact I love it. Glad your health is improving.

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1/14/2016 12:36:32 AM

You had a lot happening in the last few years! I've been out of the loop as I hadn't been active too much on SP but now I'm back at it again. I've never known a stronger woman that you. Your determination, motivation and will to live is amazing!

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1/10/2016 2:31:48 AM

emoticon Happy Birthday, DONE GIRL

In Capricorn, the Sun is strongly goal-directed and persistent. Ambitious, serious and dedicated to duty, life is difficult, but you are the type of person who will triumph and achieve success. Your aptitude to persevere, no matter how difficult the road, sets you apart from most of your peers. You are anxious to climb the ladder of fortune, and you can usually reach your goals because of your sense of the right way of doing everything. Your patience is never ending.
The Capricorn child has a hard life and is given a lot of responsibility early on and is never able to be "just a silly kid." She is "old when young" but know she will stay young when old. Capricorn gets along well with Virgo, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer and sometimes Scorpio, but she will not allow Scorpio to run her life, so that can be an issue. She can have problems with headaches from stress and trouble with her knees.
You are a very thoughtful and serious person, thinking everything through carefully before you set off in any direction. You possess excellent reasoning skills, and you can be counted on to select options that are both practical and that provide an economic advantage. Your attitude is conservative; conservative with time, money, and all other resources. Your philosophy is waste not, want not. You are also likely to be conservative in your political and social attitudes, although your age, upbringing, and education perspectives may influence this somewhat.
You are especially well suited to business and government because of your sense of organization and structure. You combine a talent for management with an ability to carry out instructions with care. You are the quintessential careerist, taking job and duties very seriously. Therefore, you are never one to shirk responsibility and you have very little use for those that do. That which matters most to you is your public image. You show your best face to the public. You enjoy being in a position of power and authority, although you are not very much inclined to enjoy the limelight. You may prefer instead to run your business from an isolated perspective. You are loyal and dedicated, and you demand utter loyalty and dedication from subordinates. Advancing up the ladder of success is all important. You are unconcerned about, sometimes even ruthless toward, those getting in your path as you move upward.
You don't handle chaotic situations very well. You may need to develop the ability to lighten up a little and not take life, and everything else so seriously. Although you are self-disciplined, responsible, and practical, at times you can wallow in self-pity. It's essential for you to remember that your most important asset is self-esteem, and you should never devalue this. Rigidity and fear of change may be your biggest stumbling block.
Sober and reserved in your dealings with others, it takes you a good while to warm up enough to anyone to be considered a close friend. Yet once you do, you are a very caring, reliable, and most steadfast ally. Your private side is different from your public side. In private you are shy and sensitive. The harshness of your public image disappears. Emotionally demanding relationships are very difficult. Love relationships may be more like business relationships, and you are unsure of yourself in most intimate situations.

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