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I am a 50 year old 4th grade teacher with stage 4 kidney disease. I have finally decided it is time for me to get my act together and lose the weight I know I need to lose!!
I am a 50 year old 4th grade teacher with stage 4 kidney disease. I have finally decided it is time for me to get my act together and lose the weight I know I need to lose!!



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5/17/2008 11:05:26 PM

Have not heard from you in some time and just wanted to check and see if you are OK. anything I can do? Please sparkmail me if there is anyway that I can help Gloria

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1/28/2007 9:38:45 PM

Hi Elaine-
My name is Pat and i'm from elmira,ny and now live in the desert of Phoenix,Az welcome to our little family and hope u find our journey very much fun and interesting-here u will meet new friends and find that we try to help each other the best way we can there is usually someone not far away so you can jump on here and wa-la-we're-there o k? So grab your water bottle lets go-see ya round the message board take care Pat and her 4-legged children

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1/27/2007 10:43:52 PM

Hi Elaine and welcome to Achieving Success with Determination! I have decided on teaching for my second career - or is it my third? Either way, I plan trying to convince teenagers that language and literature are fun!

Is the stage 4 diagnosis reversable? You've come to the right place to take charge of dropping weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels - and finding the support to get through the days you just want to sit on the couch and eat ice cream!

I'm looking foward to seeing you on the message boards.


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1/27/2007 10:07:15 PM

I am so glad that you decided to join our team Achieving Success with determination. You will find us a friendly group that not only talk about weight loss, but health issues, family, friends, or whatever the topic of the hour is. We post mainly in the welcome to all topic so jump in and introduce yourself and hopefully we can help you reach your goal and you can help us. Hugs, Gloria

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1/27/2007 4:03:30 PM

Hi Elaine, would love to have been a teacher. My Mom was one before she married. That was the time of one room school houses. I went to that very one up until I was 8. We then moved to CA and that was a LONG time ago. Dad was so happy to get out of the cold!!
I belong to a group (team) called "Achieving success with determination" a very supportive bunch of people who have fun along with learning different ways of losing weight. Spark is such a wonderful place, with so much information about our health along with weight loss. If you'd like drop in and visit us, we'd love to have you! But what ever you do it is good that you have a group to associate with where you can ask questions or give suggestions when you hear of something interesting about losing. I see that you do belong to one group, that's great. I would like to get into more but I can handle only one. I am in a power chair and it takes me so long to get things done in the house I have to limit my time here at the computer. Take care, best wishes on your weight loss journey, your new Spark friend, Betty...AKA...javagal

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