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This is Stormie's Story & She is Sticking To It!

Hello and welcome to my little megabyte of Spark Peoples World. As I am entering my fifty-second year of living with my body, I am not only redirecting my efforts on changing my lifestyle, but acknowledging that my health and body are giving out and need medical intervention so there can be improvement. When I went for my yearly physical exam, April 2014, the results showed that my thyroid has shut down. This means that I was now classified as a Hypothyroidism patient along with ...
Hello and welcome to my little megabyte of Spark Peoples World. As I am entering my fifty-second year of living with my body, I am not only redirecting my efforts on changing my lifestyle, but acknowledging that my health and body are giving out and need medical intervention so there can be improvement. When I went for my yearly physical exam, April 2014, the results showed that my thyroid has shut down. This means that I was now classified as a Hypothyroidism patient along with Levorotoscoliosis and Spondylitis by my doctor.

Therefore, after months of trying to get medication and health issue lined out. I changed the goals I'd most wanted to achieve during a year...

1) Reach my pre-op weight of 150 lbs /Build a strong core and have my back surgery.

2) Never take up smoking again.

3) Never have to give up my wine.

4) Live, laugh, love, ride my Harley and have the opportunities to wear purple with a red hat.

I am embarking on and creating my own healthy lifestyle notebook, 1) by record all my food eaten good and bad. 2) by keeping a photo journal with lots of pictures of me, to keep me motivated and showing the changes, 3) remembering to exercise and 4) using the trackers here to share my ups and downs and encourage others here on

I stopped smoking on January 18th, 2014, cold turkey and so far I am doing good: so now I have set my official date to lose 70 lbs of fat weight as December 1, 2014 to December 1, 2015 this is giving myself 1 year. With monthly goals set in place that are attainable for encouragement that I can do this.

My long term goal is losing weight and maintaining 140 lbs according to the doctor. But in the meantime, I would like to mainly focused on the 150 lbs goal so I can have my back surgery for levorotoscoliosis ( meaning that the vertebrates are not only curved into an "S" shape, but also twisting/rotating to the left) and spondylolysis(spon-dee-low-lye-sis) which is a stress fracture or defect of the pars interarticularis in a vertebra. Yes, yes it is painful, some days are worse than others, and it hurts to stand for more than 15 minutes or walk and exercise, but know what... I am not going to let it defeat me.

When I joined this site I was looking to find motivation and support. Instead I found much more than that. I found out why I keep failing in my battle with the bulge. I was trying to work on all areas of my life at once, and what I still need to do is to start small and focus my attention on the one area for improvement then gradual small goal to work toward the most immediate and significant goals that will have the biggest impact on the quality of my life.

Of course the one significant area was to lose weight and keep it off. But, my friend the big weight loss "secret" is not easy, and it is not a simple solution. Itís not in simply pop a pill or to stop eating a certain food item. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes to weight issues. However, I can offer you something that is so much better and healthier in the long run.!

Yes this website can show you a new, more fulfilling, empowering lifestyle. Yes, it will take work, some may struggle a bit ( I have a lot), but overall it is a much longer lasting, well-rounded solution guaranteed to work for everyone who really wants to change and is willing to make a few new lifestyle choices.

So Step 1. Create a mission statement and vision statement. This describes an ideal destination or end result.

Step 2. Use brainstorming and do research, use the SparksPeople tools. I got ideas about what I want, desire, and need so I can achieve this, then organize and prioritize what is most important to you.

Step 3. DO IT!

These are my statements.

My Mission Statement: Live life to enjoy all the pleasures and happiness it has to offer, while at the same time living a healthy lifestyle.

My Vision Statement: With continuous development of healthy habits, research of healthy foods, exercising and accountability, weight is loss and the body and mind grow stronger.

I am putting away the old motivational visual board and am making myself a new updated visual board where I place and read these statements daily. My reason, is as I have grown and changed so have my goals both short and long term.

From what I am experiencing, I believe that in order to lose weight and keep it off, one must following few basic rules: Accept, Connect, and Educate.

Accept yourself as you are now, and love yourself enough to make some difficult choices and decisions. I have seen how important this step is for most, if not all, people to successfully lose weight. In my opinion, the most important part of keeping weight off is self-acceptance and self-love.

Connect with others and share the good times and the bad times, canít do it all by yourself.

Educate; keep on learning about what you can do to help yourself.

Each step takes time, energy, support, effort, and a wholehearted desire to change. As previously mentioned, this is not a quick fix. Everyoneís journey is unique and takes varying amounts of time to accomplish. I am not able to say, "Oh, itís easy. It will take one month of this, and two weeks of that, and voila!" It can take anywhere from weeks to years depending on where you are on your own individual path. Your life will change from the inside out. You will grow more confident and comfortable in your body and in your life.

~My Interests ~
General A thru Z way too many to list here you see... well ok a few highlights. Collecting thimbles from places I travel. I enjoy all sorts of needlecrafts, reading, archery, camping, fishing, gardening, landscaping design and horseback riding, scuba diving, DRT( Daughters of the Republic of Texas -13th Generation Texan), OES (Order of the Eastern Star) just a few things I like to do in spare time, when not out riding Harley's with my husband. June 2014 I became an official member of the Red Hat Society.

My favorite hobbies are "GeocachingĒ Check it out at, "Letterboxing" or & photography and hunt for "Grave Headstones" at

NOTE: I did not put dieting as an interest; I believe it is a lifestyle.

After spending time searching various forms of philosophy and religion, I choose to observe everything and believe little.

My personality is one of truth seeking, nature respecting and supreme being accepting.
I am a very open minded person, but I am also well grounded.
Tolerant and flexible, I appreciate most lifestyles and viewpoints.
But I also know where I stand firm, and I can draw that line.
I am open to considering every possibility - but in the end, I will stand true to myself.
Lastly, I don't judge anyone, so don't be judging me. It's not just a moral thing to overcome but human nature too.

Uhmmm, I have a wide range of music taste from country western, rock, jazz, alternative, new age, meditative asian, and some blues. Sorry but can't take rap or hate music.

Action, adventure, and some chick flicks...

CSI- Vegas, Law and Order, and SciFi channel if I have time to I watch any TV.

Like reading Sci-fi to gothic vampire romance novels (yeah the horror mushy stuff *laughs softly*). Most books written by Ann Rice, Dolores Stewart Riccio and Nora Roberts.

People who are true to themselves and to the world around them.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God/dess. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God/dess that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we subconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we're liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."
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My Goals:
My long term goals are to lose 55 lbs. Remain Smoke free and have back surgery.

My short term goals are broken down by 12 months:

Weigh 200 lbs. by the end of Jan. 2015 -
Weigh 195 lbs. by the end of Feb. 2015 -
Weigh 190 lbs. by the end of Mar. 2015 -
Weigh 185 lbs. by the end of Apr. 2015 -
Weigh 180 lbs. by the end of May. 2015 -
Weigh 175 lbs. by the end of June 2015 -
Weigh 170 lbs. by the end of July. 2015 -
Weigh 165 lbs. by the end of Aug. 2015 -
Weigh 160 lbs. by the end of Sept. 2015 -
Weigh 155 lbs. by the end of Oct. 2015 -
Weigh 150 lbs. by the end of Nov. 2015 -
Weigh 145 lbs. by the end of Dec. 2015 -

My Program:
Creating a healthy lifestyle for myself. Finding what works for me!
I will work at keeping a positive outlook by practicing my Yoga, meditation and Tia Chi.

My goal is to become a much healthier person, therefore a better life mate to my supportive and loving husband, to become active again in my social circles and be more loving of myself as I am. I want to enjoy the little pleasures of my life th

Personal Information:
~About Me~ I think I am a unique 50+ year old native West Texas female with a friendly smile and a mischievous playful nature. I never claimed to be normal by anyone's standards but my own. Find most people's standards to high for an imperfect world. Mother of 2 young adults, one young lady (Daughter) and young man (Son). Step Parent to 3 young men, who accept me as one of the family. Lived in Odessa, Tx for most of my life. But now reside in Central Tx.

I met someone very special, we fell in love and married January 13th, 2008. Our families have blended well together, all 4 young men and 1 young lady, my husband and myself.

Laugh often, Live healthy, Love who you are, Dream your dreams, and pray for the strength, courage & willpower to achieve your goals to become the person you want to be...these are the only words of advice I can give anyone these days.

Other Information:
Yes even I have days when I am down, depressed and even teary eyed, but then my dog gives me a lick on the hand, my husband hugs me and tells me he cares and my young adult children will even smile. Any one of these signs lets me know that I am blessed and all will be good in the end.

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1/21/2015 11:57:01 AM

Thank you for the encouragement Stormie! The band plays really good with those drums! lol
Have a great day~

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The only way to fail is to give up. Whatever comes, whatever happens, keep going.

Fix your eyes on the goal, and persist. Your vision, your commitment, and your actions will take you there.

When you can make great big strides, make them. When you can take only small steps, take them.

See every moment as the opportunity that it is. When the wind is at your back, keep going, and when the wind is blowing against you, keep going.

Make good and effective use of whatever you encounter. Tap into the positive value that is always there.

Know precisely where you wish to go and why. Keep going, and you are there.

(Ralph Marston)


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1/13/2015 10:19:19 PM

Thank you for the wonderful poem. emoticon

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"How would your life be different if . . . You were conscious about the food you ate, the people you surround yourself with, and the media you watch, listen to, or read? Let today be the day . . . You pay attention to what you feed your mind your body, and your life. Create a nourishing environment conducive to your growth and well-being today."

(Steve Maraboli, The Power of One)


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1/13/2015 5:25:25 AM

Thanks so much for the encouragement on my blog page - I'm still fighting this miserable virus but am beginning to feel like myself again and each day gets better.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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