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My name is Periwinkle, and I am a 39 year old graduate student from the Midwest who is on a journey to fitness. I realize that as the mother of 4 kids, I can't afford to be complacent about my health. This is a record of my progress, now that the jig is up.

Started: 3/29/12: 196.5 (5 ft. 3")
Week 1 Weigh in (4/4): 191.5 (5 pounds lost)
Week 2 Weigh in (4/11): 186 (5.5 pounds lost; 10.5 pounds total)
Week 3 Weigh in (4/18): 183 (3 pounds lost; 13.5 pounds total) ...
My name is Periwinkle, and I am a 39 year old graduate student from the Midwest who is on a journey to fitness. I realize that as the mother of 4 kids, I can't afford to be complacent about my health. This is a record of my progress, now that the jig is up.

Started: 3/29/12: 196.5 (5 ft. 3")
Week 1 Weigh in (4/4): 191.5 (5 pounds lost)
Week 2 Weigh in (4/11): 186 (5.5 pounds lost; 10.5 pounds total)
Week 3 Weigh in (4/18): 183 (3 pounds lost; 13.5 pounds total)
Week 4 Weigh in (4/25): 179 (4 pounds lost; 17.5 pounds total)
Week 5 Weigh in (5/2): 176.5 (2.5 pounds lost; 20 pounds total)
Week 6 Weigh in (5/9): 174.5 (2 pounds lost; 22 pounds total)
Week 7 Weigh in (5/16): 170.5 (4 pounds lost; 26 pounds total)
Week 8 Weigh in (5/23): 167.5 (3 pounds lost; 29 pounds total)
Week 9 Weigh in (5/30): 164.5 (3 pounds lost; 32 pounds total)
Week 10 Weigh in (6/6): 162.0 (2.5 pounds lost; 34.5 pounds total)
Week 11 Weigh in (6/13): 160.0 (2 pounds lost; 36.5 pounds total)
Week 12 Weigh in (6/21): 158.5 (1.5 pounds lost; 38 pounds total)
Week 13 Weigh in (6/27): 155.0 (3.5 pounds lost; 41.5 pounds total)
Week 14 Weigh In (7/4): 152.0 (3 pounds lost; 44.5 pounds total)
Week 15 Weigh In (7/11): 150.0 (2 pounds lost; 46.5 pounds total)
Week 16 Weigh In (7/18): 146.5 (3.5 pounds lost; 50 pounds total)
Week 17 Weigh In (7/25): 144.5 (2 pounds lost; 52 pounds total)
Week 18 Weigh In (8/1): 144.0 (.5 pounds lost; 52.5 pounds total)
Week 19 Weigh In (8/8): 140.5 (3.5 pounds lost; 56 pounds total)
Week 20 Weigh In (8/15): 138.5 (2 pounds lost; 58 pounds total)
Week 21.5 Weigh In (8/25): 135.5 (3 pounds lost; 61 pounds total)
Week 23 Weigh In (9/5): 133.5 (2 pounds lost; 63 pounds total)
Week 24 Weigh In (9/12): 131.5 (2 pounds lost; 65 pounds total)
~Maintenance Range (128-132) Reached~
Maintenance Week 1 Weigh In (9/19): 131.0
Maintenance Week 2 Weigh In (9/26): 130.5
Maintenance Week 3 Weigh In (10/3): 132.5
Maintenance Week 4 Weigh In (10/10): 132.0
Maintenance Week 5 Weigh In (10/17): 133.0
Maintenance Week 6 Weigh In (10/24): 130.5
Maintenance Week 7 Weigh In (10/31): 133.5
Maintenance Week 8 Weigh In (11/7): 135.5
Maintenance Week 9 Weigh In (11/14): 132.5
Maintenance Week 11 Weigh In (11/28): 134.0
Maintenance Week 12 Weigh In (12/5): 137.0
Maintenance Week 13 Weigh In (12/12): 132.5
Maintenance Week 14 Weigh In (12/19): 135.0
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Member Since: 3/29/2012

SparkPoints: 5,700

Fitness Minutes: 8,249

My Goals:
Weight Goals
Intermediate Goal #1: 179 lbs. DONE 4/25/12

Intermediate Goal #2: 161.5 lbs. DONE 6/13/12

Intermediate Goal #3: 144 lbs. DONE 8/1/12

Ultimate Weight Goal: 130 lbs. DONE 9/20/12

Other Goals
1. Run a 5k race DONE
5k race #1: 6/23: 33:47
5k race #2: 7/18: 32:17
5k race #3: 9/23: 28:02

2. Run a 5k in under 30min DONE

3. Run a 10k race DONE
10k race #1: 10/6: 57:45
10k race #2: 10/13: 57:58
10k race #3: 11/22: 56:43

4. Run a 10k in under 60 min DONE

5. Run a 10 mile race

6. Run a Half Marathon

7. Bike a Century

My Program:
Eat on plan
Run 4x/week
Weight lift 2x-3x/week

Jeff Galloway Half Marathon program

New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women program

# of weeks in a row that I've exercised at least 45 minutes at least 5 days of the week: 33

Personal Information:
Non-Scale Victories so far:
--Pair of size 18 jeans fit (4/25/12--179 lbs.)
--Pair of size 18 khaki pants are loose (5/7/12--174 lbs.)
--Blood pressure in the normal range (5/7/12--174 lbs.)
--Definitely fitting in size 16, and pair of size 14 cargo pants are wearable (but reeely tight!) 5/22/12--170.5 lbs)
--Resting heart rate: 54 (6/22/12--158.5 lbs)
--Wearing size 12 capris comfortably (7/9/12--152.0 lbs)
--Wearing my wedding rings again (7/17/12--148.5 lbs.)
--Ran my longest run ever--6.5 miles (8/7/12--140.5 lbs.)
--Weight in the "healthy" range on the BMI chart (8/8/12--140.5 lbs.)
--No longer lying on my driver's license (8/11/12--140 lbs.)
--Wedding rings are loose and underwear is literally falling off (8/11/12--140 lbs.)
--New size 12 "skinny pants" just got too loose! (8/17/12--138.5 lbs.)
--Wearing size 8 capris and Small sweatshirt (8/30/12--135 lbs.)

Other Information:

So I don't have to be worried that my shoes, underwear, heart rate monitor, hat, bra, wedding ring, coat, sweatshirt, or airplane seatbelt won't fit.

So I don't have to untag Facebook pictures of myself, avoid going to the doctor, lie on my driver's license, shop in the plus size department, or cringe thinking about my high school reunion.

So my health isn't compromised by a bad back, 51% body fat, triglycerides of 254, and blood pressure that makes the nurse frown.

So I don't have to miss out on cross country skiing with my daughter, rock climbing with my kids, or being able to complete the hiking trail my family has set as its goal.

So I can run a 5k, join my friend's volleyball team, fit into clothes at REI, bike a century, set a good example for my kids and have energy and optimism again.

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Member Comments:
12/15/2012 8:32:11 AM

Thanks for your comment on my Edward blog - Halen is doing well, and he has been spending extra time with his other rat, and he is on the mend. I'm amazed at how many other people have rats, and how supportive they are!

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11/16/2012 2:12:39 PM

That is a fantastic 5K time! Really a wonderful accomplishment! WOOT!

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11/15/2012 9:25:18 PM

Glad you're doing well! The fact that you are maintaining is HUGELY AWESOME. I'm so happy for you, Peri! :) And I'm touched that you still stop in to check on me. I'm happy to only be Sparking for social support, and no longer using it for dietary support. I am also happy to not be gaining weight - and there is some possibility that I'm losing weight, but I'm not sure until I get out of the 174-178 zone whether it's an actual loss. I'll be finding out eventually.

And I'm looking at a visit with the in-laws for FIVE DAYS so that's always dangerous for any eating improvements...

Anyhoo - see you around! :)

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11/2/2012 7:50:48 AM

Ha, that's so funny - that's what my mom says! And if you could see some of my family members, you'd understand where she's coming from. My goal is not to throw out the baby with the bathwater, though. I just realized that I've been oscillating between following the numbers and seeing some results, but not getting very far, and not following the numbers and still not seeing results. My big weight gains have been when I've been on steroids and pregnant, and I'm guessing that I tend to settle where I am - around 170-180.

I am remaining active in my pursuit of the truth though... sort of doing a one person study. I don't want to live on a diet - or the euphemistic 'lifestyle change' - for the rest of my life. I have a lot of great healthy habits, but I never see any progress in the way of losing fat. I need to figure out how I ate before I felt guilty about eating - which started happening when I was about 6 or 7 I think - and before I started to try to restrict my eating.

The way the weight loss industry is structured, only 5% of people succeed in losing weight, and even fewer keep it off. And it doesn't matter which weight loss plan they use (as long as it's not crash dieting). So it's not really that effective in helping most people. Because it doesn't address the real issue... and I'm trying to find what the real issue is. It has been effective for YOU, but but you are the rare few. And I hope you are in the rare fewer that keeps it off!

As for running, when Airin started classes, and I started teaching, I could no longer get myself out the door to run. I'm not currently training for anything, so it's not fun for me. I've turned my focus toward building more muscle, and I've been doing cardio at home - I've been doing the Just Dance game on the Wii, which (according to my BodyMedia Fit, which I'm getting rid of because it's useless), it burns 2 calories less per minute than running. And I actually do it, which means I'm burning a lot more calories. On MWF I do the Spark 28 Day Bootcamp Tone and Burn using 10lb and 5lb weights, and then I follow up with a few of the Just Dance songs, and when I'm done I'm all sweaty. And it puts me in a great mood! I'm hoping to get some more fitness videos and Just Dance videos (or Zumba - I have that too, but I get sick of listening to just one type of music).

Anyhoo - glad to see you're still on here working away. Keep me posted on how you're doing! :-D I'm still staying cognizant and I'll be blogging regularly, so I'm not "throwing in the towel", just trying my own plan of action which is to figure out what the hell I've been doing wrong the past 16 years I've spent actively trying to lose weight.

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10/20/2012 8:49:39 AM

I am happy you are back in your range and are doing great! I always feel better when I am in my range..The top end makes me nervous and I want to move it down.

Thanks for supporting me on my blog..
Congratulations for entering maintenance. I am glad it is going well.

We can learn from each other.

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