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I am putting this here for reference... because I can't think were else to put it. LOL
It is a very abridged account of comments on the two UK TV shows 'Trust me I am a doctor' and 'How to diet well' None of this info is a 'be all end all' fact finder, the tests were not very large and each diet just tried by assorted individuals and expressing their feelings and losses on the diet they tried.
They did Crasher diets, shape shifter diets and life changer diets. also assorted tests on offbeat things and a few facts. this isn't on as a recommendation to do any of the below. just as a point of interest for anyone wanting to look further into anything there.

Crashers, for quick short term loss –

The Cleansing diet- also known as the Beyonce diet 7 Day diet
Water-lemon juice- cayenne pepper-maple syrup 6/12 day.
Dieters verdict - Day one hungry, dizzy, Day two starving stressed, moody, unwell. Day three not able to cope, gave in
Lost 4lb

2 All you can eat diet- 7 day diet
Either Fruit or veg, not to mix the two only fruit one day only veg the next and a little meat at end of week
Dieters vedict - Found it a bit boring after first few days. But did okay over the week.
Lost 5lb

3 The Apple Cider Vinegar diet- 12 day diet
2 Table sp Apple cider vinegar to a glass of water.
Drink 3 glasses a day, 15 mins before each meal. Avoid saturated fat and salt. calories
below 1500
Dietrs Verdict - Didn’t get used to the bad taste, disappointed at slow loss!
Lost 2lb

4 The Grapefruit diet 12 day diet
Half a Grapefruit before every meal, avoid high carbs and go for high protein.
Dieters verdict -Found it okay, but missed carbs
Lost 7lb

5 High fat diet 14 days
High fat low carb Red meat eggs butter cheese –no starch carbs or fruit + 12 min high intense work out
Dieters verdict – Found it too rich and missed the carbs. Constipated and stomach upset
Loss 8lb

6 Mediterranean diet 14 days
more for shaping than weight loss
Fruit veg whole grains 1800 cal low saturated fat no processed food olive oil, small amounts of eggs fish poultry work out 30 mins daily
Dieters verdict – Found first week hard. Got a rhythm in second week, would recommend it short term/
Loss 2.5lb
Shape shifters fast loss for 6weeks

1 Bullet proof diet- Odd mix of fresh coffee with butter blended in - Solid food only 2pm-8pm, try keep food healthy;
Dieters verdict- Stuck to it well, missed chips and fried food, got used to coffee with butter , hungry before 2pm food time.
Loss 20lb

Alkaline diet-
1 Alkaline foods as much as you can eat 80%
Dieters verdict -A bit like rabbit food. Needed to be able to cook to make food interesting. Very restrictive, but he learned to cook!
Loss 16lb

2 Eat right for your type diet- 6 week diet
Based on blood type. You would need to look what your type you are and what to eat for your own personal blood type. In this case it was type A, which appeared when we were mainly vegetarian.
Allowed fruit and veg and a small amount of dairy. Also allowed coffee and a glass of red wine. But NO processed foods, wheat, Tea and only a little dairy.
Dieters verdict -Found to be okay, but wouldn’t like to go on it full time.
Lost 11lb

3 Skinny gut diet – 6 week diet
Based on using good gut bacteria to break down food. Fermented foods and supplements. Drink half your weight in water a day, no sugar alcohol
Dieters vedict - Found to be tasteless, boring and expensive
Loss 14lb

5 Dr Siegals Cookie diet £36/week
9 Dr Siegal cookies a day, A 700 cal meal. No dairy or alcohol
Dieters vedict -Hated it felt very hungry
Loss 16lb

6 Volmetric diet
Same volume lower cals . about 800 a day? It goes on the actual ‘size’ of your meals. Eg a pile of mashed potato to be replaced by the same size pile of something else, such as the same size pile of mashed swede. Or a bowl of sponge pudding and custard replaced by baked apple and yoghurt taking up the same amount of space and avoid saturated fats.
Dieters verdict -Said he will continue with it , he was feeling much better
Loss 2lb
Life changers ---followed over 4 months

1 5:2 Eating 500cals 2 days a week. 5 days sensible portions avoid saturated fats.
Dieters verdict - Found it too tempting to resist fatty food, and felt hungry at times, so did cheat a bit
12lb loss

Time restricted feeding diet – eat in same 10hours each day, sensible portion, avoid saturated fats,
Dieters verdict - Also found loss of fatty food too tempting and gave in at times. But overall managed and found it okay once in the swing of it.
Lost 17lb

3 Raw food all you can eat diet
Raw food, fruit veg raw fish. NO alcohol, meat (cooked) no pasta, dairy or bread.
Dieters vedict - Hated it! But stuck with it.
Lost 11 lb

4 Fast food diet.
1800 calorie maximum, eating take away and fast processed foods with alcohol whenever wanted. But must stay below 1800 a day and look for lowest saturated fat and white flour choices available.
Dieters vedict – Enjoyed it at first, but then found it hard to sort out the best choice on the menu, ending up choosing to have more healthy food to get enough withing the 1800 limit to stop hunger. Felt he had learned a lot about food and gained a healthier outlook to his take out lifestyle.
Lost 26lb

5 Palaeolithic
Hunter gatherer no processed food! Eat, Meat fish veg fruit nuts eggs.
No Wheat or grain products of any kind,sugar or processed food very little dairy
Dieters verdict -Started well, but found it harder as she went on. Missing her usual favourite foods too much.
Loss 16lb

6 Starch diet
Low fat vegan 50% starch
Dieters verdict – Too limiting and caused stomach problems.
Loss 9lb

Just about the only good diet pill they looked at On general sale in the UK seemed to be Orlistat (fat burner Ali) but needs to be used with great care. Stops the body absorbing fat. Making about a 33% difference in saturated fat being absorbed. The down side is that you MUST stick to a low fat diet and to the dosage!! You go over with the fat intake means that people need to stand well back! It will get rid of the fat … in a very unpleasant and spectacular manor!! Plenty of toilet roll needed!!!! The man on the show demonstrated what happened if you took an extra pill and had a fatty meal …. And I think it served as a good warning, but don’t think he was prepared for how unwell it would make him feel! None of the other pills they tested showed any outstanding potential for doing anything useful. I went on this one for a while (from my doctor) and it works, but I was so careful to eat low fat, that I am not sure if it wasn’t just that making the difference! LOL.

Virtual gastric band, Hypnotherapy. No evidence of it working, but has believers.
Rather expensive and will vary from person to person. I didn’t feel it was given a fair test on the show, He just had one session to help him resist something he had trouble resisting. Not a proper trial at all.
They did speak to someone who was on it though and he had lost 2st in 6 weeks, after many years of struggling to loose weight.

Feeding tube ‘KEN’ Claims you lose 9% of your body weight in 10 days.
You are fitted with a nasal tube and all nourishment is fed to yu through this.
£350 per course. A lady who was having it at the time has had it twice before and was on her last course to get her to her ideal weight. It looked horrible!
The show said there are things to consider before trying this. Possible damage to oesophagus , a chance of food entering lungs. the possible long term effects are not known and chances of keeping the weight off not certain. Seems effective but unpleasant and a bit risky!

Coffee enema! OH this is nice one! YUCK!!! One cup of strong cold coffee taken rectally through a tube each morning. Said to clear the system, clean the colon and lessen the urge for sweet things.
The man on the show tried it, He said he had a ‘very satisfying’ bowel movement and it made him feel quite good. However the experts said that a clean colon is not a good thing, it is meant to have bacteria there to do its job so it isn’t healthy really. They found no change in the desire for sweet food and warned to get medical advice before trying this one at home …. I think I will give it a miss thanks!!!!

Diet pills on internet, potentially fatal. DNP !!
These are openly available on the internet and in certain countries (licenced in UK but not for human use) They have well-presented professional websites, and compelling testimonials.
They work on the theory of taking something that makes your body work hard, without you doing a thing which will make you feel quite warm and energised.
I know this feeling!! It is making you chemically Hyperthyroid. Pushing your heart rate and metabolism up higher than nature intended. If not controlled it can be fatal, as it has been in quite few cases!! The only test they did on this one was in the lab! And it was not good, the pills were dangerous and not even regular in content. One pill may be weak and have no effect whatsoever, the next could be a killer!

They did an experiment with eating before or after working out, the ladies burned more after eating and men slightly more before eating. They said it could be that it may be effected by the percentage of body fat rather than gender though. so not a 100% proven.

They did an experiment on leaving a longer gap between last eating at night and first eating in the morning, they found that in general it made a big difference to food being used by the body, reason being that we naturally use fuel through the day and rest overnight, it is what we were made to do and still seem to do.

BMI is a good yard stick, but no always a thing to work to. Some people have fantastically developed muscles, with a lot of hard work going to it, they will weigh heavy. But are not overweight! I am sure there are other reasons too. Plus if you are above 70 years old, a BMI of around 28-30 may be healthier due to bone loss? SO, if I can’t lose any more weight I will be on target in about 12 years! LOL

Health benifit of olive oil? good results. Olive oil only (not veg, sunflower or Raipeseed etc), made no difference if it was extra virgin or not. not as good if cooked. but two tablespoons a day taken raw in dressing showed to be very beneficial.

I think all that just shows that lower calories, saturated fat and sugar with a bit of walking or working out is still the best way!
A little controlled fasting is good for you, and don't get suckered in by dangerous and expensive fads! XX

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