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I've GOT to figure out Maintenance .... I.CAN.DO.THIS!

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April means Spring into action !!!

"Many things are simply not going to happen with just one, or three, or even a dozen attempts. Yet anything becomes possible with enough persistence.
Keep going, and allow your efforts to build upon one another. Keep going, and transform the disappointments into achievements.
You have what it takes to keep going, because all it ever takes is just one more step forward.
Keep going, and work your way steadily to the richest rewards you can imagine."
-- Ralph Marston ...
"Many things are simply not going to happen with just one, or three, or even a dozen attempts. Yet anything becomes possible with enough persistence.
Keep going, and allow your efforts to build upon one another. Keep going, and transform the disappointments into achievements.
You have what it takes to keep going, because all it ever takes is just one more step forward.
Keep going, and work your way steadily to the richest rewards you can imagine."
-- Ralph Marston


2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008. Six years with Sparkpeople!

Previous updates:
2012 "Columbus Day Maintainers' 10-week challenge"
At Goal and Maintaining team - weigh-ins on Monday
Cannot deviate +-3% of starting weight!
July 30 = 119.5
Aug 6 = 120.5
Aug 13 = 120.0
Aug 20 = 120.0
Aug 27 = 121.0
Sep 3 = 119.0
Sep 10 = 121.5 (average from week)
Sep 17 = 121.0
Sep 24 = 122.5

2012 "Countdown to ONE YEAR Maintaining" challenge:
Doing this challenge with my Sparkfriends KATHYD62 and MUSTANGAMORE!!
Start July 9 - End July 26 (One year maintenance anniversary!)
July 9 - Weight ticker update, tracking, ST/recumbent, less snacking
(Update = accountability rocks. Fitness sessions, tracking food! Need to STOP the evening snacking!)
July 16 - Continue reintroducing consistent fitness habits, STOP snacking and get the scale to move! Am within +3% but not working it. Still allowing snacks... UGH! Pretzels are not an in-moderation option for me. Face it!
July 23 - Awesome strength session and a healthy food day. I dumped the rest of the bag of pretzels. Just cannot eat a single serving! COUNTDOWN!
July 24 - Lived through no evening snacking and here to post the proof! Maintenance ROCKS! Biking & healthy eating on tap today. Below 7/26/11 weight. Looking for 118 lbs. COUNTDOWN!
July 25 - On track to Stand Tall & Proud tomorrow!! Weight workout today, plenty of vegetables and lean protein. No evening eating last night, again. It's a choice. It's always a choice!!! COUNTDOWN!!
July 26 - ONE YEAR MAINTAINING!!! And, down one lb this am! Yes! Three nights in a row of no evening eating - hard work pays!! Here's to the second year!
July 27 - Th day is here. This is the day I stood at a very important family event and looked and felt my very best! I was SO PROUD! One year later, I am pressing on. Fixing things when I break them, aligning all the parts of this healthy lifestyle - it's for KEEPS! Thank you, my friends!!

2012 SPRINGIEST MAINTAINER 10-week Challenge
Starts January 30th - Finishes April 2nd!!
The person who deviates the smallest from entry weight will win the honored title of : "The Springiest Maintainer"
PERSONAL GOAL - Do not deviate past the 3% this time!!!
Signed up weight = 118
Week # Weight
1. 02/01/12 - 119.5
2. 02/08/12 - 124 (Ahhhh!)
3. 02/15/12 - 120.5
4. 02/22/12 - 118.5
5. 02/29/12 - 119
6. 03/07/12 - 121
7. 03/14/12 - 118
8. 03/21/12 - 118
9. 03/28/12 - 119.5
10. 04/04/12 - 118

2011 MERRIEST MAINTAINER 8-week Holiday Challenge
Starts 11/7/11 - Finishes 1/2/12 !!
The person who deviates the smallest from entry weight will win the honored title of : "The Merriest Maintainer"
Week# Weight
1. 11/07/11 - 117.5
2. 11/14/11 - 122.5 (officially OUT for a title win, over 3% gain. Can stay in...)
3. 11/21/11 - 117
4. 11/28/11 - 117.5
5. 12/05/11 - 119.5
6. 12/12/11 - 117 (back down, phew...)
7. 12/19/11 - 117.5
8. 12/26/11 - 119
9. 01/02/12 - 121.5

"Invest in ME and my Sparky Plan - Operation Stabilization"
September 6, 2011 - December 20, 2011
**** This is a challenge to help me navigate the waters of maintenance, stay in my 118-123 target range, adding to the healthy food repertoire and nailing an exercise routine for GOOD! ****
11/10/11 - Update - weigh-in this week at 117.5.
12/20/11 - I made it in style! Living the maintenance dream with vigilance and happiness!! All with a little help from my Sparkfriends!

2011 KICKOFF CHALLENGE: It was successfull!!!!!
"Six Month and 16 Days - Lose Weight and Get Fit Challenge"
January 10, 2011 - July 28, 2011

* STARTING WEIGHT 1/10/11= 161 lbs

** WEIGHT GOAL MET - 138 lbs - April 6, 2011 Clean Eating!
***AND THEN SOME! - 129 lbs - June 8, 2011 Clean Eating!
***AND THEN SOME MORE! - 125.5 - July 5, 2011 Yippity-do-DAH!
**** AT GOAL WEIGHT!!! 118 - July 26, 2011 Maintenance Begins...

Successful challenge! I went out to graduation looking and feeling my best, under 125lbs and ready for anything! I DID IT * I DID IT * YES!!

I have been overweight most of my life, except for several forays into fad diet land. Exercise was never part of the equation, nor was the notion of a truly healthy "lifestyle" until I joined Sparkpeople in 2008. I came to know and love the food tracker and really started to understand what makes up a good, balanced diet. I also joined in with regular exercise, though the food part seems to come a little easier for me when I am on a roll.

Then I hurt my knee and tests showed an unrelated but scary bone disease that had my orthopedist saying it's time for non-impact exercising only. Great, just when I was getting my groove on!

I got myself down from 173-171 to within 5 pounds of 133, my original goal that first year here, and let the diagnosis and other things totally derail me for far too long!!! With some retooling I am figuring out the magic Sparky formula to conquer the weight and fitness for GOOD!! I'm back to Sparky basics. Accountability is the order of the day - EVERY day! Open trackers that are getting populated with healthy choices and good, consistent exrcise. I am feeling SPARKY! WOO-HOO!! Who's with me? Here's to my Sparky accountability buddies and SparkPeople!

It's time to stay serious about my fitness and clean eating habits. Consistency, no matter what!

We're all in this together, we're all in this together.
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My Goals:
I want to learn how to navigate maintenance. I need to stay focused on my short-term goals (am I drinking my water? have I exercised today? have I entered in my food each meal?), while keeping the long-term behavior- changing goals in sight.
I also want to be able to help others stay motivated and excited by participating on the message boards and making new SparkFriends!

My Program:
- drink 10 glasses of water a day
-eat mostly clean, whole foods - TRY NEW THINGS!
- Eat to Live, Forks over Knives mentality wwhen it comes to my food intake!!!

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Member Comments:
4/15/2014 9:39:56 AM

How's your wrist?

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4/15/2014 9:31:14 AM

I am so excited that you like the Outlander books! I have never met anyone who knew what they were and friends here didn't even want to read them a little bit! Neat! I am sure I don't need to repeat my sad story of self indulgence- if you missed it-it's on Kathy's page. :)
I guess I was eating & drinking to fit as much fun as I could into the weekend with maybe a side of I'm really sad that this is only a couple days before my baby goes back to Virginia. It was a great visit-wait I missed the clogged toilet story on Kathy's page. Thursday night the toilet (we only have 1) was leaking at base so I turned off the water and we "made due" as much as possible until the plumber arrived on Friday am. It was a pretty chaotic day Friday. I snuck out for a walk before the kids got up- but we had 4 dogs/2 plumbers and a window sales rep in the house for a while- I put the dogs outside then the plumber had to find the clean out- so I put the dogs in a bedroom then the window guy had to go in to measure- repeat this scenario a few more times- no wonder I started drinking in the afternoon! emoticon

Seriously, I need to find peace with Mandy's relocation to VA- I am also stressing about Abbie's plans to study abroad in the Fall. I like my kids where I can see them! Any tips on how you handle the Navy separations?
I have also found that sometimes when I am sad about Mandy I miss my Mom more-
I was so excited to get to that goal of 160- that was my goal to get to by my birthday 6 years ago and I had never made it- so I really want to get back under that # by May7... & keep it there!! I am nervous about how I will cope though out May. Lots of emotions- my first plan is to keep up with the exercising! I am trying to plan some events/distractions for myself. I bought Zac Brown Band tix for end of May. I thought maybe a day on a fishing boat... I thought about a cheap cruise but I am pretty scared of that weight gain! Yep- I need to get a grip :)

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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4/14/2014 9:40:24 AM

Good Morning Melly! The picture of Bob was from when he was a senior in high school, and I was a was a yearbook shot. We got engaged when I was a freshman in college...which is like...whooaaa!! emoticon ...I was so the time I didn't get why my parents weren't too excited about the idea emoticon Well we didn't get married to just before my senior year, so I guess that was a bit better. Still I don't think any of our kids would be ready to get married at 20! I know what you mean about the yard, we did that last weekend, and Bob put the crabgrass killer down too. I washed screens and put them in while it was warm Saturday..just wish it would stay there! Rainy and in the 40's today. What are your Easter plans? Hosting dinner or going somewhere? I'm going to try and get organized today for the upcoming weekend and kids coming home. Ben and Sam will be home for the summer in about 4 1/2 weeks...need to adjust to a new pace again, but I am looking forward to having them home. Hope your work week is a good one! Kathy

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4/13/2014 8:48:46 PM

How was your weekend Melly?? Ours started with weather close to 70, and now it's raining, but still warmer. I'll take it! Busy week ahead getting ready to host about 25 here for Easter, and 5 out of 6 of the kids plus spouse/boyfriend/college buddies...time to get organized emoticon ...looking forward to hearing from you emoticon Kathy

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4/9/2014 7:42:05 PM

I know Melly...I got rid of the video blogs, just thought it was time for deleting them, and maybe making a new one??? You and Jan and I should do one. I think it would be great to see you two! emoticon I would have to re-learn how to do one though...not very tech savvy here! How's your wrist and the pain?? Hope the brace is helping. XXOO Kathy

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