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I DID IT!!! I'm a Triathlete now!! WOOO WWHHOOO!!!! At the finish line of my 1st Triathlon

Kerri sportin some KILLER abs!

Jillian has some rockin abs!

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Still puttering along :)

Wow... it's been awhile! Like more than 850 days! ;) I had gotten off the Spark Train for some time and even off the health & fitness train for a bit as well. Dealt with some health issues & was getting ready to celebrate a milestone birthday this year! It was in October 2014 after my surgery that I decide it was time to make changes & get fit again. So I, once again, registered for the NJ State Triathlon & started making changes.

In March of 2015 I ...
Wow... it's been awhile! Like more than 850 days! ;) I had gotten off the Spark Train for some time and even off the health & fitness train for a bit as well. Dealt with some health issues & was getting ready to celebrate a milestone birthday this year! It was in October 2014 after my surgery that I decide it was time to make changes & get fit again. So I, once again, registered for the NJ State Triathlon & started making changes.

In March of 2015 I celebrated that milestone birthday, the Big 4 OH! I had wanted to look at the pictures and NOT think, wow I look fat. I was happier with my shoes than how I looked in my dress but I was confident that change would keep coming.

In April my boyfriend & I went on a cruise & I could see more minor changes, I even wore a 2 piece bathing suit!

In June I celebrated 4 years as a non-smoker & it was at this time I had a follow up at my gym. I had officially lost 16 pounds of fat! I had replaced it with 10 pounds of muscle & I felt really confident about the upcoming event. Training was in full swing, I felt strong & was looking forward to race day.

In July I had my big day, I was SO excited to be there, to have Joe with me, cheering me on as I took off for my swim... & to hug me & tell me I did great after I got out of the water & was told the race was canceled due to storms overhead. I even went thru a short period of depression; so much time, effort and money into getting ready & having to stop in the middle.... no closure... it was rough for a bit. But I'm looking to do one in Sept :)

I have been accepted into Rutgers Off-Campus program at my local community college & start this fall; I decided almost 2 years ago to go back to college & was taking online classes at an out of state college. I enjoyed that & did VERY well (3.97 GPA) but wanted the face-to-face interaction of CLASS.

All that to say, Life is Good :) God has Blessed me with many great things in my life and He gives me the strength to keep pushing forward. I have my next follow up at the gym in the next 2 weeks & I am looking forward to seeing more progress.

I have lost inches and pounds, my spinal issues are causing less pain & come end of Sept. I will be 1 year cancer free! God is Good!!

I quit smoking July 21st 2011 & like most people who quit smoking, I gained weight... inches. Now it's time for them to go! So I decided that if I am SERIOUS about losing these pounds & inches... I need to be accountable. I am making all of you my 'nag squad' by posting my weekly weigh in's. Every Friday I will get on that dreaded scale & post here for all of you to see. Sigh... how embarrassing! Lol!

5/4/12 - 148 lbs.2 pounds down, 28 to go!
5/20/12 - 145 lns hit this 5/11 & holding steady!

I feel like if I keep uping the ante, things can only get better :)
So, I have been a member of SP for some time now & have found that when I stick w/ it, tracking my food & my fitness, I do much better b/c I get excited about my minutes & catious of my food intake. After recently discovering a spinal condition, I gained some weight while staying out of the gym (for fear of 'over doing it') 20 pounds found their way to my midsection & theighs and I am none too pleased. It's time to start over. It's time to get serious about losting this weight & KEEPING it off. I got down to 122lbs for my 1st Triathlon & I think that was a good weight, so here I am 2 years later with 20 pounds to lose.
I love to play sports, volleyball is my fav! But also enjoy biking, hiking, kayaking, walking & camping. In the winter I love to snowboard & I learned when I have pounds around the midsection, I dont' have the control over my board I want & need. These pounds need to find a new home & not anywhere near me!
It's not about being thin for me, it's about being healthy, being active & being strong. I want to be spiking into my 60's if not later!

Despite having 6 years experience I like to think of myself as being new to my 30's. For the most part, life has been really good to me. I have always been thin, some women might hate me for never TRUELY knowing the pain of being 'fat' or 'obese' or even 'over weight' but like so many others, I amnot satisfiedwith just being thin. Being thin does not mean fit. Being thin does not mean healthy. I want to be fit! I want to be healthy!

Most of my life I was 98 pounds soaking wet. Then, when I turned 25 I put on a few pounds & it was good b/c I no longer looked sickly (eewww!) Then I turned 30 & that's when gravity started to have fun w/ my body! I put on weight, even got as high as 145 & for this tiny frame, it was too much! So I made some changes.

I came across Spark People a few years ago & at the time, used the wealth of information just as guidelines, but now, here it is a few years later & I still do not have the body I thought I would have! If I had to guess it is because I changed my standards, err, raised my standards. Being thin is not enough, I want to be strong, I want to be flexible & I want Jillian Michaels body!

I have completed 2 Triathlons in the last 2 years & I have to tell you, the feeling of crossing that finish line is compareable to nothing! I try to inspire people in my life to give 'competing' a tri. (get it, triathlon, tri? oh it's funny!)

So now here I am, with new goals in mind from when I first started my journey & I know I need to make a change for the better. I want to FEEL healthy, look great & be that fit woman I know I can be!
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I want to lose the inner tube that grew around my tummy! It is not as big as it use to be so I know I can do it, it is just going to take some hard work.

I have a target weight of 115 but I am not sure this is a good goal, I think this weight might be too low. However, my goal is not to reach a certain weight but to reach a certain fitness level. When I reach 65 years old I still want to be living the lifestyle I live now. Kayaking, snowboarding, volleyball, cycling... just maybe not so much on the partying!

My Program:
I hate running, I have no desire to ever run a marathon (!) but I see the benefits of it so I am trying to get into it. For now, I cycle, kayak, snowboard & play volleyball.

I go to the gym 5 days a week, I picked a gym that is walking distance from my job so most days I walk to the gym on my lunch break. (Yeay 1 hour lunches!)

I play volleyball at least 1 night a week all year round in a variety of leagues. I also cycle when time & weather permits. I also like to kayak but due to a back injury I was not able to do so in 2010 :( Looking forward to it next year though!

I also have an eliptical trainer at home that I use when I just can not make it to the gym. I am somewhat addicted to working out so if I miss the gym I work out at home.

My weakness is food, so I'm thinking all those healthy cook books might have more use than keeping the cats OUT of the kitchen!

Personal Information:
I live in central NJ, I LOVE to cook & even more, love to eat. I quit smoking & put on a several pounds but this is the lesser of 2 evils! I know I can lose the inches that have been haunting me for so long!

Other Information:
I now live with my b'friend & despite being awesome, he is a picky eater (booo!!!)
so any suggestions on how to please a meat & potatoes guy w/ less fat & calories.... I'm all ears!

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7/26/2011 9:40:59 AM

Thanks for the friend add.

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7/25/2011 12:46:51 PM

Thanks for the friend add and the photo comments! Those blue birds were amazing. I think I took a 100 photos of them! My car? drive it year round and that means in snow. I can't tell you how much fun it is to drive. I love driving "topless"! =) If you have to go to work, going topless makes it all worth while!

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7/21/2011 5:51:42 PM

thanks for reading and commenting on my comment! In fact, that was me playing Farmville and letting my own garden go to weeds! I don't play those fb games anymore, but I sure can waste time on the computer! Much success to you on your getting healthy journey!

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7/21/2011 12:00:00 PM

Hey Jersey Girl! Thanks for the add. I returned the action. Stay in touch. Be well!

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7/20/2011 7:31:34 AM

woohoo!! keep up the good work. i had a friend use chantix to quit and she has bee smoke free for 3 years. it's hard and some days are worse than others, but you can do it because you are AWESOME!!

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