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MADE this card using Cricut cartridges~Just Because Cards ,Jasmine,Beyond Birthdays & Old West ~

This cake took 2 and one half hours to decorate! Client requested no writing on the cake.

Reversible snowmen/snowflake fleece blanket I made for myself!!

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WEIGHT was ALWAYS an ISSUE in my family!!!

When I was growing up ,WEIGHT was ALWAYS a MAIN ISSUE!!!! I am the middle child of four other siblings.[Note: There is a 17 year span in the ages from oldest sib to youngest sib.] My Mom and Dad even MET over discussing FOOD {another story...} and married during the Second World War.They were both slim when they married;Mom was learning to cook.After the war,and in the course of starting a family,they both gained some weight. Then, as more children entered the picture and Mom's cooking skills ...
When I was growing up ,WEIGHT was ALWAYS a MAIN ISSUE!!!! I am the middle child of four other siblings.[Note: There is a 17 year span in the ages from oldest sib to youngest sib.] My Mom and Dad even MET over discussing FOOD {another story...} and married during the Second World War.They were both slim when they married;Mom was learning to cook.After the war,and in the course of starting a family,they both gained some weight. Then, as more children entered the picture and Mom's cooking skills expanded into not only WONDERFULLY-PREPARED EVERY DAY MEALS,she started BAKING GOODIES every day for us kids so that you actually couldn't WAIT to get home to see what 3 different made-from-scratch cookies she had taken out fresh from the oven! My favorite cookies were Molasses,Chocolate chip, Peanut-Butter and Hoot-Owls{reserved only for Halloween!}. She joined TOPS-a weight loss support group--Take Off Pounds Sensibly--but even though she went to weigh-in for her weekly visits,she yo-yoed,losing a lb. here and there,gaining it back,staying the same [they called it "turtle'--ANOTHER reason for my little turtle icon!}. My Dad was a weekend "athlete " in the sense of exercising with all of us ---going boating & fishing,camping& swimming in the pool the KOA -Kampgrounds of America provided,,playing tennis--really just volleying the ball,not any games since 3 of us were taking turns playing & chasing balls. He was a meat & potatoes man so, each night we had some meat {not fish-we kids didn't like it,though my parents did}and veggies and we were shown dessert BEFORE the meal so ,we KNEW to get dessert,you HAD to eat the canned veggies. I tried growing some vegetables[at age 12] in a small patch of land in the backyd.[2'x3'] but I wanted pumpkins & watermelons in too small a space! We last 3 of the 5 were PICKY EATERS and would not try to eat green salads, so my Mom stuck with the canned veggies.Even though FOOD and WEIGHT were issues in our family ,WE TRULY ENJOYED DINNERTIME!!! Everyone was around the table,talking ,eating,enjoying the conversation and the FOOD!!!! When we would go to the grocery store,as soon as the groceries WERE BROUGHT IN,we kids went through them to find the cupcakes, Ding-Dongs,donuts or other baked goodie! A treat for us was to go to Mc Donald's 1x/ A MONTH!!! {Back in my childhood yrs.,eating OUT was a luxury!] And two of my favorite memories with my Dad was 1-going to Sears to shop w/ him on the top floor for something for Mom[didn't HAVE to be an occasion!] and get CANDY on the bottom floor when we were finished--our OWN bag ,even! 2-Each Sunday night each of us kids going with Dad to Savon's Drug Stores{now CVS] and each getting 1 candy bar including my Dad [Mom didn't want any} and then sitting down together for Sunday Night at the Movies !!!! We LOVED Thursday mornings because WED.NIGHTS were Dunkin' Donuts special dozen sale so, we knew there would be donuts to go with our gourmet-whatever -you-wanted -cooked -for breakfast Mom -would-make meals! {THAT'S WHY I LOVE breakfast and loved all the waffles,pancakes,scrambled eggs& bacon or sausage type breakfasts!!! Oddly enough,my two older sisters had more difficulties with weight than us last three. They grew up with eat-everything-on-your-plate mode. We three played sports ALOT and our metabolisms ran non-stop {JUST LIKE my toddler son NOW!!]!
As happy as these family times were with food, it was BECAUSE of WEIGHT ISSUES and lack of REGULAR EXERCISE ---my parents both being obese, that my father had a heart attack when I was 16 and later when I was 24,my mother passed away as well.My mother DID get to see me become a teacher ,but was too EMBARRASSED because of her weight to go to my college graduation! Both of them never lived to see my son--their FIRST grandson-born. My dad did not live to see ANY of his grandchildren.They both missed my wedding and meeting my husband. I lost out on getting to hear their wisdom of raising kids.So, I am HERE to NOT pass on the family legacy of weight and lack of exercise issues to my family! I am here to show my siblings --you CAN lose weight through the HARD WORK OF EXERCISE AND WATCHING/COUNTING CALORIES---no easy way out--no pills, special diets,JUST HARD WORK!!!!Perseverance PAYS off!!!!! I am here to TEACH my son how to stay healthy through regular exercise and healthy eating! I am changing the way I cook and prepare and choose foods for my family's health! I am here to help my husband lower his cholestrol! And I am here ,by the GRACE of GOD, to be a positive influence to others---IT CAN BE DONE!!!! If I did it,YOU CAN DO IT,TOO!!!!!Note: To help Sparkers,I'll give my Sparks background- I joined SP in late Jan.2010 and achieved my wt. loss the first week of June 2010--during those months,I tracked FOOD & NUTRITION EVERY DAY WITHOUT FAIL,[though I COULDN'T stay MUCH in my caloric range except in Feb./March when I was working out on my Soloflex machine 2-3x and BURNING MORE THAN I WAS EATING,NOT EATING LESS!]Strength Training--lifting weights- MWF- --was the KEY for me,although I did Cardio--morning mile runs -3x a wk.--T/TH/S on alternate days.One day at the gym-Thurs.=yoga-60 min/Gravity machine -30 min./Treadmill-30-40 min. 1x/wk. Though 20 lbs. may not be alot to SOME people on this site,it is to ME who has been fighting with it for the last 12 years and I've won!!!!!!~~~~
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My Goals:
I would like to live long enough to see my child grow up and NOW I AM HEALTHIER!!!!
I eat HEALTHIER and am setting A BETTER EATING PATTERN for my preschooler!
I am HAPPIER,MORE ENERGETIC and want to help OTHERS with positive feed back!!!

I am HELPING my HUSBAND to lower HIS cholestrol by BOTH of us eating OATMEAL every day . {He saw MY cholestrol lowered by 77 pts. through oatmeal eaten daily & exercise!}.

I HAVE achieved a healthy weight to show my siblings it CAN BE DONE HEALTHFULLY!!!
I HAVE DONE IT!!!! ~2010

My Program:
Let's see--I used to track my food/fitness every day. Now I keep to measured portions of food. I go to the gym 1x/wk & do the gravity machine with my trainer for 1/2 hour .I walk/jog/run on the treadmill depending on energy for that day~at least 5-10 min.! I do Soloflex 1-2x/wk when I can get it in between Homeschooling & MOMS' Club . I play ACTIVELY with my preschooler each day.I am burning 1875 so I readjusted my caloric intake.I have added jogging 1x/wk.[when I can]. My family & I try to do exercise with a family outing at least 1x/wk.

Personal Information:
I needed more room for this quote that is helping me now~~
"Obstacles are what you SEE when your EYES are not on the GOAL."-- Unknown

Other Information:
I like to scrapbook[HAVE DONE 550+ PAGES!], do quilling,crochet baby afghans,decorate cakes-both fondant & buttercream. I like to create REAL egg ornaments. Check out my PHOTO GALLERY to see a small sample of my work and tell me what you think!~~ I have a small, home-based business ~BetsyK.Scrapbooking,Crafts and Creations,but are no longer on the Internet as of this date .We are doing business on a personal basis as it is much easier for our family at this time!

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Happy Thanksgiving


Member Comments:
5/23/2013 11:31:09 PM

Hi, I just saw a post you entered and because of your SP name (I want no waist too!) I decided to look at your Spark page. Your family eating patterns were very similar to mine while growing up. My mother was a stay at home mom who cooked every meal and eating out was rare. However, the biscuits and gravy, fried potatoes, chocolate cake, ice cream, cookies and candy were regular fare growing up. This was the norm. Everyone, it seemed, ate that stuff, but some of us just ate too much. I don't know why I was the 'lucky' (sarcasm) one . . . who just didn't seem to get enough of the so-called good stuff. I ate to my heart's delight--I enjoyed food more than I wanted to be thin and besides (I told myself in error) it is in my genes!

Even with education and knowledge of better nutrition and exercise it is very difficult to undo years of bad food indoctrination. I don't blame my parents, most of them in that era, just weren't educated about good food and calories in, calories out. Not to mention this was the era of Hostess ads on TV that told parents and children that good healthy food WAS a ding dong or a Twinkie. Even today, pot lucks and fast food offerings are not any better and TV and computers keeps many children and adults sitting on their duffs and not up burning calories.

Good to 'meet' you and continued good luck on your efforts.

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5/21/2013 9:03:37 PM

Thank you for reading the article! I also eat pineapple and find it to be very healing, especially for sore throats and sore mouths. Many of us who have chronic pain have to take medications that irritate the mouth and throat either because they make them dry or just plain inflammation. Thanks for your helpful comments. I'm sure it will come in handy for those who read the article!

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5/6/2013 6:35:56 AM

Hi everyone! Happy Spring! I have tendonitis right now in my elbow and I have been limited in exercise for awhile~NO MORE SOFTBALL OR LIFTING WEIGHTS! :(

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4/21/2013 12:06:05 AM

What info would you like to share? Ideas are always good! Our last day of Co-op is on Monday with our final presentation night on Friday. Registration for September is mid-June for current members. The leaders got the class schedule put together at our meeting Tuesday night. Fun year ahead!

Great scores for your kiddo!! We should be getting Maeganns scores anytime from the homeschool testing. Need to figure another way to test Isaac as the current type won't work with him.

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3/27/2013 11:37:19 AM

I'm so glad to hear about your adventures with your Cricut! I FINALLY got myself the Expression2, and loved it so much I bought a Silhouette Cameo with the designer edition software. It is so much fun!! I'm still figuring everything out, but it's really neat! Can't wait to see some of your projects!!


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