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Freezeroo #5: Valentine's Run in Memory of Tom Brannon (8 mile race)

I'm not in this picture, but it's a good shot of race conditions on 2/14/2015.

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At Goal, and Trying to Maintain

I'm a 59 year old divorced male, and became an empty nester when my daughter moved out in March 2011. I've done some things with fitness over the past few years, but my start with SparkPeople in July 2011 marks my first serious attempt to quantify what I eat in detail. The act of recording affects my food choices, and that is a Good Thing.

February 11, 2015: 2015 is the year of the half marathons for me. Signed up for the Four Seasons Challenge, a series of 4 halfs, and later ...
I'm a 59 year old divorced male, and became an empty nester when my daughter moved out in March 2011. I've done some things with fitness over the past few years, but my start with SparkPeople in July 2011 marks my first serious attempt to quantify what I eat in detail. The act of recording affects my food choices, and that is a Good Thing.

February 11, 2015: 2015 is the year of the half marathons for me. Signed up for the Four Seasons Challenge, a series of 4 halfs, and later added a fifth half, the Good Life Halfsy, on November 1. Now I just need to stay healthy.

October 18, 2014: Ran the Rochester Half, had to back off the last 4 miles for the foot. Was able to run the Finish Strong 15K as a race today. I'm back!

September 20, 2014: Sat out more than two months with a stress fracture that canceled plans to run the Rochester Marathon. Recovered well enough that I can run the half tomorrow, though I won't be running for speed. I've signed up for a 15K in October and a 10K on Thanksgiving Day. I expect to be able to run those as races.

April 30, 2014: I completed my first half marathon on April 27, and recovery has gone well. I'm now pointing at running the Rochester Marathon in September.

November 29, 2013: The mid-October 5K and Thanksgiving 10K were successful and a lot of fun. I ran new PRs for 5K and 10K in those races. I think I'm back to running regularly now.

September 17, 2013: Today the PT told me to work up to 5 minute running intervals, and that the next step from the 2 minutes I'd been at should be 3 minutes. A 5K in mid-October is looking possible, and a 10K on Thanksgiving Day is looking likely.

July 6, 2013: A couple weeks ago I injured the other foot. Now I'm in physical therapy, trying to get back the ability to run and learn what to do to avoid foot issues in the future. Meanwhile, it's bike rides when the weather permits until the feet are good enough to support brisk walking again.

May 1, 2013: The foot injury is still, ever so slowly, getting better. I've recently been through a secondary leg injury, running a 5K on April 28 because the leg wouldn't let me run a half marathon. Current focus is on getting the leg and foot healthy enough for regular running.

November 23, 2012: Mostly ran a 10K yesterday. I think I can beat this foot injury. Added another set of point in time pictures today. There's little change from the last set, but what change there is looks good.

July 31, 2012: Added another set of point in time pictures. It's good to see that my body is maintaining shape, even while I'm waiting to be able to run again.

July 3, 2012: The foot injury is back. No running, and limited walking. At least it's warm now; I can ride a bike without bothering the foot. Struggling with motivation for the fitness side, doing OK on the eating side.

April 29, 2012: After a long recovery from a foot injury, backed off from the HM and ran the associated 5K. There could be a half in my future, but no definite dates at this point.

December 21, 2011: Got medical clearance to train for a half marathon and/or marathon. Signed up for the Flower City Challenge HM on April 29, 2012.

November 24, 2011: Ran my first competitive 10K. I'm hooked.

October 15, 2011: Came to the end of the 5K Your Way running program. I will no longer be running for a prescribed time interval; now I will run for a distance that looks like it will fit in the time that I have.

October 7, 2011: This morning I weighed in a pound below my initial goal weight. Now I begin the process of figuring out what the real goal ought to be. I'm less concerned with celebrating taking 22 pounds off in 12 and a half weeks, than with figuring out how maintenance works.
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I reached my initial goal weight in October 2011, then took off another 10 pounds learning how to not lose weight. The weight went down very slowly for four more months, before smoothing into a true sideways trend.

The long term goal is simply to maintain my weight and fitness level. That will turn into a weight loss or weight gain goal if the weight goes uncomfortably far in one direction or the other.

My Program:
Record everything I eat. Use the SP nutrition tracker as a budget for calories, carbs, fat, and protein. Choose a calorie range 350 calories wide. Set macronutrient ranges carbs 45-65% of calories; fat 20-35% of calories; protein 18-35% of calories, subject to minimum 120 grams. Make adjustments if my weight seems to be moving too much in either direction.

Get some exercise, every day. It turns out I love running; but get some sort of exercise every day even when injuries prevent regular runs.

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From Nebraska, living in Rochester, NY.

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"Discipline is remembering what you want." - David Campbell

"You can't out-train a crappy diet." - weight lifting adage

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Member Comments:
2/26/2015 2:30:38 AM

Just stopping by to visit your page and tell you how much I enjoy reading about your races. You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you

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2/20/2015 7:59:35 PM

It is so incredibly hard to find that point where you're pushing yourself a little, but not too much! Especially since I had a good helping of the high I got from really going all out. It's good to know that I'm not the only one who has a hard time finding where that line is. At this point, I'm trying to air on the side of less intense since my body is recovering from pushing too hard before. Maybe one day I'll be able to do some of those bootcamp workouts without taxing my body too much. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've added you as a friend, as well =).

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2/12/2015 7:38:26 PM

BUT I did not sit on the IR bench during 2014... and you did for quite a few weeks.

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1/25/2015 7:41:54 PM

Thank you for reading my blog about week 3! You raise some very interesting and valid questions! So here it goes! Yes, the training is very unaggressive. It is a 16 weeks! Right away one of my friends who had done it before said it is too long. There are a few taper weeks built in. Yesterday we did fives miles and next week we do only four. The only prerequisite for the half training was the ability to walk three miles. They want to make it friendly for all levels, including beginning runners and people who walk, so I think that is why they take so long to do it. The actual marathon/half is on April 25th - it is the Country Music Marathon in Nashville and it is part of the Rock 'N Roll series. So for week three, only 13 miles required. Next week is only 12 miles but it goes up to 16 the week after that. We taper significantly the last two weeks - no surprises there.

For me, the extra four miles...well, I am trying to trust the training but I had been running between six and nine miles (actually nine miles only once, but between six and eight usually) for a while, so five seems kind of easy to me for a long run. I don't want to be too aggressive but it almost feels like I am backsliding by not getting some longer runs in. I can't remember for sure (I could go back and look) but I think it has been two weeks since I got a seven mile run in. In November and December I was getting at least that much mileage in my longer runs each week. Also, I think that I run slow for most of my runs, even my races! My pace seems to be my pace and I am working on that because I have realized lately that I don't push myself to go any faster and I just get out and set that pace and go with it, whether it is a race or just a casual run with friends. So for longer runs, I am trying to stick with the pace prescribed by the training (which seems too slow) but now I am trying to pick it up a little or go my usual pace for my shorter runs - so I am now trying to do a short tempo run once a week. The training recommends four days of running and that is a good number for me, though sometimes depending on my schedule, I might want to do five days of running. However, if I do add an extra day, it will definitely be a shorter run!

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1/22/2015 12:49:12 PM

emoticon Yes understanding that a huge factor is problem solving has really helped me through all kinds of things and to know that no matter what happens there's always something I can do about it.

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