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To a new year, dedicated to healthy choice. I vow not to make choices that are extreme, you can do it for a little while, then occasions and Holidays come along and botch it all up for you. I will continue to follow clean eating path, which I have chosen for staying healthy, and keeping the diabetes at bay. This year I am eating less meat, gradually want to not eat meat, except for occasionally. And not sure I want to give up fish, especially the good kind, like Salmon. Don't have to have ...
To a new year, dedicated to healthy choice. I vow not to make choices that are extreme, you can do it for a little while, then occasions and Holidays come along and botch it all up for you. I will continue to follow clean eating path, which I have chosen for staying healthy, and keeping the diabetes at bay. This year I am eating less meat, gradually want to not eat meat, except for occasionally. And not sure I want to give up fish, especially the good kind, like Salmon. Don't have to have it everyday, but maybe once or twice a week. It's not a resolution, it's more of what I need. My appetite is not like it used to be. I am finding I can eat small portions, and be satisfied, not like in the past where I overate to often, because it was soooo good! They say when you get older, your taste buds kind of dwindle. I always thought it was because of all this manufactured cardboard food, now realize it is me as well. Oh well, if it works to keep me eating small and right I'm good with that. So lets see what 2016 brings. Being in the 2000's is unbelievable enough when you were so used to the 1900's!!
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5/29/2015 1:27:39 PM

We had to put our 16 year old cat, Super Tiny, to sleep, two weeks ago and then we had to put our 16 year old dog, Spot, to sleep, this week. Cried buckets of tears but also, it made me want to spend more time with Sammy. So I walked with him in our big pasture and then gave him the signal and he sat down and I sat down and I scratched his neck and body for a very long time. He's been molting so I helped get rid of the loose feathers and scratched the itches that molting causes.

Each of my pets' passings make me know that I want to spend more time with the pets that are still here. I've been lucky to have so many wonderful pets and never forget how lucky I am to be owned by an emu.


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5/24/2015 1:24:07 AM

Even if Forever is picked up by TNT that is one network that is hard to watch online, unless you pay. Not into that right now. Keeping it free!! All my fave shows had finales this week... emoticon
I love the dancing shows and one of those is coming on soon and America's Got Talent is on this week! Thank goodness for summer shows!! Or it would be plain boring!! One of these days we will get Netflix or hulu or amazon prime though. Now we are working on pairing down cell phones from 2 to 1..get tired of being hacked. My husband's was...never get a Windows phone (ours in Nokia) piece of junk! Then we will get a landline or a cable phone for only $10 more a month on our internet server bill. A savings of $40 a month just for getting rid of one cell phone.
GH= Brenda was the one that was with Sonny at first, then came Carly...this is the third actress to play her. I have always loved Luke and Laura..but like him with Tracy better now. The Q's have been another fave of mine, but sure have dwindled down over the years.
Yeah, you were right about Dr. Silas taking baby AJ to NY to give Ava the bone marrow. Did you see Friday's show and how she showed up at the end with a new look? She's back!! Not sure this Jullian J. is going to be allowed to leave the mob alive!! At least Sonny always said it is hard to leave...he never would. Anna D. is leaving for a few months...cannot believe she shot Carlos in cold blood! They say she and Sloan will have a relationship when she gets back in three months. Too bad she won't be there when Luke comes back...they had a fling a few years back...did you see that then.
My immune system is pretty good for the most part, but here lately...UGH!! No I can't catch a break! Speaking of breaks...going to take on this week, leading up to our vacation. Will be back around June 13...but will update my status once in awhile. Will post pics of our vacation trips too. Blog when I get back. Have a great week!! I always enjoy our TV talk!!! Take care. emoticon

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5/18/2015 3:35:06 PM

I just watched the finale of OUAT!! emoticon emoticon emoticon Now that Merlin is going to come into it, sounds fantastic to me. Always loved the Merlin stories. The latest TV series one was on BBC and if you ever get to watch it and like that kind of story, look it up. It was on for 3-4 years. I am so mad I just heard one of my faves on ABC was cancelled --Forever! Grrrrrrrr emoticon
Yet, they keep all those not funny sitcoms! What is wrong with those people!
I sure hope Rumpel will come back and it will be weird if he is a good guy! That was funny him being the Orge slayer! I thought as I was watching part one, this better not be the way next season is going to be...didn't like the role reversals! Part 2 was fantastic!! Now Emma being the dark one... emoticon This should be interesting!!
Yeah, remember I said the guy who was in the helicopter was from the resistance who had helped Sean before? At first I didn't recognize him either, but they did the flashbacks of him helping Adeline. You must have left the room or something-dozed off?
I had another setback - had a side effect from these new antibiotics...oral thrush..white spots in my mouth! UGH! Can't win from losing! Now going to be one another medicine to help with that! Geeze! I hope I am not insane by the time this two weeks is up from being on these!! emoticon
I have been hooked on GH for years and years! Yes, the Q's really have changed! I love the show...needless to say. At least it never goes on hiatus! By the way, Anthony Geary is set to retire from it in a couple months. They are bringing Genie Francis back as Laura soon. Can't wait for that! I will miss Luke!!! emoticon
Have a good night! We will keep the Florida trip on the back burner, just let me know. emoticon

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5/17/2015 1:56:53 AM

Bud is the wesen whose house Adaline was staying at. He is so funny! You know I thought of that about the arrow...but, Nick was so distraught! Of course, next thing Trubel will say in the season premier is Oh, by the way Nick, it is laced with a new batch to make her turn back to normal! How would they have Kelly's head in the box if she is alive?
We live about a few houses away from Winter Garden and about 1 1/2 hours from Clearwater. I have been wanting to get a big spark get together in the future, like a year or two down the road...maybe go to Disney or something. Maybe we could meet then. That would be really cool to meet up. I would like to be at my goal weight or close to it anyway...be like a reward for all of us to have some fun. We could all have our SP t-shirts on and have a blast! Maybe even stay there the night.
Thanks for asking! Just let me know if and when you are coming and we will see. We hope to come out west in about 4 years, when he retires. Cannot wait for that!! Got a lot of SPf's I would like to meet up with there too!
American Idol and the dancing shows are faves of mine...never got into the Voice. I heard this next season is Idol's last one.
I keep forgetting you watch GH! I cannot wait for Monday! Yeah, I agree about the camera man and the table breaking. So funny how Franco kept trying to put it back together. They say he improvises a lot and they let some of the better actors do that. Sam even messed up her line. The PTB said they didn't mind if they messed up...people like that!
I hate that all the finales have been happening this week! Going to be going into withdrawal! emoticon But, at least I have GH!! emoticon
Thanks for the get well wishes...I am ready to be well!!! Hope you get those cats and dogs rain you want! emoticon

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5/16/2015 4:41:11 PM

What a finale on Grimm!! Loved it! Do you think Juliette is dead? My husband was saying he thought they had to have their head cut off...like Nick's mother or those other beasts that Trubel killed. They left us hanging thinking she did, but I bet she isn't! I just love Wu, Monroe and Bud...they make the show!! Now I guess the resistance has Diana and will they return her...they were working for Sean before. That little girl is going to be another powerful wesen! I hope they keep Trubel on the show now...I have gotten to like her. Now, wonder what will happen next? Why do we have to wait for months! emoticon
I like some reality shows...love Survivor! And some of the ones on PopTV, epecially when celebrities are involved. Hate the Kardasians! Why they got so popular is beyond me! The only sitcom I like these days, and of course they are taking it off too next month, is Hot in Cleveland! I am glad we gave up cable tv! Not that bad watching online free TV. I have found websites where people put up their fave shows and can watch next day or on Youtube. Next up will be getting Netflix or Hulu, but not yet. When we run out of fave shows, they we will do that. Have you ever watched Blacklist? Look it up and see what you think. A new show coming this fall looks good called Blind Spot.
Have a nice weekend. I am on another round of antibiotics for this bacterial infection that is not wanting to go away easily! emoticon Really hard for me to just stay in and not be outside taking walks and all! Are you getting rain where you are at too? Good to see CA getting the rain! emoticon

Comment edited on: 5/16/2015 4:45:26 PM

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