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March 2012 30 pounds down

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I am Strong. So mote it be.

I'm done being overweight!
Miss Z is a 30 something single female artist and pagan living in Montana. She has yet to actually lose any weight or get fit using Spark.
UPDATE: Many months later I have lost many 80 pounds with Spark People and then went rouge gained it all back while working two jobs and then finally one new much more stressful and all together more wonderful and satisfying job. I was at 258 pounds at my lowest when I first tried a healthy lifestyle. I am hoping to ...
I'm done being overweight!
Miss Z is a 30 something single female artist and pagan living in Montana. She has yet to actually lose any weight or get fit using Spark.
UPDATE: Many months later I have lost many 80 pounds with Spark People and then went rouge gained it all back while working two jobs and then finally one new much more stressful and all together more wonderful and satisfying job. I was at 258 pounds at my lowest when I first tried a healthy lifestyle. I am hoping to see that number on a scale again some day and then go past it. Today I am starting at 368 pounds which is not a pretty number. However I am strong and my experience has taught me that I can do this. I am back sparking again and hope to gain back the ground I lost and go all the way this time!!)
Update: November 2012 I have lost 42 pounds again and am down to 326.
I have 68 more pounds to lose to get back to where I was 258 pounds at my lowest. I got some hard news from the doctor as to why I am Morbidly Obese in the first place. I have seven conditions working against me: Chronic Insomnia, Chronic Migraines, Sleep Apnea, Hypothyroid, PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome, and Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (MCTD) an autoimmune disorder that attacks my body and causes inflammation and chronic pain, also I have Psoriasis related Arthritis. The last one has been particularly difficult over the last two years. It causes chronic pain and fatigue. Finally having a diagnosis for why I am so exhausted gives me great comfort and while that means I am unable to exercise as much I can still do light exercise when I donít have flare ups. I can also live a healthy lifestyle geared toward eating anti inflammatory foods that are good for my health and my disorder.
I have been fighting the insomnia for the last five years with great vigor and now I am fighting the inflammation and insomnia hand in hand. I take massive amounts of pills every day for vitamins and for pain. I also now drink protein and potassium and I am feeling much better. My quest to be healthy and well has revolved around being thin but in truth being thin was the LEAST of my issues. It was just a SYMPTOM. I have great blood pressure and blood sugar and am in general on the surface very healthy but I found myself exhausted and overweight and in a great deal of pain and unable to explain why. Most doctors said my headaches/migraines were a symptom of being a woman. Yes really. In fact it is kind of true. I have PCOS and too much estrogen. Being overweight makes that worse. I couldnít sleep and sleep apneas made what little sleep I did get of the worst quality. On top of that my poor sleep affected my thyroid and made it under produce and keep me even more exhausted.
I lost 80 pounds and I gained it all back because I was sick and exhausted and I didnít know why. It has cost me thousands of dollars to find out what is wrong with me. I feel confident now that this time I can succeed because not only do I know how to lose weight and eat healthy but I know how to take care of myself medically. I know how to go to the doctor now. I finally found a doctor that will listen to my symptoms and will help me find the source of my ailment and treat it. That took 3 doctors and 4 nurse practitioners. More importantly I learned not to give up. I learned to fight for my health.
When my doctor didnít listen and didnít help I didnít just go to another doctor. I should have. And I didnít listen to myself. I had pain. I ignored it. I had upset stomach. I had acid reflux. I had nausea. I had brittle nails, I had abdominal pain. I had symptoms up the wazoo. I just focused on the main ones. Now I know to look at my nails and check for lines. I know how to care for myself and I know to keep learning.
Loving yourself seems like something that is easy to do but do you really know how to CARE for yourself? Do you know how to feed and care for yourself? I have to schedule buying myself new underwear. Now I do it every year on my birthday; 3 new bras, all new undies, new socks. Otherwise guess what? I donít get new underwear. I just donít. I donít think about it. Guess what? We are fat. If our cat or dog or horse was obese and had brittle hair and a skin condition we damn sure would have researched it and had taken them to the vet by now. We would have special lotions, soaps, and a diet just for them but we donít CARE for ourselves enough and we really look down on the jerks who do because they are so self-centered and talk about it WAY too much. I donít know if I was so neglectful because I didnít think about how to care for myself or if it was because I was working poor (which I still am) or if it was because I just didnít know any better but it has taken me years to learn to care for/about myself and I still mess up and find myself having a protein and vitamin D deficiency just last month. And it is expensive! My vitamins cost 45.00$ every three months and I buy them on the cheap! Protein shakes are 25.00$ a container and they last about two months. I canít really complain. It is less than a night out to dinner and a movie. I could go on and on. Take care of yourself.

IF you want to read the very long story of my obese life and why I was so overweight early on you can read it here:
You can check out my artwork at: www.crimsonvermillion.deviantart.com

My Latin motto is "Valeo!" or in English, I AM STRONG!
I am fat. I have been a large girl since forever. Almost every woman in my immediate family is overweight/obese.
This is from my first post on Spark people:::
I have never "dieted." I try to eat right. I never eat fast food. (I never had a taste for it as we were poor in my youth and it is bloody expensive.) I recently quit soda and candy again. I quit candy five years ago also because of the cost, the no nutritional value, and also because I was concerned about diabetes. I fell off the wagon and started eating candy again and I am trying to work out an "in moderation" solution. I have also completely sworn off alcohol for the usual reasons. I find there is too much wrong with it and very little right. There are just too many calories in alcohol for it to be included in my healthy lifestyle.
Since I am allergic to something in wheat bread/dough/pasta therefore I don't eat many complex carbs. (But I am learning to like Brown rice.)
I do love potatoes. I'm trying to figure out if I can have them baked with no butter or sour cream or if I have to cut them out all together. (Update, no more instant mashed potatoes, but I have had a couple whole fresh potatoes in stews and one or two baked. I am however avoiding them as a rule.)
I also have a vice for cookies and cake. Pity my sweet tooth! I am also weak to salty treats. I guess I have to say goodbye to chips as well. (Update: Oddly this wasn't really that difficult to say goodbye to. Yay for sunflower seeds and sugar free gum! 5 is my favorite!)
I am 188 (185 now) pounds over my desired weight and plan on losing about 6-8 pounds a month until I get to my goal weight of 180 pounds. (Not my healthy/perfect weight. Just where I want to be.) Essentially I don't mind being plus-sized so as long as I am generally healthy.
(I'm rethinking that statement. It is likely that once I grow accustomed to this lifestyle I won't stop until 140-160 pounds. Really the gym is kind of fun and the food changes actually have me eating more than I used to, not less. I would like to be 180 pounds but I will likely keep going.)
My goal for this year is to lose 6 pounds x 12 months= 72 pounds! That would take me from 368 to 296, then next year another 72 pounds to get to 224, and then the year after that another 8 months to get to my goal weight 180.
All I really want is to be strong and healthy. I want my lean muscles to balance any layer of fat, I want low cholesterol levels, good blood sugar levels, average blood pressure, and I do not want to be winded when I have to take three flights of stairs. Mostly however I want to be STRONG.
Basically if can fit into a size 16 pair of jeans I will be perfectly happy. I have 7 sizes to trim down. (I have dropped from a 30 to a 22 in jeans. Make that makes 3 left to lose now.)
I am walking/swimming and trying to find some sort of regular exercise I like that I can do at home. I really want nice toned arms and flat tummy. So to do that I must lose the fat and then work on building muscle back.
(I liked going to the gym now and I used to go five days a week. I am planning to start again in earnest in a week.)
Essentially my main goal for the next year is to take care of myself. I need to eat slightly better and much more often. I need to be consistent and focused and keep at it. It is easy to change things for a week, even a month, but if I can go a whole year changing the following three things I think I can make it.
Personal Goals:
1.) Sleep 8 hours a day
2.) Drink 16 glasses of water.
3.) Eat 6-8 tiny meals a day. One every 2.5 hours.

Other things that would be nice:
Keep taking my vitamins.
Eat more vegetables and less fatty meats/butter.
Exercise 15 minutes a day. (Edit 30 min a day 5 days a week.)
Fix my thyroid. I think it is under producing because of lack of iodine. (Yep got on Levelthyroxin to max dose!)

Steps and REWARDS:
368 = Start A New Analog Scale! (Got it!)
360 = New Swimsuit & pool pass. (Got the suit couldnít find a pool.)
350 = (Pedometer Got it in the Nano!)
340 = (Ipod Nano and good head phones got it!)
330 = Walking sticks
320 = Gym membership!
310 = New Crock Pot and Spark cook book!
300 = Camel pack
290 = A new dress! Rachel Pally White Label Long Caftan Dress
280 =
270 =
260 = Join a class. Akido, Judo, or Kick boxing.
250 = New bike. Simple but comfortable and easy.
240 = Join the SCA and apprentice/squire. Halfway there! Buy a Wii and get Wii Fit!
230 = Try to get a second job at a gym. Must buy Karriokie game for PS2!
220 = Get a guitar. Take lessons.
210 = Buy real armor and a very nice sword.
200 = Clothes, lots of frigging clothes.
190 = YAY! I am getting a 300$ tattoo of my own design. Something spiritual and that celebrates my growth and lessons learned!
180 = I am getting a REBEL SRL camera to take pictures of my new self, and you know other things.


Weight loss schedule with work outs 3-5 days a week and eat 1600 calories a day. This may be overly optimistic but you will notice as time goes on the weight loss slows significantly. I may have to change my plan as I go.

You cannot lose more than 8 pounds a month and expect the weight to stay off. The human body will only consume about 2 pounds of its own fat stores a week. If you lose more than that you may be consuming muscle. THAT IS COUNTER PRODUCTIVE! Fat takes 2 calories a day per pound to maintain, muscle takes 6 calories a day per pound to maintain just sitting there. (So 100 pounds of muscle =600 calories a day, and 100 pounds of fat =200 calories a day. You want the fat number down and the muscle number UP.) If you destroy your muscle you will not lose weight as easily as you wish to and you will be weak.

I weigh myself just after I wake up on Sundays because Saturday is my day of rest, and when you are working out you retain a lot of water. I need Saturday to release the water and Sunday when I wake up I am usually a weighing a little less than the rest of the week.
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My Goals:
I will take care of myself.

I am done being the fat lady.

My goals are to take care of myself. I want to be healthy, strong, well rested and full of energy.

I want to fix my metabolism and learn to work out.

I love myself better than anyone else. I will care for myself the way I would for any lover, child, or dear friend. I need to take care of myself, before I can care for anyone else.

My Program:
Sleeping 8 hours a day

Eating 6 small healthy meals a day.

Taking vitamins every day. (Multi, C, & E, D, Calcium, Zinc, and Fish Oil.)

Hydrate (Drinking up to 16 glasses of water a day.)

Working out 5 days a week burning 700 calories each time. (About an hour to two hours of cardio each day.)

I make crock pot meals each week and eat on them all week to make eating 6 times a day easier.

It's not what you eat, it is how you eat it. 1200-1400 calories a day spread out over six meals every 2 1/2 hours and you will fix your metabolism and you WILL lose weight.

Eat within an hour of waking up.

SLEEP it is the most important thing you can do. If you aren't sleeping 8 hours a night then you are wasting your time. YOU NEED TO SLEEP

No Fast Food
No Corn Syrup
No Candy
No Pop/Soda

Personal Information:
Height: 5'6"
SW: 333 lbs
CW: 270 lbs
GW: 180 ish (this year)
GW: 145 (final)

Total weight loss so far: 63 lbs

90 pounds to go! (this year!)

Waist START: 50 inches
Waist NOW: 44 inches
Waist GOAL: 35 inches (this year)
Waist GOAL: Final 24 inches

9 inches to go this year!

Pants Size
Start: 30 Reg
Current: 22 Reg
Goal: 16 Reg (this year)
End Goal: OMG I have no idea what size I will be at 145 pounds!

MissZ1 is from Missoula Montana, USA.

She is 30ish years old.

She started her life change with Spark at 333lbs. (She lost 47 pounds before that.)

She is now at 280 lbs.

She has a long way to go!

Other Information:
I'm an artist. You can check out my art at www.crimsonvermillion.deviantart.com

My mantra:
Each day I become more accepting of my STRENGTH.

I am strong. I am a great warrior. I take excellent care of myself. I can do anything. I chase my dreams and realize them. I make my own reality. I accept my wisdom, beauty, intelligence, and strength.

I am powerful. Pain is an obstacle to be overcome. I choose to be strong. I only accept victory. No one can stop me. I love myself. All things are possible. I focus on my goals and make them happen. I am the crafter of my destiny. All that I desire shall be. I trust my intuition. I have the will to make it happen now. I am stronger every day. I shall triumph. I am strong.

I am a normal person who thought I was DOOMED to always be fat.
I found out that with true dedication and thoughtful research I

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Merry Christmas!! emoticon

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Thanks for the super sweet comment on my blog and spark goodie!!!!!!! We can do this, banish the stupid 300's forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dropping by to wish you a spooktacular Halloween, I hope that your Fall is starting out wonderful for you. Just remember you rock and are worth it!!!! Hugs my spark friend!!!!
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