MELSMIMI   17,035
15,000-19,999 SparkPoints
2009 Feb Lisa 52 Elane 58 Candy 60 Me size 2X sweatsuit 2x blouse

2009 232 June 11 size 20

2008 239 Dec Christmas Mimi and Mel

I have 36 pics in my gallery


Small STEPS lead to big CHANGES - words to live by :)

04/25/16 Non scale victory. I tried on my size 20 shorts and they are LOOSE!!! Down from a tight 26 in January.

04/25/16 239.2. 60.8. GFG!!!

04/22/16. 240.8. 59.2. WOWZA!!

04/19/16 242.6. 57.4. Hey hey!!

04/14/16 243.8. 56.2. Woot!!

04/10/16. 244.6. 55.4 yea me!!

04/02/16. 247.6. 52.4 Woohoo

03/30/16. 248.4 yea me waving goodbye to 250!

03/25/16 249.4 ...
04/25/16 Non scale victory. I tried on my size 20 shorts and they are LOOSE!!! Down from a tight 26 in January.

04/25/16 239.2. 60.8. GFG!!!

04/22/16. 240.8. 59.2. WOWZA!!

04/19/16 242.6. 57.4. Hey hey!!

04/14/16 243.8. 56.2. Woot!!

04/10/16. 244.6. 55.4 yea me!!

04/02/16. 247.6. 52.4 Woohoo

03/30/16. 248.4 yea me waving goodbye to 250!

03/25/16 249.4 Drumroll......50.6 gone!!!

03/18/16 251. 49 lbs staring at my old nemisis and this time i am going to breeze right past it and wave goodbye one last time!!!

03/7/16 256.4. 43.6 lbs woohoo

02/26/16 262.0 38 lbs so far.

02/18/16 Things are going great. I have lost 34.6 pounds so far. I am happy!!

01/29/16- had gastric sleeve surgery. Everything is going great!!

March 2016
I can not say it enough. This is what I have always wanted!! It reminds me so much of the Paul McKenna program. When I did it for 6 weeks I lost 36 pounds via McKenna's hypnosis. I just didn't want to eat. EVEN PEANUT BUTTER which used to be my downfall. I was eating and logging around 500 to 800 call a day. My friend kept telling me how bad that was and to at least eat 1200...I did and forcing myself to eat undid the hypnosis.. That was 10 years ago... 2006 I believe. Lol in would be in my log below but I am too lazy to look right now.

I don't miss all the food, the guilt, the stuffed and hurting feeling from overeating , the can't breath when I walk, the can't breathe laying down, the exhaustion, the acid reflux, the tight clothes. I AM SO HAPPY!!

DETAILS about the surgery.
The best thing about this
So far is that I don't mind pureed food. As long as all the flavors are there that is all that matters. My sis had a Lap Band done on Dec and missed the texture of food. When she had
Her surgery, I made my Chinese food and just strained it making a broth for her. That is when I found out I don't mind liquids as long as all the flavors are there. Now I don't strain anything, I puree it. Chinese topping and some rice and YUM!!! I even puree her homemade beef stew and it is DELISH!!! If a food doesn't have
enough protein I just add an unflavored protein powder to it.

I eat 4 ounces of pureed food at 3 meals and I am thrilled with all of it. I do NOT miss those Huge meals I used to eat.

I could start soft foods this past week, but I choose to stay to stay
Pureed food for now.

I am sooooo happy with my decision.

Oct 2 2015. Hey folks !!! I am back once again!! The heaviest I have ever weighed 298. Lost 25 at Ww from Nov thru Mar but 50.00 a month was too much. I gained that back plus about 20 more. I hope to reconnect with some old friends on Sparks!

Oct 1: I had my first nutrition visit required for gastric sleeve surgery. I weighed 300 lbs.
You need to eat 5 times a day.

Do not go longer than 3 hours without something to eat.

Always have protein, carbohydrate and fat at each meal.

Lets increase fiber intake to help your cholesterol and triglyceride.

Eat protein and veggies first, carbs last.

Try to keep meals less combination style, so you have more control.

Liquids need to be separate from meals (

Fiber: When you are grocery shopping, choose items that have a minimum of 3g/serving or at better than 5g fiber.

Have fruits or vegetables with each meal. Your goal is 25-30g/day.

Probiotic: Hyperbiotic (use your card for the link): Pro 15 or Pro Woman

Small steps lead to big changes.

August 2013 update: WOWZA...has it been over 3 years...where has the time gone. I am once again losing weight! This time with exercise via physical therapy. I had my right hip replaced in April. Both hips are now metal hahaha! I have had some physical issues during those 3 years, but I am on my way up out of the pits so to speak and I am HAPPY about that!!

Not sure how much I will blog, log, etc. so to all those who helped me years ago, I never have forgotten how your inspiration was a God send for me!

March 24, 2010 update. Almost 2 1/2 years ago, I joined Sparks. Way back in 2007. I lose weight and gain it back, lose the weight and gain it back. I have been gone for a while, but I am here because I know that this is the place that works. I started working on my Paul Mckenna plan in January. I am only weighing myself once a month. A scale will not control my happiness. Learning to eat healthy is going to control my happiness - it can be done!!!

*** 2010 Status ***

01/27/10 - 273.00
02/28/10 - 260.00 13

Old History - I am pushing this all to the bottom bottom bottom. I don''''t want to delete, but I don''''t want to see it either. Fresh start in 2010.

Last May I was 228 pounds - I am now 265. almost a 40 pound gain. This has to stop.

Nov 3, 2009 - Latest challenge - lose a panty size by January 1, 2010, so for all those who read this, the gauntlet has been thrown down!!!! Right now I am size 11-12. Why you ask the dash and the 12. Well, I am wearing an 11, but it is TIGHT. My own personal goal is for a 10. A lose fitting ten would be absolutely the best of the best because that means a nine would not be far behind (pardon the pun ahahahaha)!!

June 2009 - Out with the old info and in with the new. I haven''''t changed my page since August 2007 when I started. It is now June 2009 and this page needs a good house cleaning!!

I made the background picture in 1999 when I lived in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. My life is so blessed. I lived there from April 1997 through May 2001 and had the time of my life! Great memories. I just happened to be waiting on some friends at their hotel when I got this shot. Those colors were breathtaking.

SMALL STEPS lead to BIG CHANGES - SLOW and STEADY win the race!! Words I live by now!

Nov 2008 - See my BLOG for Nov 24, 2008 - TIME TO LET GO for my story. I took it off this front page, I have once again returned to Sparks. I have put on 40lbs that I had lost. I know all the tools to use. I know that stress can take you back two steps for every step you move forward.

Mar 1 2009 - Forestlittle is going to be my accountability partner to help me stay on path. She is a SWEETHEART!! I thought I could JUST do this and I did for a long while, but now I see that it will be much easier if I send my daily totals to someone! Hopefully, after all is said and done I will be able to open my tracker, but I am not just ready for public review yet :)

Mar 11, 2009 Update - 9.6 lbs GONE FOR GOOD GFG!! The stars aligned for me! I am totally following the Paul McKenna 4 Golden Rules. Conquering the night eating was a MAJOR breakthrough for me. Sending my daily totals to Forestlittle was the right thing to do. I am LEARNING so much more about me with EVERY BLOG I write - READ THEM. They may be an insight into your feelings.

March 29, 2009 - This blog says it all right now about how I AM LOVING LIFE and eating to live. WHAT A CONCEPT!! Teaching your inner child that "YOU CAN ALWAYS COME BACK FOR MORE''''!

March 31, 2009 - Another 4.8 pounds GFG!!! This has truly become my life. Today at our monthly luncheon, my friend, Becky (from the POND) gave me the BEST COMPIMENT EVER without realizing it. She said "you are doing so good. I saw you pacing yourself while you were eating. I was puzzled and she went know, eating slow, laying your fork down, taking small bites...OMG - until she explained I HAD NOT IDEA what she meant BECAUSE IT HAS BECOME HABIT!!!! I NO LONGER THINK ABOUT IT.

April 7 - 1.8 GFG!!! This is absolutely incredible to me that I am eating normal and no longer obsessing about food. Who wudda thunk it??? NOT ME that''''s for sure :)

April 14, 2009 - 3.0 GFG -I REACHED my 10% GOAL!!!!!! I believe it is melting off of me and it IS melting off of me. I AM healthier, happier and well on my way to a normal weight for me. I still marvel and how easy this has become NOW that I AM EATING NORMAL!!!!!! Thank you Paul McKenna!

April 21 2009 -2.4 pounds GFG!!! AFter all the stuff I had to drink for my colonoscopy I expected it to be 5 lbs LOL, but alas it was only .8 for all the suffering ahahahaha I had to do last night. The tests were clear, so I don''''t have to do another one of those for 5 years - THANK GOODNESS LOL!

April 28, 2009 - YIKES - 245 - 7 lb gain!!!!!! Not to worry. I had to take an Upper GI series yesterday and drink 4 glasses of that thick yucky stuff. That has to be it.

May 4, 2009 - 240.6 - MUCH BETTER. A loss, but actually a gain from two weeks ago. The endoscopy and biopsy of my stomach found the bacteria that causes ulcers. I have been on 3 - yes 3 antibiotics since.

May 11, 2009 - no weigh in today. The relightening the Sparks has their challenge set up every two weeks on Mondays. The PMK team says you should put the scale away and trust the techiques. Okie dokie. I will see how that goes.

May 18, 2009 233.4 - I was sick for 2 days before the Monday weigh in so I wasn''''t eating much. I will log it, but I know it isn''''t real.

May 25, 2009 235.4 34.6 GFG - The last two weeks have been up and down in general. We all know how life kind of jumps up and catches us up in its web LOL! I am still happy with the dropped pounds. I feel better - I look BETTER!!


It doesn''''t matter what food plan/diet you choose, but it is the WAY WE EAT that matters!

*2009 Scale Updates *
270.0 January 5
263.4 March 2
245.2 March 31
243.4 April 07 26.6 - almost 10%!!! A whisker away :)
240.4 April 14 29.6 - REACHED MY 10% of 27 lbs
238.0 April 21 32.0
245.0 April 28 25.0 YIKES - Upper GI barium drink
240.6 May 4 29.4 - better
241.0 May 11 30.6 up .6
233.0 May 18 37.0
235.0 May 25 35.0

* Words To Live By *

GONE FOR GOOD !!!!!!! This was in an article on page six of SING4YOU57''''s page.

"If you goal is to ''''lose weight be careful), because if you lose something, your subconscious mind will immediately begin looking for it."

That was such an eye-opener for me so I share it with everyone! Now I don''''t say I have LOST pounds, I say GONE FOR GOOD!! I am letting my subconscious KNOW this is it!! THOSE POUNDS ARE GONE FOR GOOD!!!!!


P A U L M C K E N N A''''S 4 G O L D E N R U L E S

Four Golden Rules:
1. Eat when hungry.
2. Eat what I want.
3. Eat consciously.
4. Stop when satisfied.


* M Y M O T H E R'''' S RULES *

These are her rules we followed when we were growing up back in the 50s.

1. Spread your napkin in your lap.
2. Only put one serving spoon size of each side item on your plate.
3. Lay your utensil down on the top (knife) or side (fork) between bites.
4. Chew your food 28 times. Yes, she had us count.
5. Sip your drink usually tea as you eat.
6. Blot the sides of your mouth with your napkin between each bite.
7. When you are full, fold your napkin and lay it beside your plate.
8. Asked to be excused from the table ONLY after everyone else has finished

3/11/09 My BMI results from

Body Mass Index: 40.0 kg/m2
Waist-to-Height ratio: 0.61
Percent Body Fat: 48.6%
Lean Body Mass: 131.1 lb

You are overweight by 43.8 kilograms (96.4 pounds)
You need to exercise at least 30 minutes every day.
Minimum caloric requirements: 1888 Calories per day
Limit your food intake to 1604 calories per day.
to lose 2.1 pounds per month.
Your diet should contain at least 57 grams of protein per day.


5/11/09 - 10% GFG - 27 pounds REACHED APRIL 14, 2009
7/31/09 - 10% GFG - 24 pounds
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My Goals:
Learn to eat the healthy way. I don't mean just healthy foods, but the right portions. Eating to live not living to eat.

My goals are simple. Eat like I was taught to eat when I was a child. Nuff said :)

My Program:
I know that drinking all that water is a MUST. As people say " it makes you healthy inside and out ".

I celebrate those NON scale milestones.

I FOLLOW and use the Paul Mckenna's 4 Golden rules EVERY TIME I EAT and it WORKS!!

PMK Rules:
There are 4 Golden Rules:
1. Eat whenever you are hungry, and only when you are hungry.
2. Eat what you want and not what you think you should.
3. EAT CONSCIOUSLY (this one is most essential). Put your utensils down, chew 20 times, savour each morsel. No other distractions
4. Stop when you are no longer hungry

I am using the food tracker and entering all the information about everything that I consume each day.

Personal Information:
I live in a town on the outskirts of Plano. I moved here in 2001 when my granddaughter was born. She is the light and joy of my life. Grandchildren are fabulous!

A quote from Melanie at age 4 standing in the kitchen as she wrapped her arms around my legs: ' Mimi, you are the BESTEST Bestest MIMI . Someday I am going to be a Mimi and have the GIANTEST GIANTEST hips just like you'. That is true love!

Other Information:
I love to read sci-fi fantasy. I got addicted to reading that genre about 30 years ago thanks to my sister!

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