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Here we go again...

I've lost the same 20 lbs many times. I'm getting frustrated with myself!
I've lost the same 20 lbs many times. I'm getting frustrated with myself!



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3/23/2009 7:37:32 PM

Hey! So you've signed up to this site, but I'm not seeing any signs of you in here, so maybe it's not your bag! I can relate to that. Like any diet thing, either it works for you or it doesn't. . . c'est la vie. Anyhow, since this will have sent a message to your email, I guess I'm draggin' ya back in for another look around! . emoticon
Anyhow, I'm down from 154 to 141 as of this week, and have achieved lots of positive steps: like being able to fall off the diet for a couple of days and then ACTUALLY get back on without a problem. I used to let that kind of setback completely throw me - it would take me months or years to re-start.
I'm shooting for 135 this time (it's been so easy to get this far that I revised my goal downward from 140). I'm in no special hurry, cuz the diet itself is really not bugging me. Maybe I'll get there by May. That would be ideal, because that's about when I'll be able to start riding my bike and at that point I'll probably gain some back as I put on muscle.
Let me know how you're doing. Love, N

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