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January 9, 2014: A long overdue update to my page...
2013 brought many changes to my life - I went into business for myself, moved, and continued to struggle with injuries and funtional limitations. I also set new running goals and began to believe that I could reach them, with moderate success. I learned that I am a survivor, and I focused on what really mattered to me this year.

While I'd still love to hit a new PR in both a HM and full Marathon I have accepted that this ...
January 9, 2014: A long overdue update to my page...
2013 brought many changes to my life - I went into business for myself, moved, and continued to struggle with injuries and funtional limitations. I also set new running goals and began to believe that I could reach them, with moderate success. I learned that I am a survivor, and I focused on what really mattered to me this year.

While I'd still love to hit a new PR in both a HM and full Marathon I have accepted that this may not happen, and that's OK. I continue to train but as I get older I have put more emphasis on being healthy and functionally fit rather than on being faster. I have had to learn to be OK with slow race times, finding joy in the journey rather than the medal.

I am evolving and loving life!

March 15, 2012: Hard for me to belive that its been over a year since I last updated my spark page! So much has changed, and yet so much remains the same...

I am now at the 2-year anniversary of my (major) foot surgery; this is the benchmark the doctors set for recovery and while I'm glad that I did it, I'm not quite where I wanted to be. I have been walking races for the past year and working towards the day that I can run again. Sadly, that day is not here - yet. I'm working through knee issues and moving forward with faith that I will run again, sooner rather than later.

I have maintained my weight loss with some minor bumps in the road, and have just celebrated my first anniversary as a personal trainer, ranked #1 in my club! I continue to pursue my passions for helping others get fit and pain free, and find the joy in regular exercise. I treasure my spark friends despite being online less than ever before. Those who have walked this journey with me are always near to my heart!

December 14, 2010:
I joined SP nearly two years ago and I figured an update to my page is long overdue. I am now 50 years old and so much happier than when I first found this site! Some things about my life have changed dramatically -- I've lost nearly 30 pounds since starting here, I've made some very good friends, I've run half marathons and marathons and completed triathlons; I've been injured, had major surgery, and found other ways to compete and stay fit and healthy... Most of all, I've learned an awful lot about myself: what motivates me, what I want out of life, what I need to do to get there.

I thank all those who have been a part of this continuing journey, because without you I might not be where I am today!


I am 48 years old and the married mother of 2, aged 19 and 17. I started running last year after giving it a try in the early '80s and have persisted, despite my body telling me that running might not be the best sport for me! I completed my first marathon in March of 2008 and have a few 1/2 Marathons under my belt since then.

I suffer from back/leg/ankle pain but run anyway to challenge myself. I am now going to tackle weight loss the way I tackled the marathon - with a plan and a support group - and hope that this is the path to change!

Feb 22, 2009: The longer I am on SP, the more I have come to appreciate my accomplishments. I just started thinking back on all the times I have tried to lose weight and what makes this time different - for me, it has to be the support I'm receiving on this site. I also started thinking of my past athletic accomplishments, which I had previously minimized because I thought they weren't "good enough" - now I'm learning that they were the best I could do, and I'm celebrating them!

Waikiki Roughwater Swim, 2.4 miles, Sept. 6, 1982 (1:47:24)
Honolulu Run for Diamonds 5k, Feb 1983, 1984
1. Kole Kole inaugural 1/2 Marathon, Aug. 1983
Great Aloha inaugural Run, 8.15 miles, Feb 1985
Santa Rosa Wine Country Century, May 1997
El Tour de Tuscon, 115 miles, Nov 1997(8:47:43)


Mission Inn 10k, Nov 2007(1:21:03), 2008(1:16:18)
Loma Linda Holiday Classic 15k, Dec 2007, 2008(2:02:27)
1. Los Angeles Marathon, March 2008(6:19:53)
2. Disneyland 1/2 Marathon, Aug 2008(3:05:10)
Dana Point Turkey Trot 10k, Nov 2008(1:19:13)


3. Surf City 1/2 Marathon, Feb 2009 - PR(2:53:11)
4. Disney World inaugural Princess 1/2 Marathon, March 2009 - PR(2:45:03)
5. Orange County 1/2 Marathon, May 2009 - PR(2:39:34)
2. San Diego Rock 'n Roll Marathon, May 2009 - PR(5:53:45)
Trek Women's Duathlon, June 2009 - (1:19:36)
6. San Francisco 1/2 Marathon, July 2009 - (3:02:55)
7. Disneyland 1/2 Marathon, Sept 2009 - (3:05:04)
8. Long Beach 1/2 Marathon, October 2009 - (2:48:39)
9. Rock 'n Roll 1/2 Marathon, Vegas, Dec 2009 - (2:44:56)

WDW Coast to Coast 2009 - EARNED!
CA Dreaming Series 2009 - EARNED!
Rock 'n Roll Heavy Medal - 39.3 - EARNED!


3. Rock 'n Roll Marathon, Phoenix, Jan 2010 - (5:54:03)
Rock 'n Roll Desert Double Down - EARNED!

10. Surf City Marathon, February 2010 - (2:47:27)
Race on the Base Triathlon, February 2010 - (1:38:04)

FOOT SURGERY, March 9, 2010 - EXPECTED RECOVERY: 18-24 months

Lake Norconian 5k, October 2010 - (55 minutes?)

Lighten Up Corona Weight Loss Contest - Greatest Transformation Grand Prize Winner!

Turkey Tri Relay, Swim leg, November 2010 - (34:48.3), T1 (2:15.5)
Team Fearless took 4th place for female relay teams

Tinsel Tri Relay, Bike and Swim legs, December 2010 - (bike 40:25, swim 4:51 including transitions - split times unavailable). Team Golden Girls finished in 1:14:26, 15th out of 39 relay teams, including all Male and Mixed gender teams!!)

2011 - Just starting back to walking Post-Op:

11. OC Half Marathon, Walking only, May 2011 - (3:26:01)
12. Long Beach Half Marathon, still walking, Oct 9, 2011 - (3:27:55)
13. Nike Women's Half Marathon, Oct 16, 2011 - (3:19:06)
Iron Girl 5k, November 6, 2011 - (39:51)
Mission Inn 10k, November 13, 2011 - (1:21:11)
14. Rock 'n Roll Las Vegas Half, Dec 4, 2011 - (3:45:47)

2012: (still restricted to walking :( )

15. Temecula Valley Half Marathon, Jan 21 - (3:24:39)
16. Inaugural Tinkerbell Half Marathon, Jan 29 - (3:22:43)
17. Surf City Half Marathon, Feb 5 - (3:08:06)
4. LA Marathon, March 18 - (7:05:27)
RAGNAR SoCal Relay, April 20-21 - 3 runs: 5.6 miles (1:20:24),
3.7 miles (44:49), 5.01 miles (1:03:08). Total: 14.31 miles; avg pace 14:22, 12:09, 12:35. Bucket list item!!
OC Half Marathon, May 6 - running again! (2:51:24)
18. RnR Portland Inaugural HM, May 20 - (2:55:38)
Camp Pendelton Mud Run, Jun 6 - Team 10k
19. Disneyland HM, Sep 2 - (3:00:40) (Ran with a free bib)
Ragnar Napa Valley, Sep 14-15 - 3 runs: 4 miles(49:45), 6.5 miles(1:27 - BRUTAL uphill), 3.1 miles(37:37). Total: 13.6 miles; avg pace 12:45 m/m
20. Long Beach HM, Oct 7 - injured 0.25 in :( Hobbled the race (3:38:20)
21. Surf City Beach Derby HM Scramble, Oct 21 - 10 miles (2:12:37), 5k Sand Obstacle Course (51:22); Total: 3:03:59 (Ran with a free bib)
22. RnR LA HM, Oct 28 - HOT! Ran in costume (3:12:11)
Ragnar Vegas, Nov 9-10 (got sick after 2nd leg) Leg 1: 3.02 miles - 41:22; Leg 2: 4.67 miles - 1:01:19; Leg 3: 3.84 miles - 52:15

Ragnar Florida Keys, Jan 4-5. 3 runs: 3.56 miles - 44:02; 7 miles - 1:29:21; 3.92 miles - 51:12
23. Surf City HM, with bronchitis :( Feb 3 - (3:26:25)
Nike Women's Virtual 10K, Mar 10 - 1:28:12
24. Hollywood HM, Apr 6 - 2:53:59
Peace Love Run 10k, Apr 14 - ran 1st mile! And ran 3 miles to get to race start... but then got PF mid race. Finished w/o official time
25. Nike Women's HM DC, Apr 28 - 3:01:27
26. OC HM, May 5 - 3:00:41
27. Costume Party Run, Jul 7 - 3:13:46 (in a walking boot and with a cane)
Ragnar Napa Valley, Sept 20-21 Super Heroes in Training! 36:14, 3 runs:
Hometown Heroes Run 5k, October 12- 36:33, 10th in my AG!
28. Long Beach HM, October 13 - 2:58:36
29. Nike Women's Marathon (HM) SF, October 20 - 2:53:28
Dana Point Turkey Trot 10k, Nov 28 - 1:22:38 (1:17 Garmin)
30. Diva HM, Dec 8 - 2:48:07, 74/158 in my age group

31. Citrus Heritage HM, Jan 11 - 3:00:17
32. Surf City HM, DNS :(



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**Not "will you start?" but "will you finish?"
**Not "do you have the time?" but "do you have the discipline, the attitude and the commitment?"
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M- Make short term goals
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I- Imagine how you will feel
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11/16/2014 4:06:58 PM

Thank you my Dear Friend for taking the time to read my blog & comment! It's been FOREVER since I've blogged.. I always think I'm going to then time gets away from me but this time, I think I just needed to :) and as you well know, what we share (in my case a book LOL) only scrapes the surface when it comes to all the memories!! Can hardly wait to finally meet up and have some fun, celebrating friendship and enjoying together this sport we love!!

Bless ya, girl!

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2/4/2014 12:26:35 AM

Sorry that you were unable to run the Surf City Half this year. It's great that you were able to let someone else use your spot and stayed to cheer on the runners. Hope you are back up to par soon.

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2/3/2014 5:23:33 PM

Sorry you couldn't run Surf City. Hope you can build back up and run it next year.

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2/1/2014 7:35:08 PM

Hope you have a great time at the Surf City Half Marathon!

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Good luck running your half marathon!

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