This is me and my family at a Rockies game on the 5th of April. Great game even though they lost.

Me and my daughter. I have few pics of my son as he is high functioning autistic and doesn't have a love for cameras at all. So, it is what it is. Hopefully I can get better pics of him up here.

This is me and my honey. Married 14 years ago on April 16th, divorced 8 years ago.....back together again as of Dec. 2007. Definately a different story!

I have 3 pics in my gallery


Starting to lose it from the mountains


See my goals see how I am doing. How do you eat an elephant you say and why would you? Very simple! You take a big issue, in my case Losing 120 lbs. So you break it down. Ok in order to do this, what things do I have to do. Then you take those goals and break them down into achievable steps. (You can see some of my elephant bites in my goals. SO, come on y'all let's eat an elephant together!

What are my reasons for losing weight. My ...

See my goals see how I am doing. How do you eat an elephant you say and why would you? Very simple! You take a big issue, in my case Losing 120 lbs. So you break it down. Ok in order to do this, what things do I have to do. Then you take those goals and break them down into achievable steps. (You can see some of my elephant bites in my goals. SO, come on y'all let's eat an elephant together!

What are my reasons for losing weight. My biggest reason is I am not happy with how I look. I feel that is the most important. But, I was thinking, my daughter has a pageant this summer. I want to take pictures with her. I want to look a lot better than I do so that I am proud to post those pics or will I even pose for them. So, at this point, I have 7 months to lose weight. If I can maintain 8 lbs per month that will be over 50 lbs I will have lost. No, I won't be at goal weight, but, I will look and feel a lot better. So, then October 17th is the date I have set for my wedding, again, I don't want to be like no I hate those pictures of our wedding. Will I be at goal, no but, I should be able to be at about 70 lbs. lost. That will put me at or around the 200 mark. So, that will have me only 50 pounds away from goal. I will be on the home stretch. So, that is my goal.

How am I going to achieve this when my motivation has been down? I am going to wake up every day and decide that today is the day that I am going to make a difference in my life. Today is the day that I am going to watch what I eat, think before I act and take the long way to walk whereever I need to go. Sounds simple enough. But, I know when I say ok, this week, I have to go to the gym at work this many times for this long and I need to do this and this. Yeah, I set myself up to fail and it is not helping me in my motivation. So, my goal is to take it one day at a time. Figure out exactly what I do every day that makes me work. I found my BMR, I know where I need to be. I know that I am strong enough. I know I can make a change.

I can only make the change if I become the change I am working towards. So, day by day, I am working myself into a smaller person. I have 7 months. I hope to be smiling in the picture next to my daughter with her sash and trophy. I want to take pics this summer at the baseball game and not look like the one I have on here. I want to fly to visit family and not feel uncomfortable in my seat. Oh and in November, if my daughter wins the pageant. I want to be a fly looking mom in LA at Nationals! Fingers are crossed for both of us. :O)

My BMR is 2013 calories. So, I need to eat no more than 1513 in calories per day. I need to work out 500 calories per day. That will make me lose (In theory), 1 lb every 3 days. Which means a little over 2 lbs per week. So I know the Scientific formula. Now it is time to make it happen. Make it work.

I want to shrink. But I can't shrink if I go OMG I have 150 lbs to lose. I am going to look at each pound as an accomplishment. I am going to work for each pound. I am going to believe in myself. Even if noone else does that day, I will. That will be the most important thing of all.

Plus, I want to have family photos.....ones I can enjoy scrapbooking because I am in them too. So far, I am missing in action in most of my scrapbooks.



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So, I have really kind of been like ok.......what do I really want to do...

My Goals - Eat my Elephant

My journal has this in detail, I don't know if you can read my journal entires online or not, if not I will have to transfer them to blogs. Anyhow, I am going to make my changes one at a time. I sat down said OK, what am I not happy with.

Here are my goals (Elephants)-

Get healthy -

(Bite 1) Be More Physically Active. (THIS WAS A YUMMY BITE)

(Bite 2) Eat Healthier Food more regularly

(Bite 3) Get a local buddy to keep me active.

(Bite 4) Get an active hobby.

Lose a total of 120 lbs.

(Bite 1) Commit to myself to use the Sparkpeople opportunities more diligently. (THIS WAS A YUMMY BITE)

(Bite 2) Set up a work out schedule and stick to it. (SO FAR A YUMMY BITE!)

(Bite 3) Actually weigh myself.


(Bite 1) Read a book to help me in my employment 1

My Program:
My program Wii Fit has become a program for me.

So this is my every other day routine (I do take Sundays pretty much off, I only do Yoga)

Monday - Wednesday and Friday

10 minutes Freestep Aerobics (1,000 steps in 10 minutes is the pace I use, it is the fastest one)

10 Minutes Advanced Boxing & Regular Boxing combined.

10 Minutes of Strenght training (I mix that up daily)

10 minutes of yoga 5 minutes before workout and 5 minutes after.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

10 minutes of Either Freestep or Hula Hoop Advanced.

10 Minutes of Balance Games (I switch these up too.

15 minutes of Yoga.

I drink a lot of water and keep track of it in my wii fit journal. I have converted to Diet soda, One per day, I have also been watching my food actually measuring it when I can. But i have gotten really good now at being able to look and go, yeah that is a little under a cup or ooops that is a little o

Personal Information:
Moved to Colorado in January 08. Moved to Aurora, CO in August 08!

Long story short, Steven (my exhusband) and I got divorced in 2000. We have two great kids 14 and 13. In October of 07, we started talking to each other for the first time in probably five years. Found out his ex was having a blast playing him and I off of each other and making it so he had no relationship with his kids. Then he came out in December to see the kids. I have no idea how it happened but we got back to talking and it was like it used to be. So, we kept talking and then he was going to move to CT, I decided no, I need a change in scenery, a change in how I am living and I would move out here. Got a higher paying job and we have really gotten close. It is a wonderful thing. :O)

Great park across from our apt. But I don't wanna walk alone! So, gotta find me a walking partner!

Other Information:
I love to read, scrapbook, do karaoke. The basics i guess!

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1/2/2009 11:09:48 AM


I have an 12 & 16 year old. I have 100lbs to lose and I'm SO READY for this 4-week challenge!

LET'S DO IT! I look forward getting to know you more!

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1/2/2009 11:08:06 AM

I started out with 136 lbs to loose. I lost 51 last year and still have 85 to go. Working on exercise is my biggest issue, and stress and having time...but anyway I would be glad to be your buddy. I was really hesitant to join the bootcamp at first. I am going to do my best though. It is probably going to be the best thing for me. I love Spark People, it has been a great support system for me. I have been going a little crazy with food for the last 3 days. I have no idea why, maybe stress, but I have been hungry! This is not usually my problem area. I, like you, usually have more trouble eating enough. I started doing The Alternate Day Diet, which really helped me, and got me out of my slump/plateau that I had after losing my first 20 lbs. It is the best thing I have ever found for fitting in to real life. It is realistic and I can see myself succeeding with it and for once maintaining my weight loss. Well, I sure have been rambling, lol. Happy New Year! Here's to lookin' fine in 2009!! Bootcamp Beauties, that's us!!


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12/30/2008 11:33:38 AM

Welcome to the B2B January Challenge!! You are definitely going to be challenged and get a kick in the butt during this challenge. Can't wait to start!!
If you have time, stop by the Cafe Lounge so we can get to know you!

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11/15/2008 3:13:31 PM

) ..*) -::-
(. ;..♥ Just stopping by to send some love your way ♥.*) .* ) .*) -::-
and to Sparkle your page.
Have a Great weekend...............
(.(*.HUGS♥.*) -::- ♥ lita ♥-::-

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10/17/2008 12:12:03 PM

Welcome to the TOPS Team!!! Stop in and chat anytime....we would love to hear how you are doing!!!! emoticon

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