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I am an artist, a mother and a christian. I live life everyday to the best of my ability.
I am an artist, a mother and a christian. I live life everyday to the best of my ability.



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My five year goal is to be in an internship program as a civil engineer and wear success like a beautifully fitting suit.

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I have been following podcasts and I see a physical trainer twice a week for my hip. I also try to move more than I used to. I heard once that skinny people move 23% more than fat people. I try to put that into practice daily.

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I live in Tacoma. My email is the yahoo kind with my user name followed by a 1. [I wrote it that way, because bots get your email from writing it out completely]

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I enjoy rock climbing and kayaking. At about 165 lbs I can start rock climbing again and that excites me. I like to read political novels and reference books. I love window shopping.

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12/4/2007 7:16:23 PM

I LOVE spices too. People think you have to pile on butter and cheese and sauces to make something taste good - uh... buy some spices people! I love different types of food too, right now I am on an Indian food kick. Anything with curry is good with me! Actually, I make my chicken salad with curry powder in it and everyone always asks for the recipe. Yum! So what do you do about dairy? Do you do the low-fat or fat free cheese? I can't stand the stuff. Not brick cheeses anyhow. I eat regular cheese, 2% cottage cheese (not cuz of fat, I just like how it tastes) and light cream cheese (I like the texture better). Oh, and 2% milk. I also eat organic beef (my parents have a farm and we get 1/4 cow every year) and chicken breast and a lot of fish - tilapia is by far my favorite. Like you I also use butter - not the fake stuff - the real stuff! So many people look at me like I am crazy for eating it and using it for cooking. People don't seem to understand that butter is NATURAL unlike margarine, smart balance, I can't believe they're trying to pass this off as butter (LOL) and even Molly McButter. I know it's more expensive, but then again, so are the hospital bills when you don't take care of your body and eat fake crap all the time!
You don't have to go into it bigtime, but I avoid HFCS also. Most everything I eat is whole foods anyway, but I am wondering if you can list some things that people don't usually realize HFCS is in. I wonder if I have some in my home and don't even realize it. I read labels lots too (that's why hubby won't grocery shop with me - takes too long!) and do quite a bit of my shopping at Outpost Natural Foods (a co-op near my house) and Whole Foods. But even there I find things I don't agree with totally. I guess it's possible that some things in my home may have HFCS and I don't know it - maybe some things I was just used to buying (and used to eating since I was a kid) and just never checked the label. It's fun chatting with someone else who doesn't think I am crazy for wanting to do my plan but still do it with natural food! I think maybe I will lose weight a little bit slower with the butter, regular cheese, and using things like honey instead of sugar-free products, but they way I see it, I already have enough health issues. Why would I chance eating bad stuff and risk more health issues!


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12/4/2007 8:05:06 AM

I definately differentiate between the natural sugars and the fake ones - I'm just glad you do too! I have met too many people who see fruit and honey and just about anything with sugar (even remotely high on the glycemic index) as taboo. It just kills me that people are drinking diet soda and Crystal Light and eating sugar-free products like crazy and not even knowing the effects of them in my body. My favorite drink is Jasmine Green Tea - iced, sweetened with honey. I make it by the pitcher-full. But even though I have been against artificial sweeteners most of my life, last year I did the South Beach Diet and they are HUGE advocators of sugar-free products, so I caved into the pressure, thinking that I couldn't succeed without them. I have epilepsy and artificial sweeteners are known to cause abnormal brain waves so I have always stayed away. Well, I felt so crappy and like such a hypocrite that I had to stop using them. I felt so much better. People always tell me that there's too many carbs in honey, but I am okay with knowing that my raw honey is way better for me than their Splenda. So are you natural, organic or just staying away from artificial and processed? I know you said you are not following a plan of any kind, but I am trying to wrap my head around what you are doing. If you had to describe it would you say natural, organic, vegan, vegetarian, just healthy or pretty much whatever you say goes. Do you eat meat too? Oh, and about the rockclimbing - uh, I'm pretty sure my fingers wouldn't hurt quite as much if I wasn't trying to hold my 290 pound body against a wall! LOL. We have a family membership to an awesome rockclimbing gym. It's expensive, but we love it - now if only I could use it! Sorry, I write books too!


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12/4/2007 2:06:26 AM

p.s. I like rockclimbing too, but my hubby is nervous about the harness being able to hold me (and it's torture on my fingers) so for now I just watch him and my son (7) and my daughter (4) scale the walls without me. :( I can't wait to be a healthy weight and start climbing with them.

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12/4/2007 2:02:56 AM

You think you lost weight fast? I lost 10.5 pounds between the day after Thanksgiving and today! I am eating 3 regular meals and 3-4 snacks too... and not exercising! Go figure. I think it's okay to lose fast at first when you are making a change that is a shock to your system. Congrats on your 15. I know EXACTLY what you mean about knowing how to eat. People look at me and tell me that I should do this thing or do that plan or see a nutritionist... I don't want to sound snotty about it either, but I have been studying natural food and natural diets for about 5 years and I have read book after book about organic nutrition. So I know what it feels like when you know exactly what to do... the trick is to actually do ti! LOL. That's where my problem lies. Consistancy. The only reason I asked is because I am pre-diabetic (and hypoglycemic) and diabetes runs in my family. I started researching and found the Insulin Resistance Diet book and was a little suprised at what I learned about how people with diabetes are always told by doctors to cut out sugar, etc., but in truth the success is in combining your carbs properly with your protein to keep a steady blood sugar level through the day. Anyway, I admire the no sugar thing - that's brave of you. I couldn't cut them out completely because natural sugars like fruit and even honey are a daily part of my life. I could never go sugar-free. And I don't do artificial for several reasons. Good for you! 15 pounds... that's exciting. Talk to you soon. God Bless.


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12/2/2007 1:59:31 AM

I saw that you were looking for a buddy. My life sounds kinda similar to yours. I am a wife, a mom, express my creativity through a ton of different hobbies, and I am a Christian... oh yeah, and I am trying to lose weight too! Are you on any specific diet plan?


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