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Revamping my entire profile since things have changed a bit :) Started with Spark people in June of 2010 at 144lbs.
I was tired, unhappy, and just unhealthy. I was eating way more food than I needed and not moving at all. Getting started with Sparkpeople was tough and my advice to anyone starting on a weightloss journey is to take it SLOW and choose one thing at a time to change. My first change was cutting out all the calories I was drinking(too much coffee, too much soda, too much ...
Revamping my entire profile since things have changed a bit :) Started with Spark people in June of 2010 at 144lbs.
I was tired, unhappy, and just unhealthy. I was eating way more food than I needed and not moving at all. Getting started with Sparkpeople was tough and my advice to anyone starting on a weightloss journey is to take it SLOW and choose one thing at a time to change. My first change was cutting out all the calories I was drinking(too much coffee, too much soda, too much juice) and I replaced it with lots and lots of water. My next goal was tracking my food and I almost instantly starting to drop weight just by tracking my food here on sparkpeople(I held myself accountable for everything I ate/drank). I hit my all time low weight of 115lbs in May of 2011 but I still wasn't really working out. I felt better but not my best(still don`t but I`m working on that now). Here we are in June of 2012! I`m 123lbs(gained back some weight but I was looking mighty thin so I feel good at this weight). I have started working out 3-5 times a week and I`m feeling a lot better, building muscle tone, losing inches. My goal is to be 118lbs but really that is just a number. My goal is to tone up, so no matter what weight that happens at I will be satisfied. I`ve lost 21lbs(in terms of my weight today) since I started. To some people 20lbs may not be a lot but to me, it made a world of difference. My life is different in a good way and I`m working towards other life goals while I live my healthy eating and fitness daily. Thanks Sparkpeople!
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*Eat less processed food and more whole, natural fruits, veggies, lean proteins*

*Exercise 5-6 times a week emphasizing on a mix of cardio and strength

*Quit overindulging in wine, chocolate, cheese, and carbs

*Get into the best shape of my life where I am abundant with energy, and endurance.

My Program:
Trying really, REALLY hard to stay within my calorie range.

Eating whole foods, with a mix of indulgent foods so I am not feeling deprived. MODERATION!

Exercising 3-5 times a week. Mostly DVDs. I do a kettlebell workout 1-2 times a week and then do cardio, strength, ab, circuit training. I am loving my Jillian and Bob workout DVDs currently.

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I`m pretty awesome once you get to know me.

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I love cooking, music, taking pictures, and I am striving for happiness one day at a time.

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10/17/2012 11:30:02 AM


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10/2/2012 10:49:37 AM

Hehehe waking up to your novel was the perfect way to start my day! Especially that comment about NOT proof reading, hah!! Insert snort and giggle here! LOL..

Jesus... as I sit here drinking my coffee, I think of my next cup! HAH! Do you do that too? I guess MY biggest excuse is my hyper toddler that insists on climbing out of bed at 630 every damn morning.. that makes it warranted, RIGHT? That and I used to work at sbux and they really did a great job solidifying my addiction, LOL! I've been wanting to add green tea to my drinking repertoire, which is quite boring I must add - since my hubby and I don't drink alcohol =anymore=. I've heard green tea, whilst caffeinated, only has like a 1/3 of the caffeine that coffee does, so even if you drink it later in the day, it's not going to give you a jolt and keep you up all night..

That brings me back to the napping, you totally sound like my hubby! hehe.. he's a TRUE leo and naps literally anywhere and everywhere if he lays down for more than 5 minutes, hah! It cracks me up! I wish I could nap like that =/ Would make my life so much easier! Aside from when Kenny was a newborn and I napped when he did (seriously NEEDED to for survival! sleep deprivation is the worst!) I can't nap when it's light outside =/ On the catch 22 of that one though, if you put me in front of a movie after dark I'm asleep in less than 10 minutes.. my friends make fun of me for it constantly =p

OH and that reminds me ! Have you ever tried drinking a cup of cracka on your way home from work and busting out your workout right away? Zuzana used to do this thing called "Coffee talks" before her workouts and would advocate drinking a cup pre workout to give you a boost to energy. I LOVE that idea (and really anything involving advocating drinking more coffee haha) so I do that a lot =] You should try it !

Workouts.. SOO, that reminds me that I wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on my most recent blog! I've been seriously put through the wringer with this hip crap I've been dealing with. Luckily though I went to my chiro yesterday and he said that even though I was having sharp pains that day, my hips held alignment way better than they have, which is progress!!! So he said along with walking like a crazy I can start adding in some mellow exercises to my routine again.. YAYYY! But as of late, yes, I've ONLY been walking.. I've been going NUTSO! lol!! But I'm going to start adding in some yoga again and some hip strengthening stuff.. whoot!

OK, next thing, BODYROCK PORN ! lol! I totally agree with you - distracting! But that's kind of part of their whole thing.. sex totally sells! And the most amusing part is that while you'd think that most of the people tuning in to these videos would be men, actually 80% of them are WOMEN! Seriously, who doesn't like boobs? haha! I'm all for nudity =p=p But at the same time, when Lisa Marie first came on and the whole switch happened, it was WEIRD. Before it was a husband and wife, so the up butt shots were kind of excused in my brain, but then all of a sudden there was this new chick with the same kind of shots and the intimacy factor was gone.. -shrugs- I could speculate all freaking day, but when it comes down to is that majority of their workouts are freaking fantastic and get you some serious results! It's worth book marking for SURE, especially zuzana! I freaking LOVE HER!!!

OK, now onto PIERCINGS! =D Yes, my hubby and I both have our septums done =] But his is stretched to a 4 gauge =D He's been up to a 2g before, but the 4 is a better fit for his nose, I think. He has quite the honker, so it really fits him and I think it's sexy as hell =] People used to ask us ALL THE TIME if we get our nose rings stuck together and never did till after 3 years! HAH! And then when it happened we were cracking up so hard and had a difficult time getting ourselves separated! LOL! The piercings I got were just my 2nd up on my lobes. I had one on one side done when I was like 12 (for SOME REASON i didn't get the 2nd one? dumb dumb dumb!) so I got them evened out. I plan on doing another one, so there's three (even thought that third one is going to be going through some cartilage for sure). I also have industrial in both of my ears (seriously the most painful piercing ever!) but I love them to pieces and wont ever take them out =] Other than those and my septum, I've had my nipples, navel and hood done as well, but had to take all three out due to pregnancy/childbirth =[ Actually, I probably would have taken the hood out ANYWAY, just because it was way too much stimulation for me! lol! it actually kind of desensitized me because it was constantly rubbing, ya know? I'm definitely going to get my nipples re done someday (maybe after a lift and fill, LOL! lets not even go into the topic of my poor deflated boobies and their 2 1/2 year nursing relationship hahaha) and my navel's hole now has a huge stretch mark through it, so if I get that re-done it will probably be below my navel. We'll see! I LOVE piercings, and completely agree with what you were saying about the pleasure/pain! =] And DUDE, i'm so jealous that you worked in a shop!! I would LOVE THAT =] I love the entire culture and everything that surrounds body modifications (maybe that's why I'm so into working out? =p)

OK, I need to get my 2nd cup now, so off I go! Happy TUESDAY to you my dear! Good luck with it! Don't drink too much crack! ;-)

ps: BOO for spark being so lame and not allowing profanity! I wasn't going to proof read either, but it kept giving me the finger for a few f*cks and sh*ts! D*MNIT! hahaha

Comment edited on: 10/2/2012 10:50:23 AM

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10/1/2012 11:35:33 AM

Dude.. I love our LENGTHY RESPONSES! =]=] I always feel bad when I write a novel out hahahaha, but with you I WONT! =D
Ok jesus, where do I start! haha

First off, Kettlebells, bob harper AND jillian michaels TOTALLY ROCK! Have you ever tried Jillian's other videos? her ripped in 30 is WAY better than 30 day shred (in my opinion) and her yoga meltdown dvd is a favorite of mine for sure =] So great! Jillian is where I saw my biggest changes.. I believe with 30ds I lost like 7 lbs and over 10 inches and then followed that with ripped and I lost somewhere around 10lbs and 6+ inches! It was incredible! And I did ripped while my hubby was out of town of business (For TWO month, gah!) and so when he came home I was like a new woman! It felt AWESOME =] That being said though, while I credit Jillian with my biggest body changes, BODYROCK truly changed my life! They really brought into focus what I need to do to get the body that I want (and now have!!!) and as soon as I started with them I was HOOKED! Unfortunately though, I can't really vouch for their newer stuff.. last october their original team, Freddy and Zuzana (Whom were married) split up, which left a HUGE rift in the bodyrock community! Zuzana started her own workout program (Called zwows. you tube it! YOU WONT BE SORRY! I actually can say that they're doing a better job than bodyrock as of late!!) but if you go to this site here: http://litealloy.com/workouts/tags there are all their older workouts and the zwows categorized so you can search for specifics. Zuzana is seriously amazing.. she is what motivates me the most! Now with bodyrock they have new host, and this woman named Lisa Marie, which I really do enjoy her personality NOW, but she's gone through a lot of changes since she joined with bodyrock (now dating freddy, boob job, nose job.. the list goes on!) and it's hard to keep up.. So yeah, go to that site I gave you and look at some of the workouts! I hope you enjoy it!

Ahh coffee coffee coffee!! I was doing coffee mate too, but had to give it up because it's so damn expensive! So NOW how I do my coffee is half milk (which I warm first) and then coffee and 2tsp of sugar. It's pretty much a latte haha but it's so good and I love it! And way less proccessed stuff than the creamer! I used to eat that stuff religiously and then I looked at what was IN it and decided it's now for treat time (aka at my parents LOL!) only!

OK now my fav topic (besides working out...) TATTOOOOOS! I seriously want to see some pics! I"m DYING for more ink! I actually just had my sister in law pierce my ears again just to get a pain fix, LOL! Is that crazy?? I used to have so many piercings, and with pregnancy I had to take a few out =[ So I'm working on building that back up also! heh. And my septum.. i LOVE IT! I got it done while I was working for starbucks and it was perfect because I could just flip it up into my nose for work and pull it out the rest of the time. And it's seriously so hard to rip these things out, because they pierce it right in the front of your nose where there's super thin skin but then you have THICK cartilage that holds it in! I can tug on this thing all day and it isn't goin no where! Plus it doesn't hurt either =] Seriously the least painful piercing I've ever gotten! My ear lobes hurt more, LOL! You should do it! After looking at your pics again, I think your face would be great for it =] Some people look dumb with it in, but you, my dear, would simply look even MORE badass =]

That's so cool that you used to live in Lacey! My cousin lives down there =] That is about an hour and a half south of where I live. I'm just about 20 minutes north of Seattle. I LOVE it here.. seriously the best place in the world! Where are you living right now?? You should really make it back here sometime! Maybe if you do we could meet up and get our workout on? =D

Alright, that's probably enough rambling for now, HAH! Off to go make myself my second cup of sugary crack coffee and cut up a nectarine for my son! LOL! Ahh life! Hope you're having a great start to your week! =]

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9/30/2012 11:19:09 AM

Aw you're so sweet! And trust me when I say that this body that has carried my son surprises ME too! =]=] I remember just a year ago I had finished Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 and I picked up her six week six pack video but scoffed at it saying to my husband

"psh, it's impossible for me to have a six pack, I'm just doing this video to work my abs out more! But all the extra skin from my stretch marks won't allow me to have one"

Cha.. RIGHT! The bigger problem was that my self confidence in my determination was seriously LACKING. What a huge difference confidence makes! Shortly after that was when I discovered Bodyrock.tv and it's all history from there =] Their platform and community totally motivated me to stop making excuses for myself and that I CAN and WILL be the best ME that I can be!!! And I'm still shocked every day when I look in the mirror and see curves that I've never had, nor ever thought that I would have... incredible what the body can do when you put your mind to it! =]

And SUGAR.. my love and enemy =] If it makes you feel any sort of solice at all, I probably consume at LEAST 6 tsp of SUGAR in just my coffee alone.. =] I can't say no! hahaha.. I've tried Stevia and it's just not the same.. I've tried cutting coffee out entirely and THAT , my dear, is NOT happening hahaha... So I guess my point is that different things work for different people! And while sugar is really looked at as an "evil" additive in the fitness/nutrition world, different things work for different people, and that alone is not going to stand in your way of your goals =] You just have to pick and choose where your indulgences are going to be! =]

OK now I've rambled, huh? hehehe hope I didn't bore you with all my ranting!

Ok, final little tid bit.. I'm curious about your tattoos! =p What are they of? I LOVE how you have both arms with 3/4 sleeves! Very sexy =]=] I need more tats!! I only have two and I'm seriously CRAVING my next one! It's going to be the quote

"Our greatest Glory in Life is Not in Never Falling but in Rising Every Time we Fall" - Confucius

and I'm going to be getting it along the inside of my arm, along my bicep =] Going to hurt like a bitch but be so awesome! That quote has gotten me through a lot of dark patches =]=]

Hope your weekend is going swell! =]=] Keep at it girl! =]

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9/28/2012 11:09:07 AM

Haha, we commented on each other at the same time! =p=p And thanks!! I've worked my freaking ASS off! (literally!) But it's also been a long journey, that started 2 years ago this month! Crazy to think it's been so long, and has gone so fast at the same time! =]

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