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I'm really done!!!

After a frustrating failure, I am back on the track again. I've joined my first boot camp and I'm more determined than I've ever been.

With a new motivation boost, I made an optimistic collage and updated my sparkpage.

Cross your fingers for me this time! :)
After a frustrating failure, I am back on the track again. I've joined my first boot camp and I'm more determined than I've ever been.

With a new motivation boost, I made an optimistic collage and updated my sparkpage.

Cross your fingers for me this time! :)




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My Goals:
I want to smile when I look at my reflection in the mirror.

I want to look beautiful and want to be loved.

I want to be a size 38!

(I'm not sure if America also uses the same size system, I'm still trying to get used to calculate between pounds and kgs. :) )

My Program:
Sweatsuit to swimsuit bootcamp!

Personal Information:
I am an emotional eater with self-esteem problems. I get angry a lot to myself and to other people.

I have faith in God and in myself. I may fall sometimes, but I definitely know that I'll rise again.

Other Information:
"Say: I seek refuge with the Lord of the Dawn
From the mischief of created things;
From the mischief of Darkness as it overspreads;
From the mischief of those who practise secret arts;
And from the mischief of the envious one as he practises envy.
(Qur'an, Surah 113:Al-Falaq)"

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

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5/13/2013 10:10:14 AM

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Happy Birthday to You!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

.•*´`•.¸ .•*´`•.¸ .•*´`•.¸ .•*´`•.¸ .•*´`•.¸ .•*´•.¸ .•*´`•.¸
.•*´`•.¸ .•*´`•.¸ .•*´Show Your•*´`•.¸ .•*´•.¸ .•*´`•.¸
.•*´`•.¸Determination & Accountability•.¸ .•*´`•.¸
.•*´`•.¸ .•*´`•.¸ .•*´`•.¸ .•*´`•.¸ .•*´`•.¸ .•*´•.¸ .•*´`•.¸

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5/12/2011 2:14:43 AM

Happy 23rd birthday!! (Mew Meow meow! - Us kitties have to stick together! HEheee.)

Where are ya, Done Girl!? I hope no matter where you find yourself in life, you are definitely enjoying it this birthday!!

All the very best,

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5/16/2010 11:48:16 PM

emoticon Happy Belated Birthday emoticon

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5/15/2010 9:59:35 AM

emoticon emoticon emoticon Happy Belated Birthday from your fellow Done Girl! emoticon emoticon emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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5/14/2010 10:23:25 PM

emoticon Happy BELATED Birthday, DONE GIRL emoticon

The Taurus girl is born to a mother she can never live up to so she learns to be stubborn and stand her own ground at an early age. She can certainly be obese, since turning to food for comfort can be her friend. She holds in her frustration and it can be her downfall. She needs to use other ways to let this out, like music, art, or drama, as she loves the arts and luxury. She gets along well with VIRGO, CAPRICORN, Pisces and Cancer and she makes a wonderful "woman behind the successful man" as she can handle money. She makes a good banker, real estate person, chef, baker, mother, designer, or anything to do with beauty. She doesn't care much for school as she learns from "hands on" and "feeling" what is real in the world. She can deal wtih gardening and animals, and walking her dog can be her best exercise. Dance and music can help her shed the pounds as it brings out the best in her.
Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and the Sun resides in this sign from 21 April until 20 May each year. The symbol of Taurus is the Bull, for reasons that will be developed in the next few paragraphs.

As a Taurus, you are likely to be very patient, a hard worker, and one of those people who constantly puts forth much sustained effort. Your demeanor is slow and deliberate, and attempts by others to hurry you rarely succeed. You need time to adjust to new ideas and changes. You can be stubborn to the point of becoming rigid, but you are practical and constructive in nearly everything you do. You carefully consider options before starting any action or coming to any conclusion. You function best under conditions where there is predictability, and where you can exercise a degree of control.

Good-natured and friendly, your placid demeanor rarely shows upset or anger. When you are aroused, as suggested by the symbol of the sign, your reactions are very much like those of the angered bull. This anger can be reckless, and often lingers.

There is a certain reluctance in the Taurus nature to try anything new or different. You don't take many chances, and you believe in sticking with the familiar and comfortable. There is not much adventure in your soul, and it is probably fair to label you a conservative individual. The danger with Taurus is the tendency to become too narrow-minded, and to dismiss anything that can't be seen, touched, smelled or tasted.
You are not usually the first to learn a lesson, but when it is mastered, you are not likely ever to forget. Retentive and steadfast, you don't scatter your energies. You may be lazy at times, perhaps not spending any energy at all for extended periods. Yet long term, you are very willing to assume responsibility and shoulder more than your fair share of the load.

You may be materialistic, often showing interests in money, security, and comforts in life. To those you love, you often show your feelings in a material way, and you appreciate the same in return. The Taurus personality is sometimes too concerned with money and possessions. Perhaps a little indulgent and luxury-loving, you relish creature comforts and appreciate beautiful possessions. Because of these interests, you have good taste in clothing and furnishings. You also may have a talent for landscaping and working with plants and flowers to make your surrounding more pleasant and appealing.

You may excel as a cook, but even if you don't have the inclination to prepare it, you certainly enjoy food; perhaps too much. Because of this, you may have a battle with your weight. A slow metabolism and lack of interest in exercise often compound this problem.

A natural interest in art and music often leads to careers or hobby pursuits in some form of art. Taurus is the sign that rules the throat, so you may have a fine singing and speaking voice.

Love relationships are very important to you. Since you don't like being alone, you may settle for a partnership that is less than ideal, instead of accepting loneliness. Once settled in a relationship, you are very steadfast and dependable. You are exceedingly loyal, and make a very faithful friend. The most appealing aspect of Taurus, that sweet and loving temperament, is the often present when the Sun appears in Taurus. emoticon

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