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I've been on my mission of be healthy for over five years now. I would have never guessed the many turns my path has taken. I've added to the list of challenges an autoimmune disease, a broken humerus, foot surgery and the loss of my "personal walking trainer" who was a shepard/lab mix who never stopped encouraging me to move and have a positive attitute. My mission this year is to by 7/2013 to not let my goals linger - walk on and make it happen.

I've been on my mission of be healthy for over five years now. I would have never guessed the many turns my path has taken. I've added to the list of challenges an autoimmune disease, a broken humerus, foot surgery and the loss of my "personal walking trainer" who was a shepard/lab mix who never stopped encouraging me to move and have a positive attitute. My mission this year is to by 7/2013 to not let my goals linger - walk on and make it happen.

I'm lived through a brain aneurysm, low thyroid, sinus infections, asthma, low vitamin D, absence from my husband...

But I'm tired of all of that defining who I am - I'll post it so others with the same will not be alone, but I'm ready to define myself as a well and happy person. I love the visualization that I've got hamster blood in my veins. The little beast that jumps on the wheel for the sheer delight, eats for the freshness and sleeps in a fuzzy dream. 2010 is not about weigh loss, it is about letting go of the chains of bad health.

I've always said there are two types of people that live in Seattle -- depressed and delusional. I'm of the later crowd, as the rain starts to move in I attempt to imagine that the world is amazingly bright! So my theme for the next push forward is coming into bloom! I'm going to fill my life with flowers and watch myself some into the next form.

Living with Spring in my heart! As we approach the darker days of the year the desire to linger in bed, cave in front of TV, make our happiness rich foods raises its dark head. However, I have a secret. Even if it is dark, I can get up and run stairs and my heart with bring back the warm, sweet glow of Spring. I can take Vitamin D so my body believes it has been bathed in sunlight. I can continue to include frozen berries in my diet so I can rejoice in summer delight. I will scape my exercise place so I feel alive and well and I will reborn in the Spring of a new body.

Getting past the excuses...
We all have them, its a part of life. Budget, family, illnesses, job, kids....time is just a limited equation on this earth and the difference is how we divid it up. The tug-of-war is being set aside for the next month and I'm going to attempt to focus on being a hamster for the next 50 days - happy attitude, drink plenty of water, eat fresh munch stuff, get on the wheel of moving and watch the chin disappear....
I now know I have H63D hemochromatosis. The label is a relief for all the pain and struggle I've been having with eating and exercise. I've keep my weight under 200, with current off being 27.2 - I know I've hit a turning point. The next year is going to be trying, but I'm sure the key has been handed to me now. My best advice is to log. It has allowed me to figure out so many trends in my health.
I didn't gain all my weight back but I came close, however, no regrets as I've learned so much. Starting in February I starting working at both nutritional tracking and exercise again. With Lent I started being vegan. As of today, I've lost 25 lbs, so I'm starting to make forward progress again. Last year June I was 43 lbs. off so less than twenty to catch up. I will get farther this year and more importantly, I will plan better how to survive Oct, Nov, Dec my trouble months.
11/14/08 Trying to start again. Net 18 lbs lost for the year. Attempting to do as well as I can, even if I gained.
To date 8/3/08, I had lost 40 lbs, but then gained back 10. I could blame it on a wicked July (lost 2 uncles, father had a heart attack etc), but the reality is I gave into the I'm back in the game. I hope to catch up to my original plan by added in some additional exercise.
-------------End of June
To date I've lost 40 lbs and my pants are falling over my hips. Never thought I'd be here and now that I've made progress I'm dealing with the fear. WILL I GAIN IT BACK? No way. I've come this far and besides I've got to keep the JIVE (Jenna Inspired Vital Energy) alive. Next goal to get the courage to put my pictures out here...but then again who can resist my Lou pup's sweet face??
----------Initial entry
I've been walking since the first of the year with my dog and have already lost just over 20 lbs and am down a size in clothes. 2007 was a tough year: sinus infections, neck injury, brain aneurysm surgery and then discovering I had very low thyroid (I love thyroxine!). My vow "2008 will be a better year!" Be well to all, and may we all be healthier by the end of this year.

I joined Spark 2/15/08. My start weight is based on the first of the year.

Half way mark reached 6/3/08 (six months for 40 lbs.) I'm goaling to reach the next 40 down by start of 2009.
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My Goals:
To feel as "normal" as I can again. I be able to take care of my garden, go back to work full time, to have people see a healthy person and yea the weight being gone would be a plus. Mostly, however, I want a non-puffy face.

After a year of illness, I want to feel healthy and strong.

My Program:
Never giving up......
1) No Fast Food

2) No Processed Food

3) Increased Protein

4) Increased Vegetables

5) Following up with my doctors

6) Getting at least 20 minutes of exercise a day NO MATTER WHAT!!

7) Attempt to get three 2 hours work outs in a week, if not more

8) Watching TV only when exercising, limiting computer time to 1 hour.

9) Saying no to people that have always wanted me to solve their problems and trust they are healthy enough to take care of themselves.

10) Making myself my top priority for one year.

Personal Information:
I'm just over 50 and plan stay at 50, even if the calendar records differently. I'm embracing the concept of menopause, even if hot flashes add a another layer to exercising. My dog, Louis, is a exercise hound, who loves Flyball, walks and GODOGGO. He helps remind me to get out and move. Married, daughter, in healthcare, love the outdoors, books, learning new things and being a bit risky.

Other Information:
The hamster never questions where its going, it just gets on the wheel and runs for the sheer delight of running. I'm in search of my hamster DNA! Getting coaching help!

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Member Comments:
11/20/2012 8:10:13 AM

Thanks for the Costco suggestion! Maybe I will head there this weekend and get some of my favorite Thanksgiving Day things for a special dinner with my husband and kids. I never thought about that.

As for my food intolerance, it's not like a dieter binge eating for a special meal and then going back to their diet the next day. The hit on my body from eating these foods is not something that is gone within a few hours like someone who is lactose intolerant. Instead it takes several months for your body to rid itself of the gluten and heal. My mom who has Rheumatoid Arthritis that is linked to gluten can tell if she gets just a speck of gluten in a meal. Her joints swell up big time and she will be in major pain for at least a week. My coworker's wife, who has severe Celiacs, breaks out in a very painful skin rash that lasts several weeks and will have extreme headaches and stomach pains for many days following the ingestion. She will only eat out at restaurants that are 100% gluten-free because how extreme her Celiacs is. I had a gluten meal over the weekend as I have to be consuming it for my test next week and spent the next 2 days very uncomfortable, headaches, fatigue, and lots of GI problems. I'm still not back 100% either, but at least my headache is finally gone. As I said before, Celiacs isn't like being lactose intolerant. Someone who is lactose intolerance can still eat those foods and then pay for it a couple hours later, but then be fine. With Celiacs it will ruin your intestines and prevents your body from absorbing nutrients and eventually you can become very sick and die as your body is not able to function as it should. And there is no pill or surgery for Celiacs. The only "cure" is to avoid foods with gluten and you have to follow the diet the rest of your life, it never just goes away. And you can't treat yourself once in awhile, get sick for a couple hours, and then continue on with your life. Pasta and bread are probably 2 of my favorite type foods but with how my body reacts to those foods, I actually will not miss those foods as much as I thought I would. Yet I have a friend who is lactose intolerant and she still eats cheese and says she just pays for it in the bathroom later and then is back to normal, so she doesn't mind. I'm normally the type who ignores feeling sick until it gets really bad so when I describe to this friend what all I go through, she said if she reacted the same way to lactose, she would never have it again either. My mom has been gluten free for 4 years now and has absolutely no desire to "cheat" and indulge in one of her old favorite foods as she knows what would happen to her if she did and does not want to go through all of that. The thing too with people who go on a GF diet, once their body heals, if they try ingesting gluten again, their body will have a much, much more severe reaction than they did before when they were regularly ingesting the gluten. Once it's completely out of your body, your body attacks it big time if it ever enters your body again.

Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to try and explain what Celiacs/Gluten Intolerance is like for people. It's not an enjoyable thing to experience and I hope most people will never have to know what it is like.

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11/16/2012 10:27:17 PM

Get some rest and start tomorrow.

Have a nice weekend.

YOu can do it!!!! emoticon emoticon

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11/16/2012 11:28:47 AM

Thank you for stopping by my blog! Your words about Jenna made me happy. I hope she would indeed by proud of me!

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11/13/2012 9:49:39 PM

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
It is such an honor for me to be considered a friend. And I thank you for giving me the honor and adding me to your list of friends.
I look forward to getting to know you better through our journey of weight loss and better health together.
Hugs from a new friend,

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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11/13/2012 3:09:16 PM

Wow! A whole pound is a lot for such a little guy! You're such a good puppy mom!

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