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Hi! My name is Kandi, from California. I am trying to loose 40 more pounds and find it really hard to stay on track. I am hoping the Spark People will help me to achieve my goals to be healthier and to be 128 by my next birthday.
Hi! My name is Kandi, from California. I am trying to loose 40 more pounds and find it really hard to stay on track. I am hoping the Spark People will help me to achieve my goals to be healthier and to be 128 by my next birthday.



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My goal is to loose 40 more pounds. I would like to be healthier and more active.

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My program is to watch my calories and to work out 4-6 times per week. No fast food, chocolate, junk food, and no soda.

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I am married and the mother of 4: 18,16, and 9 (twins). I have an office job. I ride with my husband when I can and I paint.

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2/21/2014 6:38:06 PM


I would like to invite you to join the Spring Biggest Loser Challenge!
If you're interested, go to this page: http://www.sparkpeople.com/myspark/groups_

It is to the BLC All Team page. The Spring sign up thread is the second thread in the General Discussion Forum. Just add your name to the list

I'm on the Turquoise Titans Team!
If you want to be on Turquoise, you need to add that beside your names
Patty picks those who indicate a specific team to place first.

I hope to see you there!

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1/7/2007 6:18:55 AM

Thanks for the suggestion of listening to Praise Music while working out.
I'm currently going to Contours Express, to work out, and they control what we listen to. It's up-beat stuff, but not anything I'd CHOOSE!

At home I've got control of what I listen to.

Have you heard of "Praise Moves"?
It's a Christian alternative to Yoga.
VERY good workout.

Grace and peace to you,
Canice (aka Candi)

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1/5/2007 7:16:44 AM

Kandi, GREAT job on drinking 60 oz. of water!
Before you know it, you'll be CRAVING more water, and end up drinking the 96 oz. that is suggested on BFL.

I try to drink a TALL glass every time I go to the bathroom, sit at the computer, eat, or feel thirsty. At least one an hour.
It helps that I have a water filter on my fridge, so the water comes out COLD and doesn't have a taste.

Water shouldn't have any taste, or TEXTURE!

I used to NOT drink ANY water!
Oh, sure, there was water IN the stuff I drank, but there were also mega calories as well!

Then I joined a "CHALLENGE" and started drinking "Half my body weight in ounces of water each day" and watched the weight DROP!
I lost 10 pounds by adding the habbit of drinking water, nothing else in my life had changed! I was still eating and doing the same things.

THEN I took another step and gave up Coffee. {{{SIGH}}} I lost ANOTHER 10 Pounds!

Then I took a GIANT step and started exercising 3 times a week. WOE!
Nothing really strenuous, just walking, and playing with my kids.
I lost another 10 pounds, with very little effort.

Then I lost my zeal, and went back to my old habbits, and gained it all back, with INTEREST!

So, now I'm determined to do this Body for LIFE (BFL) Challenge, to instill HABBITS that will be "for LIFE!" Not just for me, but for my kids! I don't want them to have the same battles of the BULDGE that I have.


(picture me with a coach's whistle and pom-poms!)

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1/4/2007 5:31:13 AM

Hey Kandi!

How's the Body for LIFE program going with you?

I've managed to exercise doing cardio every day so far, but haven't done any toning with weights. I plan to...

I am amazed at how I've not been hungry, seeing as I eat every 2 to 3 hours!
The thing I noticed is, I'm coming in at the low end of my suggested callorie range. That's a switch! I used to max out my callories, or go over. Eating vegetables is satisfying, seeing as they're so CRUNCHY, and good, but so LOW CALORIE!

I was amazed at how FEW callories are in Vegetables!

No wonder we are supposed to eat at least 5 servings a day, and can have as many as we want.

Be sure to keep telling yourself that you can do this!
Don't give up!

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1/2/2007 4:59:13 AM

Welcome to Body for LIFE (BFL) for Women New Year's Challenge!

In a nut shell, BFL is a 12 Week Challenge that focuses on our Mind, Mouth, and Muscle

Mind: Think positive! Get rid of the "Stinkin' Thinkin'"

Mouth: Eat 5 to 6 times each day (Think "SMART" food choices vs. "JUNK" food!)

Muscle: Exercise 6 times a week for 30 minutes a day (3 days of Cardio, and 3 days of TONING with Weights)
- Drink 12 glasses of water a day
- Get enough REST

There's more, but you'll learn as we go along.

I look forward to getting to know you!

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