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Finding the Love Within

10/4/13: Starting Over plain and simple, tracking, exercising and most importantly thinking positive. I am going to cook and eat delicious and healthy food. I can do this.

****3/7/12: Looking back at my SPage intros from the beginning I get a real sense of how far I have come in some ways. I see how strong I was in September, and right after that I found out I needed surgery which I had in December. That surgery and recovery caused ...
10/4/13: Starting Over plain and simple, tracking, exercising and most importantly thinking positive. I am going to cook and eat delicious and healthy food. I can do this.

****3/7/12: Looking back at my SPage intros from the beginning I get a real sense of how far I have come in some ways. I see how strong I was in September, and right after that I found out I needed surgery which I had in December. That surgery and recovery caused a standstill and slight upswing for my weight loss journey. Life happens as they say. This has truly been the most difficult part of my journey so far. I am battling back and getting back to loving my workouts and as is my pattern, my eating and tracking is following suit. My weight is almost the same as it was last year at this time, but that's ok. I will get to my goal weight and it will be all that much sweeter because of the walls I had to break through to get there.
It's 2012, a New Year. I'm not usually one for NY resolutions, but this is perfect timing. I had thyroid surgery 12/2/2011. I couldn't exercise other than walk since then. I ate fairly well other than a couple of emotional eating days and some holiday treats. Hoping that getting back to my exercise routine and back to basics I can lose the last 25 lbs.

I reset my ticker. I vow never to forget where I started at 219 lbs. Days when I feel fat in my size 10 pants are nothing compared to when I was obese.

Healthy BMI here I come. The biggest reward when I reach my goal is to resize my wedding ring! I miss wearing it. I am currently wearing my Mother's wedding band.

Back to basics: Mearsuring, Tracking, 64 oz water, bootamp 2x a week, running 3x a week. Once I build my stamina back I will set some running goals. Half marathon perhaps??
I'm in the home stretch. So close to my goal I can taste it. I'm making September about my running goals. The races I plan to do are in my goals. I've downloaded speed workouts and a 10K training program. I am committing to keep a positive body image, healthy eating habits and sticking to my workout routine.
I am working hard to finish what I started. I'm down 60 and have 15 to go to my original goal. I might reset my goal once I get there and see how I look/feel. My new background is part of my effort to keep my head in the right place. Positive self image is half the battle. I have found myself being overly critical and hard on myself. I need to get OVER it and remember to be the best ME I can BE!
I ran that 5K I talk about below, and it was one of the most incredible and empowering things I have done. I had to work hard to build up stamina to jog the whole 3.1 miles. At week 6 of my training I was about to give up, when my kids told me I had to "Finish What I Started". Hmm, wonder where they heard that? I accomplished something I never thought I could.

Although I realize I will never be "finished" with my healthy lifestyle, I will reach my goal weight. Originally that was 145, but we'll see how I look/feel when I get there. It has taken me a lot longer than I expected to do this, but that is because I have made it a lifestyle, and not a quick fix. I eat things I shouldn't on occasion, and splurge here and there, but it's not every day like it used to be. I can live with that. I cannot live with cutting foods totally out of my diet. I'm sooo close to the 150s, and psyched! I KNOW I can do this. That's what running that 5k meant to me. That I can do what I never thought was possible.
I made it! Into the 160s that is. Whew the 170s lasted FOREVER. Perseverance paid off. Officially down 50lbs! Trust me, if I can do this anyone can. I also signed up for my first 5K today which I will be running in June. I never really minded exercise, but I always hated running. I am actually growing to love it! The sense of accomplishment I feel when I complete a session of my 5K training is incredible. 3/11/11
I just realized that I only have 29lbs until I reach my goal. Since I lost 45, I can lose 30, right?? Of course! The trick is to never give up. Like that quote from Babe Ruth ~ "It's hard to beat someone who will never give up." I've been hovering in the 170s for the past 2 months. It's time to get focused and get on down to the 160s. Get ready, cuz here I come!

Ok, I've been at this since April 1, 2010, and I've been pretty successful. I'm living a happy life, I feel better because I'm exercising, I am enjoying the food I eat, and I'm not as hard on myself. I struggle with feeling guilty for all of the "me" time at the gym, but it makes me a better Mom, Wife, Friend, Sister, etc. I learned on SP that it's not all motivation. I'm doing this because I have to. I have that "Make it Happen" personality. I have been successful because of it. No, it's not because I am motivated 24/7 or that I have this super willpower. I have set a goal, and I am determined to achieve it. Failure is not an option. I wouldn't give up on my family, a friend, or even a project at work because it wasn't easy. So I'm not giving up on my health. It's not always easy, but I will live a healthy life.

Below is the first message I put on my Spark Page and it was entitled "Positive Attitude". I'm not ready to get rid of it, because it helps me to see where I started:


I have been on and off of diets almost my whole life. So, I am embracing a healthy lifestyle, not going on a diet. The postive I take from this is, that each time I have "dieted" and lost weight I have learned something new about myself and my eating habits. I have a perfectionist personality, and I used to approach losing weight with an "all or nothing" attitude denying myself of any treats, and if I gave in and ate them I would be done. Last time I lost 70 lbs I realized I could "slip" and get back on the next meal or the next day.

I have examined these patterns and come to terms with what started my emotional eating habits. I am recognizing those triggers and why I have failed in the past. I made a list of excuses I use to stop being healthy and a list of reasons I want to be healthy. I go back to these when I need motivation. NO MORE EXCUSES! I want to be healthy, lose weight, have more engergy and be more active!

I have also realized that by "cheating" the only one I am hurting is me. I pride myself on being honest, so it's time to start being honest with myself. When temptation strikes I focus on how I will feel after I eat something or how good I will feel by resisting.

I hope you can help me on this journey. I am a very good friend, so if you need encouragement leave me a comment or send a message and I will be there for you!

I am a fun loving person.
I am a loving wife.
I am a terrific mom.
I am a supportive and giving friend.
I am strong and determined.
I am getting healthier every day!
Failure is not an option, I will succeed.

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3/11/2014 12:22:11 PM

I walk with my dogs too when I have them - my son and I share them. I know what you mean. Have a great day! emoticon

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3/1/2014 12:05:10 AM

I use the Spark Tracker and I saw it was $10 off a couple of days ago. It's basic and easy. It counts steps fairly accurately but when I workout it doesn't track the stuff I do. It only records as exercise if sustained for 10 minutes. You can swim with it. I like it and would recommend it. I bought mine on Amazon. How's your streak going? I'm just going to do my 10 minutes now. I worked most of last night and was in a class today so tired. Have a great weekend.

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2/26/2014 4:10:14 PM

Thanks for adding me as a friend. The more the merrier and so excited you're joining in the challenge. emoticon

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Yeah!!! I'm glad you are IN! I couldn't commit to the gym, either. My schedule just isn't working right now. I was letting that be an excuse. But, I have some equipment at home (like weights & a BOSU) & I have lots of videos. AND... there are so many free videos online! I'm using the FitnessBlender workouts right now, but I'll be mixing it up.

Welcome to the group! You are #4! emoticon

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Thanks for stopping by my blog! Spark On! emoticon

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