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Here I go...again. I've been on Spark People since Jan. '07, and usually my eating habits are great when I'm by myself, but as soon as I'm with people...we'll go out to eat (and I don't make the best choices), or we'll go out for drinks (I don't make the best choices there, either) and I blow it...again!

I'm going to try to start the "Spark" again. I think that if I'm consistent with excercise, I'll be fine. I don't really have too much weight to lose, but I have some jiggle ...
Here I go...again. I've been on Spark People since Jan. '07, and usually my eating habits are great when I'm by myself, but as soon as I'm with people...we'll go out to eat (and I don't make the best choices), or we'll go out for drinks (I don't make the best choices there, either) and I blow it...again!

I'm going to try to start the "Spark" again. I think that if I'm consistent with excercise, I'll be fine. I don't really have too much weight to lose, but I have some jiggle that I'd like to get rid of.


That was quite a while ago...

I have now started this healthy lifestyle monster over again. I think it will be much easier this time. I decided to have a breast reduction about 10 years ago, but it wasn't until 9/17/2008 that it finally happened! I cannot believe the difference it has made!

I took four weeks off after my surgery to get completely healed and healthy before starting back at the gym. I feel like I lost so much (endurance), yet gained so much (weight). Before I went in I was running for about an hour everyday, not including my 10 minute warm up and cool down.

My first day back at the gym was Monday (10/20/2008) and I can't believe how much easier it is to run! I don't have any excess weight pulling me down anymore. Of course, I only lasted about 25 minutes (with a five minute warm up), but it felt so good!

My boyfriend is joining me this time. He is following the "Body for Life" fitness plan, and I am going with him to lift weights (hello Madonna arms! :)), but he is only doing HIIT for cardio (about 20 minutes). I like running more than that, so I will hit the gym sooner or stay later to get in more cardio (we walk to the gym, so it's perfect).

I wish all of you luck, especially you 3rd and 4th "go rounders", like myself! I am planning on a great update in about 4 weeks!



11/10 - 140 - Goal Met - 139.8
11/17 - 138 - Goal Met - 137.8
11/24 - 135 - Goal Met - 134.5...Mani and Pedi!
12/01 - 133 - 133.4 (if I don't count tenths, I met my goal) :(
12/08 - 130 - 133.2 - what!?! UGH! I was really good! MTC & no cheating!
05/01 - 130 - Goal Met - 130.6...4 New Bras (& they are cute!)
124 - New Boots!
120 - New Jeans!
114 - New LBD!
110 - GOAL!!! Bikini Shopping!

WOO HOO!!! I can do this!!!


I am starting Jillian Michael's Making the Cut!!!

Before: After
Weight - 137.8 Weight - 133.6
Bust - 36 Bust - 36
Chest - 33 Chest - 31
Waist - 29.5 (OMG!!!) Waist - 28
Hips - 40 (OMG!!!) Hips - 38
Right Thigh - 23 Right Thigh - 22
Left Thigh - 23 Left Thigh - 21.5
Right Arm - 11.5 Right Arm - 11
Left Arm - 11.5 Left Arm - 11
BF% - 30% BF% - 28

Total Loss = 4.2lbs, 9 inches and 2% Body Fat!

This will be 30 days of dedication and hard work, but I know I can do it.

Although I will follow her food menu, there are some things I don't like (I am a really picky eater), so I will substitute more of her chicken recipes for the lamb and seafood ones.

I will also be following her workout schedule EXACTLY and more than likely, on the two off days scheduled a week, I will be playing racquetball or walking (I have to support the BF while he's at the gym :) ).

I can't wait to get to the end of the 30 days and share what I have accomplished!

11/19 - Just did the food portion today (suprisingly delish)
11/20 - Day 1 - OMG - that was killer...hope it gets easier!
11/21 - Day 2 - WOW - I cannot hurts...
11/22 - Day 3 - Off Day (thank you Jillian!)
11/23 - Day 4 - Getting a little easier - I'll still be sore, I'm sure!
11/24 - Day 5 - Worked my butt off (haha...that's the point!)
11/25 - Day 6 - Off Day (thank you Jillian!)
11/26 - Day 8 - Should be Day 7 (I switched for Thanksgiving)
11/27 - Day 7 - Thanksgiving (I'll add an xtra day on the end)
11/28 - Day 7 - Off Day (waaayyy too sore still to return)
11/29 - Day 8 - Repeating to get back on track! Ouch!
11/30 - Day 9 - Not too's getting easier :P
12/01 - Day 10 - Off Day (this one really isn't as needed as before)
12/02 - Day 11 - WOW!! What a great workout! Can't wait for the results!
12/03 - Day 12 - Yeah!!! Feeling good...Can't wait for the end!
12/04 - Day 13 - Off Day...I did DDR for a half hour! Hehe!
12/05 - Day 14 - Off Day (I was gonna be off - but I am going walking)
12/06 - Day 15 - Halfway Done!!! I feel GREAT!
12/07 - Day 16 - I really pushed myself today!
12/08 - Day 17 - Off Day (I have to jog! Did you see the scale results!)
12/09 - Day 18 - Off Day (I took this one cuz I'm pouting from not losing!)
12/10 - Day 18 - I hope I see results...discouragement is setting in :(
12/11 - Day 19 - Kicked my own *ss today...I'm gonna post my after pics!
12/12 - Day 20 - Off Day! I need this one...I really worked myself over!
12/13 - Day 21 - I really kicked butt on this one!
12/14 - Day 22 - Did it all AND ran 30 mins after the circuits!
12/15 - Day 23 - Off Day! (I am going running for another 30 mins today)
12/16 - Day 24 - Off Day! (Went jogging for about 20 mins)
12/17 - Day 25 - This was difficult! I feel a stronger - still flabby, though!
12/18 - Day 26 - I added a quick two mile run to the end of this one!
12/19 - Day 27 - Off Day! (I took this one, lazy, I know...)
12/20 - Day 28 - Off Day! (I went for a three mile run anyway...)
12/21 - Day 29 - I really worked it today - and it kicked my butt!
12/22 - Day 30 - THE END!!! WOO HOO!!!

I didn't do any peaking, but I did ENJOY my holidays - I'm sure you all know exactly what I'm talking about (lots of good food and company). I think because I did so good with MTC and really liked my results, I way over indulged...and gained lots back...of course, the typical roller coaster - and I thought the holiday's would have come and gone without the gain...oh well - I still feel really good about what I accomplished, though.

January Exercise Log

1/1 - Day 1, Level 1...Jillian is still tough, even after completing MTC!
1/2 - Day 2...Off...Apparently consistentcy prevents soreness :P
1/3 - Day 3, Level 1...Still getting back into the Jillian routine-she's tough!
1/4 - Off (Surprisingly Sore...)
1/5 - Day 5, Level 1...This was MUCH easier than two days ago!
1/6 - Day 6, Level 1
1/7 - Day 7, Off from Shred but went running - 3 miles
1/8 - Day 8, Off from Shred - went running another 3 miles
1/9 - Day 9, Level 1
1/10 - Day 10, Level 1
1/11 - Day 11, Off from Shred - 3 mile run
1/12 - Day 12, Off from Shred - 3 mile run
1/13 - Day 13, Level 2
1/14 - Day 14, Level 2
1/15 - Day 15, Off from Shred - 3 mile run
1/16 - Day 16, Off from Shred - Cardio Kickboxing
1/17 - Day 17, Off from Shred - 4 mile run
1/18 - Cardio Kickboxing
1/19 - Running - 3.5 miles
1/20 - Rest Day
1/21 - Cardio Kickboxing
1/22 - Running 2.5 miles (I only had 25 mins for warm up, run & cool down)
1/23 - Running 45 mins (with 2 min warm up and 3 min cool down)

January 1/1:
Weight - 141.9
BF - 31%

January (current):
Weight - 132.0
BF - 28%

Will do measurements 2/1

It's almost summer!!!

I'm back! Actually I have been here - and been hitting the gym religiously for the last eight weeks...I am actually going to post my before and after pics this time...nothing too impressive, but the small improvements are what will get me to the huge ones over time. Currently following a 26 week program (broken up into 8 week segments with a 1 week rest week between segments) with a lot of strength training (high weight/low reps) and HIIT Cardio (no more than 30 mins on off weight days and 15 mins on weight training days).

First 8 Weeks:
(March 15 - May 9)

Starting weight - 141
Ending weight - 130

Starting body fat - 30%
Ending body fat - 27%

Starting measurements - 36 (chest), 34 (ribcage), 31 (waist), 40 (hips!) YIKES!
Ending measurements - 36 (chest), 32 (ribcage), 29 (waist), 38 (hips)

Second 8 weeks: Starting a week late because of vacation
(May 24 - July 25)

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- Using Articles to
Keep me Motivated
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Make it Fun
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- Staying active during
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I am a 27 year old female from Plymouth, MN (about 30 mins north of Minneapolis). I live by myself and have no children (so it's really hard to grocery shop). I live for sports and waterskiing. If there is a game to attend or an outdoor function going on...I'm usually there.

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I'm addicted to football, electronics, Totinos pizza, and flip flops.

My ideal vacation would be to go on a Packers Cruise with Rogers Kampman and Hawk...any other players would just add to the excitement.

Someday I will design flip flops for women who have to wear small sizes. Most of the ones I have to buy are in the "kiddies" section...and they look like it!

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Hey there! Good job keeping the pounds off! Its not easy to do! I love the idea for the 12 week goal. That way we can make a different New Years resolution besides are weight ha. I was wondering if we should do a short term goal for Halloween?! 20 days and I need to look good in my costume!

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