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I started at 195, but have yet to find a real before picture. This was about a month after I started

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Hey guys! My name is Jill. I'm 23 years old and 4' 11'' (and a quarter!), which means my goal weight is a ridiculously small number that hardly seems real. At 123-125 lbs I'll have a healthy BMI, so right now that's where I want to be.
I previously had lost about 35 pounds following Spark from January of 2011 until about May. After the semester ended I lost my momentum and stopped, but managed to lose another 5 pounds throughout the summer. Shortly after transferring colleges and moving ...
Hey guys! My name is Jill. I'm 23 years old and 4' 11'' (and a quarter!), which means my goal weight is a ridiculously small number that hardly seems real. At 123-125 lbs I'll have a healthy BMI, so right now that's where I want to be.
I previously had lost about 35 pounds following Spark from January of 2011 until about May. After the semester ended I lost my momentum and stopped, but managed to lose another 5 pounds throughout the summer. Shortly after transferring colleges and moving from home I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in September of 2011. Although it was not incredibly life-threatening, it changed my entire life, forcing me to leave school and come home to deal with surgeries and treatments. Since then I have been working and going to school near home and of course, losing and gaining in a terrible cycle. By May of 2012 I had only 15lbs left to lose and now here I sit in November looking at not only those last 15, but ANOTHER 15 added to that! I need to find my motivation and get back on track.
So the moral of the story is that I lost about 60 pounds and was down to 138 when I got too busy with work and school to take care of myself. Issues with my thyroid hormones, depression and anxiety, and the subsequent medications to treat depression and anxiety (Paxil is a bitch, I've never gained so much weight so quickly in my life) have left me bigger than ever. I think I am more unhappy about wasting my progress than I am about my weight. At this point I need to make a decision to keep trying, regardless of other circumstances. I'm not setting any crazy specific goals because I know I'll only feel like a failure when I don't meet them, so right now I just need to count my calories every day and get some exercise 3-5 days a week.
I have NEVER been a healthy weight. Okay, maybe when I was like, 3. I have seriously been obese since the dawn of time. The thought that some day (perhaps even in the near future!) I might even be considered JUST overweight is so shocking and amazing I just about die whenever I think about it. (Happened! 3/15!!!) But lucky, I did not die. Unfortunately I've gained it all back and then some, but I'm still pushing for the day that it comes again and STAYS!

I have recently come up with about a MILLION goals, too many for the entire side panel to handle, so here they are:

1. Be able to jog a mile (then 3, and then 5!). I want to kick a skinny girl's ass in a race.

2. Do (at least) 10 REAL push-ups.

3. Have a healthy BMI by Fall-Winter of 2015.

4. I want to pass that presidential fitness test they made us do in high school. I will literally go back to my high school and do the damn test. I am going to be able to hang from that stupid bar like all the other girls!

5. To go on walks and hikes, or even just up a few flights of stairs with my fit friends and not either slow them down, or have to talk the entire time to mask the sound of my heavy breathing (thus making me more exhausted).

6. I want to be able to have fun at the beach, not spend the whole time tugging my shorts and shirt down and feeling awkward and lame for being the only one not in a bathing suit.

7. I want to go to the gym with my friends and not be embarrassed about my weight, or how sweaty and red-faced I get.

8. I WANT TO WEAR CUTE SHORTS WHEN IT'S 90 DEGREES OUT. I am DONE with capris and bermudas!

9. I want to go out and actually get some male attention. I am SOOO SICK of being the girl in the background, just trying to pretend I am involved in the conversation and not totally alone and ignored.

10. I want to say yes when people ask me to get dressed up and go somewhere, because I absolutely know that I have something cute to wear, and that it WILL fit. I could even go dancing, because I wouldn't be afraid of looking like an idiot and sweating so much!

11. I want to see a freaking "S" on my shirt size for once in my life!

12. I want to never look at another plus size article of clothing ever again. Specifically, I don't ever want to see a huge looking pair of pants hanging on a rack in the store, and then look at the tag and realize I am TOO BIG to wear them.

13. I want to be able to wear light-colored pants and horizontal stripes!

14. I want to be able wear those cute, fitted yoga pants that all my friends wear outside of the house, instead of being that weird person dressed in jeans and an over-sized sweater at 7 AM breakfast in an attempt to mask my lumpy ass.

15. I want to go out to eat and order a TON of food and eat it all (okay so maybe just like, once a year) and have people thinking "Where does she put it all?" instead of "Well that explains a lot."

16. I want to have one of those pairs of jeans that you've had "forever." I'm sick of having to toss out a favorite pair of jeans (and by favorite, I mean the only pair that not only fits, but doesn't look like it was made for a mom of 5 in 1982) every few months because the inner thigh has wore away.

17. I want to break into the extensive wardrobe I have. Currently my options are very limited but I have so much cute clothing from the last time around that I won't need to buy anything until I hit a size 8. I also have lots of nice jeans and tops I have purchased the past few months thinking I still wore that size, only to find out that the only reason I'm still in that size in my old clothes is because I've stretched them all out. Seriously, brand new clothes that are just my style for free, my room is like a mall.

18. I want to not have any more freaking goals, because I am just so damn perfect that there is nothing left to achieve!

I'm really big on measuring. I find it interesting (and sometimes frustrating!) that two people can weigh the same amount but can look completely different! So, here are my stats (so far)!

1/6/11 Starting weight:
195 (probably higher, my scale is always less than the doctors, and I had already begun working out a couple days before)
waist: 35
hips: 48
chest/rib cage: 36
upper arm: 15
pants size: 18

waist: 34
hips: 47
thigh: 28
arm: 14.5

waist: 32
hips: 45
thigh: 27
arm: 13.25

waist: 30.75
hips: 44.25
thigh: 25.5
arm: 12.75
chest: 33

waist: 30.5
hips: 43.5
thigh: 25.5
chest: 32.5
arm: 12.5

waist: 28
hips: 41
thigh: 24
arm: 12
chest: 31

My lowest weight was in May 2012 at 138 lbs, my highest was someone around 225-230 in about April/May 2014.
I have recently done my measurements (9/14) but they make me sad so I'm just not going to share until I'm smaller.
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JJOELYNNN 16 days into my exercise challenge and frankly I am tired. I'm not taking a break though until I get my FitBit. It's either FitBit or I die on the treadmill (which is probably going to happen anyway)!
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Too many to for this little spot to handle, they're listed in my intro section!

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For the month of September I am doing both a crunch and pushup challenge as well as aiming for 30 minutes of exercise at least 28 of the 30 days. Currently I'm doing the C25K every other day and filling in the others with walking, kickboxing, dancing, the elliptical, yoga, and pretty much anything else that will keep me moving! Once I'm in a little better shape I vow to go back to my old aerobics class, I've never had so much fun sweating my butt off.

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I love music and animals, reading and watching movies! Oh and bowling and ice skating and games...and cooking and gardening...and eating (well duh). There are very few things I dislike.

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I would love to have a few people to hold me accountable (and vise versa) and chat with on a regular basis. I plan to be on virtually everyday, so send me a message or an email (jjoelynnn@yahoo.com).

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1/2/2014 10:26:49 AM

Wanted to stop by and wish you a very Happy New Year! I'm finally back (it's been soooo long!) and just wanted to let you know that I've missed you and that I look forward to reconnecting. Hope you are doing well and that 2014 will be your best year yet!
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7/9/2013 4:47:15 PM

Jilly! You realize that you are my one friend on here and I don't hear from you on here or in real life! Get on it!

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5/5/2013 10:07:48 PM

Hey there! I am back on Spark people hoping to get back on track. I tried weight watchers and it just wasnt working with the new program they have. I felt like i was constantly eating. I am hoping to get some tips and inspiration. How is your weight loss plan going?

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1/25/2013 7:42:42 PM

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I just wanted to say hi and tell you that even though I've been away from SP for the past several months (bogged down with work and stress) I am looking forward to ending the mighty-year-of-challenges that has plagued me this past year and start fresh soon... I may be still a bit scarce around here for the next little while but I did want to let you know that I've been thinking of you and hope you are doing well in life, in happiness, and in your journey.

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1/23/2013 11:15:30 PM

Where are ya, Done Girl!? I hope no matter where you find yourself in life, you are definitely enjoying it this birthday!!

All the very best,

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