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Chipping Away at Type2 Diabetes Naturally with Diet, Exercise & Attitude!

4/17/14 Here is a quick update. I am literally back in the saddle. Taking up riding again and living a healthy and cleaner lifestyle. I still like off-color humor but you know what I mean. It was scary I had started to fall back into my earlier evil ways. I felt sure I had killed off my evil twin when I first joined Sparks. I even considered ways to trick the scale and nothing worked. My clothes were leaning back toward black and blue shades (how funny isn't that?). The pounds were creeping ...
4/17/14 Here is a quick update. I am literally back in the saddle. Taking up riding again and living a healthy and cleaner lifestyle. I still like off-color humor but you know what I mean. It was scary I had started to fall back into my earlier evil ways. I felt sure I had killed off my evil twin when I first joined Sparks. I even considered ways to trick the scale and nothing worked. My clothes were leaning back toward black and blue shades (how funny isn't that?). The pounds were creeping back and even my 91 year old mother was after me to 'straighten up and fly right'. It's easier now that the 'Winter from Hell' has released its death grip on me. The sun brings out my sparkling personality. Even my funny bone is making an appearance now and then. Wish me luck on returning to horseback riding. I rode my first horse a few weeks back after a twenty-five year hiatus and I'm still walking bow-legged. My best to you all. Take time to breathe deeply and embrace silliness whenever you can.

2/11/14 Here it is, my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! No marching bands, no gold edible watch and I even had to give myself a gold goodie trophy.Then, come to find out, it was just me having an anniversary reaction similar to a year ago (before Sparks) with an out of control appetite to match. Something goes awry about this time of year. Like the planets get out of alignment or something. I tried and tried to keep on track, I wanted to see a certain number as I hit the one year mark and each day I'd gain a little ground, only to lose it the following day. Talk about the energizer bunny! I dusted myself off more times than a rodeo clown. My weight, though it did rise up a few pounds put me going in the wrong direction. How awful, I'd come so far. My health and attitude improved so much with my 55 pound weight dump that I wanted to keep going. It was like a scary endless ride at a carnival. I thought I'd tried everything. How many times can you reinvent yourself, I thought. Then I figured it out. It is amazing what you can discover about yourself while you are treading water for long periods of time.
It's GOALS and the pressure accompanied with them that always foil my plans. It's like I set myself up to fall. Push too hard. I have always tried to meet weight goals only to miss the mark and slide further backwards. The moral of the story is, instead of goals just do the best you can each day and take only one day at a time. Don't get ahead of yourself. Go slow and be happy for each days good choices. Celebrate your strengths not your weaknesses. Pat yourself on the back, OFTEN.

So now, in order to dump these next 20-25 pounds I have reduced my calories and increase my exercise. I look forward to maintenance one day. Thanks for reading this. My best to you on your journey - we all have what it takes - if we just allow ourselves the luxury of believing it! Thanks too for my Spark friends and for their faith in me.They are the best! Holly

I hope to provide quarterly updates as I paddle through.

Finally, after turning sixty and living with Type II Diabetes since 1984, I understood what people had been telling me for years. "Life is short!" Talk about a late bloomer. I have a long history of rewarding, soothing and celebrating life's events with enough food to feed a small country. I have a family friend who uses jewelry and trinkets to accomplish this but for me it has often been delectable treats and large portions I thought disappeared after consumption. Pounds, only later to be discovered in a family photo or an unflattering glimpse in the mirror. So now, after blowing out the candles on a 10 inch cake, I am ready to embrace this new more positive lifestyle. Today, I look forward to zipping up my pants in a vertical position and discovering who has been hiding behind all those calories.

UPDATE: 4/25/13 With 18 pounds down and my doctors, family and friends think I must have had brain surgery. I've lost weight many times in my 60 years of having a larger than life carbon footprint on earth, but now they notice something is different. I seem more motivated. One thing I know that is different is, I am not making this new healthy lifestyle such a big deal. I am trying not to get on my soapbox. I am staying positive and I like this new me. When my primary care doctor and my endocrinologist asked how I was doing, I said "fabulous!". They agreed! Best of luck to everyone else embracing this change. It can be done. -Holly

Update 5/14/13 Had to lower amy blood pressure medicines. My sugars and pressure readings were too low and it was making my kidney values get thrown off. Now after retesting the blood results are better. My weight is still coming off although slowly. Twenty-seven pounds of unwanted flesh gone or as I like to visualize it, 27 pounds of Land-O-Lakes salted poison. My best to all in your struggles and successes. -Holly

6/11/13 Celebrating four months of SparkPeople with much gratitude and happiness. I am not the same person as when I began. I am calmer and happier. -Holly

7/8/13 Well I have made it 5 months and 37 pounds dumped without cracking much. My Food Tracking is keeping me on the straight and narrow. I look forward to getting done with this hard core dieting and moving on to maintenance but I am still months away. Family and friends I once overate with think I am not so much fun now. I tried to get them to lose weight too but they can't seem to do it. Ah well, nice to know you people are here to share in my success as I enjoy hearing of your success too. -Holly

8/5/13 Six month update. A1C has dropped to 5.2 my weight is down 42 pounds and while I have had some hard times it has not been too bad. I feel strong and capable of handling so much more. My family claims my personality is greatly improved. I know my self esteem is higher. I have tried to talk to others when they want to know what I am doing but few have had the dedication that somehow came my way. I wish everyone could have this much success or realize they can change their lives. -Holly

8/12/13 Weight coming off more slowly - Hope to soon get a Cybex Arc total body trainer in my home to increase my cardio activity. I went to my endocrinologist for some tests on my diabetes history. The results show I am a Type 2 diabetic and there is great hope of getting off insulin according to my Endocrinologist. Take care all, Holly

9/11/13 Seven months plus I slipped a bit and let the stresses of everyday life get the best of me. I put other people and things in front of my own needs. Now, I am back in charge and it feels good. Next time I must be in better control and prepare for these bump in the road. As my 90 year old mother said tonight.
"Holly, you have come too far to quit now - your health is everything." She has incredible self-control and motivation. Many thanks to Sparks and the people here. It is so nice to not be alone in this struggle. -Holly

10/3/13 Almost eight months since I began SP and I finally changed my profile picture. Not having a recent one I chose one that was at the weight I am now only from back in 1984. My bridal shower! I hope the next time I change this picture I won't have to use an even earlier one to reflect my new fabulous shape. This is weird. Can it be almost 30 years since I took this good care of myself? Better late than never. -Holly minus 50 pounds....

11/6/13 Nearly nine months - I could have delivered an over-sized baby in this time but instead I seem to have delivered an important person I thought was gone forever, me! I have had a few rough patches lately but I think it was just the old me creeping in when I came up against change. I have to remind myself that this is not hard. I just have to embrace it and tell myself I CAN DO THIS! Positive self-talk is very important.
So many people are torn down emotionally in the world and even in their families that it is no surprise we turn to abusing ourselves with excessive foods. Now, when I encounter these people I choose not to let them influence me - I see them as lacking some of the valuable qualities I have discovered through taking charge of my life. In closing I must thank Sparks and the good people here who have become my Cyber-Friends. I am very lucky in so many ways. Stay happy and well, Holly

December 2013 and January 2014
A bit of a blur but I tracked, posted and worked at it nearly every day. It seems these last 20-25 pounds are really attached to me. One big success, over the holidays to report. I did not fall victim to the treats people over indulge on and I can thank careful preparation for that. I have learned a lot in nearly a year, I've learned that falling down and going off track can be more of a quick bump in the road and not like it was when I was obese. Sometimes the fear of gaining it back paralyses me but I usually snap out of it and continue. I have committed myself to this as a life-long journey and when the road gets too familiar, I change the scenery a bit. I really like the new me. I'm fun and energetic.
Will update on my One Year Anniversary 2014. My best to Sparks without which I would not be here feeling and looking this good. -Holly

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It is my goal to rid myself of 25 more pounds and keep myself centered and balanced. I know I can do this, as I have done in the past, however this time I want to be able to handle maintenance with greater success and understanding of the health benefits.

My Program:
Food Tracker, Food Tracker, Food Tacker and also tracking my blood pressure, my blood sugar etc... I am keeping myself moving too because I know exercise is an important key. When I am not exercising I practice Vipassana Mediatation to keep myself balanced and at peace. I also try to keep my caloric intake within a close range of 1200 calories from day to day. One other part of my plan is "NO EXCUSES" this time I take full responsibility for my actions!

Personal Information:
I am a Wellesley College English major grad living in Metrowest outside of Boston. I love all cats especially Siamese. My husband and I have rescued several. In the past, I rode, drove and showed Clydesdale horses. I look forward to having a better body image to ride and work with horses again. I currently enjoy movies, creative writing, all forms of comedy and encouraging others. I am also renovating a 1918 English colonial home with my husband.

Other Information:
I like to think everyone has the ability to get to a healthy weight and lifestyle at some point in their lives, then when you are able to take control for your own happiness, it is a wonderful thing. I am finally learning to embrace the process hiccups and all. Many thanks to SPARKPEOPLE!

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4/19/2014 8:13:06 PM

Here's to safe travels tomorrow! Mwah1

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4/19/2014 5:08:01 PM

Dear SB: Got the report back from the lab . . . it's CADBURY all right! EVIL! BWAHAHAHA As for TWINKIE SEEDS . . . emoticon . . . wow, in the wrong hands those could be weapons of fat eruption! OMG!

Ok, heading towards that cliff . . . is there a baggage limit??? You kow if it's like the airlines and you have to pay for baggage, it could get expensive! Ok, drop done. Making baby bunny steps away from the cliff!

Let's all have a safe Easter!

.(\ /).(`♥).
.( . .) `*..* designed by CHRISTINEBWD

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4/19/2014 4:38:17 PM

Happy Easter Everyone whom I am fortunate enough to have visit my page.
I so appreciate your support, wisdom, friendship and silliness. We all have far too much old baggage - so drop it off the nearest cliff and never look back. When a remembrance of something bad crops up, sweep it away as you would a dirty floor. Maybe the dirt will be recycled into a pretty flower to enjoy. emoticon

Be your own best friend. Funny, I tried to nominate myself because, just as I make myself laugh, I also motivate myself but Sparks said I can't do that. Ahhhhhh...

Best wishes pushing away those evil, thigh thickening, belly bobbing Easter confections. We can do this, take time to remind yourself you are the master of your domain! I have to daily. Baby bunny steps for me. You all have my support and happiness.

emoticon emoticon
I sound like I am two but with every pound GONE I'm getting younger and more active. Weight really does age you!

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4/19/2014 3:48:32 PM

I have to get myself a new scale and then Ill change my ticker to the weight tracker. I did keep it on the weight tracker before when I was first losing weight and its true! It does sort of keep you on check. In May I get 3 paychecks so with my third packcheck Im going to get some stuff I need for my place, and a scale is on that list! lol I was also thinking of getting a HRM or something to track my calories burned but i dont want one thats too bulky. So I gotta do some searching!

Im sure eventually Ill get used to tracking my food again but its definitely something you gotta train yourself to get into and to stay within calorie range! lol.

But honestly I do feel a bit of a difference. Even though Im still self concious about my body right now, I dont feel as down as I was feeling last week before hopping onto spark again!

Hope you have a wonderful easter weekend! Its nice and sunny today. Cant wait to get out of work and enjoy a little of it!

Take care!

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4/18/2014 11:12:16 PM

Celebrate this Easter with a heart filled with love and peace. Have a blessed and wonderful Easter!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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