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Feb 18,2014
I'm back, I need the nutrition tracker!

Nov. 3 2011
I guess this is part 3 ! I am yet again saying "this is it, I will lose this weight", proof is in the pudding that I won't ea.t I have had a number of "moments" that have made me so fed up with being....fat! I let this happen, and now am undoing all of this damage. I have a great support system this go around, besides my Sparkfriends that I hope to reconnect with! HEREWEGO!!!

Jan. 2011
My story has 2 parts. This is my 2nd go around with changing my lifestyle...I started Sparkpeople in 2008, was going along great, and (I am raising my hand for letting down the team!) got in the way, and I didn't keep going, I have now gained back a bunch in a real short amount of time...(back to a all time high) I am working with 2 Dr.'s, and have the support of my family. Soooooooo, HEREWEGO! .....again!

August 12, 2010
I am back, it may take a bit to get back into the swing of things, but I need this for my life!

A little over a year ago I had lost 51 plus lbs, and I hit a wall suddenly, and thought I was just not handling the whole empty nest thing.... I just found out in June my thyroid has not been working for about a as a result the weight came back on, and I felt so poorly it has been indescribable! Also I have had a certain diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis. For years I thought I had Crones. Everything has gone haywire, my blood sugars went sky high, and I am in stage 1 of liver disease. My esophagus was severely burned...I had a infection, and currently have the bacteria in my colin very elevated. Chronic diarrhea.... 10-15 times a day. In other words, it's been a real domino effect of bad health, I have been given a second chance to add years to my life. I lose weight, and control the diabetes the bad fat cells in the liver will go away, and I can stop the progress of the liver disease. The cells that are dead, are lost, but to get things back as healthy as it needs to be, over 140 lbs needs to come off.

I am telling you this, to possibly help someone else. It is very serious the whole weight thing, and I choose life, so I am hoping for the support of my friends. I am very relieved that I can do something about my condition. I was told yesterday to come in to talk to them about all of my tests results, and it would be a good idea to bring my Husband..... wow, what would you think? I thought they were going to tell me I had cancer, or I was in the last stages of liver disease.... I am lucky for now, but it won't be good news if I don't take it seriously.

I thought I would need to apply for disability, and quit doing hair.... I haven't been able to even bend over to sweep up my clients hair, or have the energy to handle being at work for any extended time, what a wake up call!

October 13, 2010
Good news from the Dr. my blood pressure, thyroid, and cholesterol are normal! My blood sugars are 2 pts from being in the normal range! I'm having trouble with my knees, and left ankle. I got a series of strength exercises from my Dr. that should get the left knee to stop sliding out of place...Nothing that losing the rest of this weight wouldn't solve!

Jan. 5, 2011 A lot has changed since Oct...Just had my 2nd follow up with my Dr's I wanted to be around 200-220 by now, but...that didn't happen! I am a mess, you would think with my health scares last year that would be incentive enough to get my weight off.... We are starting a new approach with some different meds, and I am making baby step goals..(AGAIN) Augh!!!! I need to sleep better at night, that is huge, and not sleeping has helped me become huge! I have been unknowingly eating at night...that sure packs it on! (really, that can happen with some sleep drugs) ; 0, oh yes it can.... Depression is worse, foot and knee pain is off the hook! Little everyday things are sure hard when your this heavy!

Jan. 5, 2011
I ordered the Zumba collection last week......making new goals for 2011!!! (It hasen't arrived yet...)

Jan.7, 2011
Ok, starting today I am tracking everything that goes into my "pie hole"! I have printed out the Sparkpeople shopping list, and meal plans for the week. Kick starting myself with "slim fast" 2 *'s a day for awhile. Moving more, So, each day I will add more steps on my pedometer (I where everyday), increase in 500 step increments daily. The goal to be at a consistant 10,000 daily. I will get on my ellipitical 2 times a week, or more!

Now this is the beginning.....

My name is Jill. I have been married 32 years, to a great man. I have 2 amazing children, and a adorable granddaughter, and a beautiful daughter-in -law, and a great Son-in-law. My home is in Utah, just north of Salt Lake City. We were in Wyoming from Jan 2007 to Feb of 2010. We were there for my husbands work. I am a hairdresser; I really love working with people and being creative; I started back part time; May 2010, in the same salon I was in before the Wyoming days. I have felt numb in so many areas of my life, and I hope to get that "spark" back. : }

June 2008, This was my "wake up call", I shaved and biced my head for my DIL, and it was so much more apparent, I am FAT... I want to be healthy!

August 2008, Started Sparkpeople...... an adventure to follow......

Nov. 2008, I have been able to go OFF one of my meds, Glipizide, this is sweet!!

Dec. 2008, I didn't think I would see a difference yet, with my clothing size, I am down 2 full sizes!!! I really don't know what my top weight was, (close to 290(ish)..., I think....) I was in major denial, it's amazing what things in life can wake you up!!! I needed to face just who I had let myself become, I don't like her at all!!

Dec. 5, 2008, I am excited to get to my goal, I can visualize next year at this time, it will be actually fun to get new clothes!! My Daughter and Husband hadn't seen me in over a month, my Daughter said she had to take a double take when she saw me!! I needed to hear that!! I can paint my own toenails now, and I can kneel easier, it's amazing, that gives me the desire to keep up with this, it's all positive!!

Dec. 20, 2008, The holidays are so hard!!! I haven't been on my plan so strictly, and I do feel a difference. But I do know, I will not let the weight back on, it's not worth it!!

Jan. 4, 2009, Putting myself out there for a push for another 30 lbs.... in 12 weeks

Jan. 6, 2009, I just came back from shopping with my Daughter....I bought a 22w, I am down from a 28w!!! I can actually zip them up, and they don't' hurt!! My size 10 is a long way off, but I can feel it........ :}

Jan. 14, 2009, It is the day that I will start my quest, Nothing magic here....just a lot of hard work!!!

Jan. 26, 2009, I am going OFF another medication, the Avantia, my count is staying around 6.5!! It's so nice, I also don't have, low blood sugar crashes anymore!!

Feb. 6, 2009, Okay, I bought a pair of jeans that were on sale, I didn't try them on, thinking they would be for incentive....they fit!!! 20W!!!!!!

March 7, 2009, I went shopping with my Daughter today, we went into the same dressing room, at the same store!!! I got some 18 jeans, not quite there yet....I am at that ever so popular, in between size!!! I got a couple of shirts, and now I am even more determined to do this!!

May 14, 2009, I am mad at myself, I had a rough patch, and gained some of my weight back, but, I am not giving up, and am back on my program. I did start another BL challenge.

June 7, 2009, I have a goal with my Doctor to weigh 225 by my Daughter's wedding Aug 15th..... I really want to do this!!!

March 3rd, 2010.... sad to say, I gained it back, but, I am here!!!

Member Since: 8/6/2008

Fitness Minutes: 9,470

My Goals:
To feel in control of myself, and being healthier is formost. I want to feel sheer joy, that comes thru comfort in one's own skin. Time management is huge too, and portion control! : { I want to get into smaller sizes...I DO NOT want to be so self conscience about my mid-section anymore... I have been working on my *bucket List*, now that is a eye opener!

My Program:
I have started by becoming more aware of what I am eating, moving more, and the most important thing; showing my children and Grandchildren, "What NOT to let themselves get like!!

Personal Information:
I am 5'8", will turn 56 in November...I didn't have any weight issues until I was in my late 20's. I danced ballet, did some modeling, and used to crave working out!! (what happened??) I still love rock music, going to concerts, and being with my kids, and family. I love to cook, and have found way too much solace in eating!! Reading a good book is wonderful too! I love to draw also, I would love to take an offical "art" class to really find what my medium is... My favorite color is...RED!!!

Other Information:
Plugging away at this quest for a better me. Making commitments all along the way.
There is a time and a season for everything....

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    Hey Chica! I'm missing you! I've been in bed for the last several days, sick as a dog. I finally got out of the house today. I had three weeks of hell at my "internship". It was stinking awful. Long story I'll tell you about later. Do I sound cranky? I have finals next week. Hmmm what else can I gripe about? Lol... I need my sense of humor back!!! Help me girl! Tell me you miss me! I need someone to feel sorry for me! How about you?
    That is all. (lol...)(sort of)

    2547 days ago
  • v WYOBZM
    emoticon emoticon It's Sunday! emoticon emoticon
    I am trying to relax in between the loads of laundry and the house straightening. I sure did enjoy the three day weekend last week! emoticon

    Hope life has been going good for you SPARK friend. Managing variables can make the difference of a great week to a bummer week. Yesterday when I was out, and all this week for that matter, I was a little down. In reviewing my life in the past few weeks, I had no stress to give me this depressed feeling. I wasn't sick, I love my job, Family is great, blah,blah,blah.

    emoticon Then it hit me, the butterfly quote and the chaos theory:When a butterfly flaps its wings in one part of the world it can cause a hurricane in another part of the world. Author Unknown
    I think I am a little down because of all the unrest in the world.

    emoticon emoticon So I am sending out positive vibes to everyone so our little lights shine and make the world a happier place. May this coming week be full of joy for you and your loved ones. Stay healthy, happy and focused. If you have a problem, try to solve it fast. Keep you butterflies gentle and happy.

    emoticon May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun
    And find your shoulder to light on,
    To bring you luck, happiness and riches
    Today, tomorrow and beyond.
    ~Irish Blessing

    2548 days ago
    Checking in to see how you are doing. I'll just be blunt, since I don't spot you right away: Do not give up on us, girl....and most of all, do not give up on yourself!!! Start. then re-start. Then re-start again, 25 more times, if necessary. it doesn't matter how many times we long as we get back up again! I didn't want to start at the first of the year, because I could envision in my mind all my kids and friends and husband, silently and secretly rolling their eyes, because they'd heard it so many times before.
    I hated the words, "This time."

    But "this time" has happened to so many slender people here on Spark, who were obese for 20, 40, 50 years...and finally the "ThisTime" really came. So, check in here and check in often. You might struggle with your eating plan, but you'll eventually get the formula that's best for you.

    Are you counting calories? Fats? Carbs? Are you "giving up" foods that you simply cannot do without? Spark email me...I'm no spring chicken, and I'm not skinny minny (far from it), but I'd be happy to help however I can.

    I want you to go white water rafting again. I want you to go on that amazing know the one...the one where NOBODY will be looking at you as a heavy person. the best thing I look forward to is BLENDING IN with everybody else. So. tomoroow is a fresh new day. Time to take on the world!
    2555 days ago
  • v WYOBZM
    emoticon It's Sunday morning and I am sitting here with a hot cup of tea trying to compose my thoughts/plans for the week. I really wanted to talk about never giving up, so I found this by Conrad Hilton:
    Achievement seems to be connected with action.
    Successful men and women keep moving.
    They make mistakes, but they don't quit.

    So if you have made a mistake this week, BIG DEAL. Pick yourself up and start again. I feel so lucky to be healthy and in control of myself right now.

    emoticon emoticon On another note, there were so many blogs this week from friends with chronically ill parents. I experienced that last year and know how hard it is to take care of them. You literally have no time for yourself and you tend to slip back into bad habits. If any of you have extra energy this week, please send it in your thoughts and prayers to those who need the strength and sleep to continue caring for their loved ones. God bless and have a wonderful week! emoticon
    2555 days ago
  • v WYOBZM
    emoticon It's bright Light Thursday! Time to let your light shine by listing all the good things you have done this week to improve your health.

    Don't list the bad things, no if I onlys....none of excuses....I know you can find a few things you did right. Here are some ideas...

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Now share those positive things with your friends through a blog or a post. It will motivate you more than any negative thoughts or guilt feelings you have.

    If you are still struggling, then set a goal or two today and DO IT! Post tomorrow how well you did. Don't wait until Monday to start again. Never go more than one day backwards. KEEP MOVING FORWARDS.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2558 days ago
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