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September 2010 - My heaviest picture (265 lbs). My boys and I at the Butterfly Festival.

April 2007 - Professional Picture

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Getting Fit Before 30!

On My Journey to a New Me - One Baby Step at a Time. Literally.

I have been chubby as a kid, big as a teenager, fat as a young adult. See the pattern? Well, my time is now and I am reversing it. I am taking it one step at a time and eventually I will be healthy and be able to live my life to the fullest.

I had a great start into 2013. I tracked my food consistently and walked (almost) daily. I was training for a half-marathon with my awesome local Spark Team. I ...
On My Journey to a New Me - One Baby Step at a Time. Literally.

I have been chubby as a kid, big as a teenager, fat as a young adult. See the pattern? Well, my time is now and I am reversing it. I am taking it one step at a time and eventually I will be healthy and be able to live my life to the fullest.

I had a great start into 2013. I tracked my food consistently and walked (almost) daily. I was training for a half-marathon with my awesome local Spark Team. I finished the half-marathon and kept walking most days with occasional hikes on weekends, but then it became less and less and eventually I stopped exercising completely! I tried to keep tracking my food, but somehow I just could not motivate myself for a while. Eventually it clicked. I needed a new goal. I finished the half-marathon and then I had no more specific fitness goal. I tried giving myself a deadline by which I should lose so and so many pounds, which did not work out for me. I now understand that, while losing weight and getting healthy and fit are my ultimate goals, I need specific fitness related goals to work toward in order for me to stick to it. I recently signed up for the 5K Your Way program, started and quit. Then came July 1st and I realized that I wasted almost the entire first half of this year and promised myself to make the second half count. I restarted the 5K Your Way program and signed up for an official 5K run which will be in September. There it is, my specific fitness related goal. I will make sure to set a new one up in time to follow the 5K, so that there is no way I stop exercising again. Also, I just started to actually enjoy exercising. What!?! Yup, I am starting to enjoy exercising. This makes a big difference. I used to hate it and now I cannot wait to get home for my routine at the end of the day. I really want to move it to the morning, because I love working out in the morning and feeling energized from that all day. However, I am not a morning person (yet). I am working on that.

My journey with rewards for every 5 pounds lost and for significant milestones:
Start Weight 267 lbs (0 lbs lost) Class II Obesity (43.1 BMI) - Camelbak-Style Backpack for Hiking (Birthday Present from My DH and Reward for Recommitting to My Journey)
262 lbs (5 lbs lost) - New Hair Cut (Shorter)
257 lbs (10 lbs lost) - Swim Suit for Lap Swimming
252 lbs (15 lbs lost) - Sewing Machine for Altering/Adjusting of Clothes (and Creating My Own)
247 lbs (20 lbs lost) Class II Obesity BMI (39.9) - Additional Sports Bra (I only have one that fits and supports well)
242 lbs (25 lbs lost) - Vintage Dress from Thrift Shop
237 lbs (30 lbs lost) - Helmet for Bike Riding
232 lbs (33.25 lbs lost) (One Quarter of My Journey) - A Bicycle for Riding to Work
227 lbs (35 lbs lost) - Dancing Shoes for Zumba
222 lbs (40 lbs lost) - Yoga Mat
217 lbs (45 lbs lost) -
212 lbs (50 lbs lost) -
216 lbs (51 lbs lost) Class I Obesity BMI(34.9) - Birkenstock Sandals
212 lbs (55 lbs lost) -
207 lbs (60 lbs lost) -
202 lbs (65 lbs lost) -
200.5 lbs (66.5 lbs lost) Halfway Mark of My Journey - New Running Shoes
199.9 lbs (67.1 lbs lost) One-derland!!! -
197 lbs (70 lbs lost) -
192 lbs (75 lbs lost) -
187 lbs (80 lbs lost) -
185 lbs (82 lbs lost )Overweight BMI (29.9) -
182 lbs (85 lbs lost) -
177 lbs (90 lbs lost) -
172 lbs (95 lbs lost) -
167 lbs (100 lbs lost) (Three Quarters of My Journey) -
162 lbs (105 lbs lost) -
157 lbs (110 lbs lost) -
154 lbs (113 lbs lost) Normal/Healthy BMI (24.9) -
152 lbs (115 lbs lost) -
147 lbs (120 lbs lost) -
142 lbs (125 lbs lost) -
137 lbs (130 lbs lost) -
Goal Weight 134 lbs (133 lbs lost) Mid-Range of Normal/Healthy BMI (21.6) - Beach Vacation with Surf Lessons and/or Scuba Diving!



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285 Days until:  My 30th Birthday

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Member Since: 4/5/2009

SparkPoints: 17,883

Fitness Minutes: 4,888

My Goals:
Accomplished Goals:

Walk a Half-Marathon. Done 01/12/2013.

Blog here on Spark People (has been a long time coming, LOL). Done 02/25/2013.

Short Term Goals:

Finally finish my Getting Started Guide after over 4 years of SP. I keep forgetting to track the fast break goals. LOL.

Drink at least 8 cups of water each day.

Work out every day.
Sleep 8 hours each night.

Move my exercise time from evening to morning.

Condition my body to run my first 5K on September 22, 2013 (Graffiti Run in San Antonio). I want to run it, not walk it. Not done. (I walked/ran it in intervals, as I could not train as I had planned due to illness). I will have to find a new 5K to train for.

Long Term Goals:

Lose 133 lbs by 06/12/2015.

Start weight on 06/01/2013: 267 lbs.

Maintain weight through my 30th birthday.

My Program:
I just started the 5K Your Way program and will participate in my first official 5K in September. I train for this three times a week and do circuit training three times a week as well, alternating. I used to walk at least 30 minutes every day and need to get back to doing that. I enjoy longer walks and hikes on the weekend. I track my food and keep tabs of my calorie differential. Mindful eating of real, whole foods. Minimal junk for for me. I discovered Zumba two years ago and I love, love, love it! I need to fit it back into my schedule, because I miss doing it.

Personal Information:
28-year old German expat in South Texas.

Married to an U.S. Army veteran and proud mom of my two awesome (step)sons (12 & 14).

In love with our four cats Isis, Luna, Simba & Charlie, who rule the house.

I work full time as an office manager/executive assistant and am a freelance translator. I also teach German and offer tutoring. :-)

Other Information:
I enjoy reading, art projects, being outdoors. Still learning how to grow vegetables in this climate (second year).




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emoticon Happy Birthday DONE GIRL

In Gemini the Sun is active, restless and changeable. You like plenty of variety in your everyday activities, in your friends, and even in your diet. Your interests are many and diverse--almost anything will attract your attention if only for a brief time. Truly, this is the sign of the jack-of-all-trades. As the story goes, you may find that unless you can develop your powers of perseverance, you may be the master of none. Your varied interests can result in a tendency for you to spread yourself too thin, sometimes failing to follow through on projects you've begun.
The Gemini child is most often born to a father who is well respected in the community. Gemini is often the baby in the family and thus grows up fast learning to talk early in order to keep up with the older kids. Gemini gets along with Libra, Aquarius, Leo, Aries and Sagittarius.
Being very curious, you want to know and experience as much as you can. Gemini is the sign of duality. You find it difficult to limit yourself to one job, to one relationship, or one hobby, as you constantly seek variety and mental adventure. You scatter your energies because you don't want to miss anything. You are a lifelong student, never tiring of learning new subjects. You collect facts and tidbits of data, but you may not always have the big picture.
To the Gemini person, communication is of utmost importance. You flourish on ideas, with a mind that is ever so quick and curious. You are a person who enjoys talking and writing. All sorts of communication ideas appeal to nature. You are aware of all that is going on around you, and you want to understand and participate in it all. You are hard to pin down, and even harder to beat in a debate. Your abilities of combining quick comprehension , and the communication of this comprehension to others, are the hallmarks of your sign. You can talk yourself into and out of situations with ease. Often Mercury people (Gemini's ruling planet is Mercury) take mischievous delight in disconcerting slower minds with their fast paced mental antics. You like to be around people, and you never do well working alone or on any routine type job.
Gemini can have problems with their nerves and experience anxiety or depression. They should never smoke as their lungs are their health area of concern. Gemini can have injury to their shoulders and hands. Since they love to be active they must learn to watch and take caution.
Extremely friendly, you enjoy companionship, and really thrive on it. Just as you don't like to be without activity, you don't like to be alone. You are likely to have a very wide circle of friends with whom you enjoy many activities--movies, games, conversation, and such. You are naturally outgoing and possess a sparkling wit. You are apt to become quickly bored with conservative types that can't make a decision or agree with your need to impose change. Not being very introspective or reflective, often you don't understand your motivations or the motivations of others. So in many ways, relationships can be shallow and superficial. Your restless mercurial nature requires constant excitement and change, or you'll becomes very dispirited and morose.

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Happy (early) Birthday, Done Girl!!! Hope you have a wonderful day! !! Woot woot!!!
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We miss seeing you on the San Antonio Sparkpage! Hope you're doing well. Please stop by the team page, we have some great threads to participate in! :) Hope to see you there!

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