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23rd June, 2013 Bounce and I. (9 wks old) :: My new exercise buddy :: :)

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It's not about numbers on a scale, it's about getting up one more time than you fall.

It requires desire, to make a difference.
You master your mind... You master your weight.
Fitness shows us we are change makers, it is only a tool in rebuilding our lives.
It's not about numbers on a scale, it's about getting up one more time than you fall.

:: MY STORY ::
I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, Just a reminder, the seasons are opposite here, I'm 34 years old :)

From age 19 onward, my weight climbed too much... I got as high as ...
It requires desire, to make a difference.
You master your mind... You master your weight.
Fitness shows us we are change makers, it is only a tool in rebuilding our lives.
It's not about numbers on a scale, it's about getting up one more time than you fall.

:: MY STORY ::
I live in Christchurch, New Zealand, Just a reminder, the seasons are opposite here, I'm 34 years old :)

From age 19 onward, my weight climbed too much... I got as high as 120kgs, (264lb) for various reasons. mostly being unhappy with life.. but now.....
I'm ready to get in the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE!

In my first few months of Spark, I went for a run to try and train for the 5k race on here and discovered I had bursitis in my hip which took months of therapy, I was so motivated that I kept re-injuring myself and not resting, Finally I learnt my lesson and took up other sports such as Aquacise.

I attended a beginning to fitness group, full of mostly old people who had suffered injury lol, but stuck with it, and found an opportunity for an affordable student-personal trainer.
I met Floss and he was something else alright! Age 51, the most energy I've met in anyone in my life. He somehow.. found a focus in me, that loved to do bootcamp and box... that was happy enough to set bigger goals and I did the 5k pegasus fun run (had to walk it tho) I then set my goals for a triathlon.
in November he did a report on me as his most improved client (I think he had about 10 or 15) and that felt nice... to reward me he didn't charge me anymore. On finishing his class he flew over to Austria to do his ski season teaching - and sold me his mountain bike, I've only been on it a couple times but it is a DREAM bike. I love it.
I used to mountain bike in my teenage years.

So as I head into 2013.
I've decided not to do the triathlon as I still am so very new to swimming, I can only do 4 strokes.. not 8 lengths the race requires heh. But I am going to join the gym, and take a boxing class. (Jacki.. Thurs 9am!) And Floss emailed yesterday he will be back in 5 months and want's to boot camp with me again.. hehe

I'd love to do the mud sweat and tears race this year :)
I suspect I am a girl who likes to race and compete.... Not sure yet.

But one thing I Really love about working out...
Is that it taps into a strength I have inside :)
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To be fit enough to survive the Zombie Apocalypse!

Each time I hit 250 Exercise minutes, I put 10$ in my savings account for something special :)

Personal Information:
Start Weight 106/ 233lb
Goal Weight for 2013 is 92kg/202lb
Height 168cm/5"6

Insulin Resistance. PCOS
I think the bursitis in my hip has healed,
Slow Metabolism.. need to get a book out on this and research it.

Other Information:
The secret of success - is the consistency to pursue.

When you bring your heart and mind to an intention - nothing is impossible!

1 pound = 0.45kg
1 kg = 2.2 pound
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4/14/2014 4:20:23 PM

It sounds like Bounce really loves you and misses you. I hope you enjoy your visit with her.

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4/14/2014 3:25:07 PM

Hi Sweetie! Well, here I am again with more to say and more questions. I completely watched the Fat Head movie and it truly does make sense! Wow, a few easy changes, I could do that, all except for the cravings and smells that will come right and left, but a strong constitution will take care of that!! I changed my nutritional tracker to fit the numbers that you're using. The 100 carbs, 90 pro., and 180 fat! I had a couple handfuls of honey roasted peanuts today which aren't much carb even with the little honey taste. Would you call the legal? I have so much to learn! And also, what about the sodium, like at fast foods? I'll have to look the stats on McDonald's, Subway, etc. and see once again what the carbs, etc. are. I do know that the carbs can really add up fast with the burgers and buns and Subway's bread, etc. And it's so tough to eat those things without the bread, isn't it?! Ok, these are just a few questions for you to get back to me about. I hope that you're having a good, healthy day, in the way we and doctors call healthy nowadays! emoticon

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4/14/2014 12:27:25 PM

Wow, thank you for all you wrote on my page. I zeroed in on South Beach because it seemed more kosher with what I thought I needed and could do. The Atkins is so full fat and that scares me as far as a healthy diet. I know, that's what we've been preached to about over and over!! The South Beach is lowfat dairy and meats and yet introduces a little grain down the line, which seemed good to me with getting my fiber from grains. That's why it's scared me to bits to let grains completely go because of already having troubles with getting plugged up. The Paleo and Whole 30 doesn't seen kosher to me at all and maybe that's really what I need and I'm balking on it! The meals seem so strange, with mixing avocado with tuna or chicken for salads. And all the other things. That doesn't seem like something one can do for life. I want what I can do for life. Do you have family to cook for? That's where I have a problem too. We farm and have a dairy and my DH is 6'6" and around 300# and loves to eat normal food. You know....a normal American diet! Our son farms full time with us and loves normal food too. They'd never go for anything funneeee! ha! I remember looking into the pcos diet too, because I possibly could have that. Never been tested for it. But that seems to be pretty lowfat too if I remember right. My DH has Irish blood and does he ever love his potatoes, potatoes and more potatoes!! What kind of meals do you cook with high fat and not pasta? I think high fat as good old alfredo, lasagna, etc.! I did start looking at the Fathead movie and will continue it when the guys go back outside and in-between the laundry. Thanks for your help. My mind seems to be spinning now and once I get clear, what I want to, I know that it will calm down. Hugs to you and have a good day!

Karen emoticon

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4/12/2014 11:32:15 AM

Hi and thanks for stopping by my page.

Ok, your question:

hiya! i read your blog on chriss kessner.. im wondering. im new to paleo.. why is dairy cut completely? could u let me know - thanks
( i didnt see that on the primal blue print to cut it)

There are 2 distinctions here. Paleo and Primal.

- Paleo excludes ALL dairy, except grass fed butter like Kerry Gold

- Primal allows dairy like Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.... as long as it does not cause inflammation.

... so in short, primal is a more "lenient" so to speak, form of paleo.


The reset is based on "paleo' concepts, and the reason all caffeine, dairy, legumes, white rice, potatoes, etc., are eliminated is because they "can be" a source of inflammation. Each food, is eliminated for 30 days or more, and then slowly reintroduced over a period of time to see if a particular food will cause inflammation [... it's weird, but until we do an elimination diet, we sometimes don't know if a particular food is actually causing inflammation]

... After the 30 days I will slowly reintroduce Greek yogurt, cottage cheese and butter (Primal), and other foods that "non paleo" foods to see if they cause signs of inflammation like bloating, stalled weight loss, etc. When I have completed my reintroduction and all the results are in I will know what I can safely eat.

I like Chris Kresser's approach to paleo because he too, is similar to Mark Sisson's PB's lifestyle, except he even goes a little further because although he initially bases the reset on "strict paleo & W30" principles he also understands that paleo can mean different things to everyone and that not all so called "non-paleo" foods will cause inflammation and therefore can be rotated in ones diet for variety. So for instance, if you like white potatoes, white rice, legumes, etc., than his take is that, if these foods do not cause you inflammation, than by all means include it in your diet.

... so once I complete this whole thing I will be doing a hybrid of paleo/primal/CC hybrid.

I hope I answered your question, but if you have more remember I am just a click emoticon away!

Enjoy your weekend. ~ Dee emoticon

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4/11/2014 10:17:32 PM

I just re-read your comment and I see that you asked if I wanted to be your low carb buddy? Yes, that would be great!! I'd love it! I'll let you know the day that I truly start it. I'll see how the South Beach goes and if I'm not happy with the progress, then I'll for sure try the full fat way! That scares me in a way with eating fat like that. Something that we've known forever to be a no-no! It even sounds kind of gross to me, to be quite honest! But hey, I'll learn to do it if this doesn't pan out. Oh, and if I see you losing to beat the band and I just sit there! ha! I've always been meat and cheese lover, but also the buttered popcorn and the doritoes and the cookies, cakes, you name it, I'd eat it all at my 5'3" frame! No wonder I got up to 232#!! Yikes!! Hugs to ya, Karen

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