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Hi. I found this web site while searching for information for an article for my web site. I wrote an article on the SPARKSPEOPLE web site that I have not yet published to my web site. I was so impressed with SPARKPEOPLE that I joined and have been using religously. I am a Gerontologist and helping people age gracefully is my primary interest, so this site made my day!
Hi. I found this web site while searching for information for an article for my web site. I wrote an article on the SPARKSPEOPLE web site that I have not yet published to my web site. I was so impressed with SPARKPEOPLE that I joined and have been using religously. I am a Gerontologist and helping people age gracefully is my primary interest, so this site made my day!



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To stay healthy as I age and lose 30 pounds by June 2008.

My Program:
I do a curcuit training workout five day a week, walk 4 miles each day, do two high impact aerobic workouts each week and keep my calorie intake between 1100 and 1200 per day. I make sure I eat plenty of veggies and fruits and drink water throughout the day. I do allow myself the occasional sweet, paying attention to portion. I know myself, and if I deny the sweet toothe, I'll find myself overindulging. As long as I keep my portions true and track those calories, I'm good to go.

Other Information:
Last year at this time I was fighting for my life. I had been diagnosed with bone cancer in November 2006. I went through a year of radiation and chemo therapy. In September 2007 I underwent surgery on my cirvical spine . The cancer had destroyed the first and second vertabrae and for 11 months I wore a neck brace to stabalize my neck. I got a jump start on weight loss due to the chemotherapy, and because I lost so much weight so fast I had no muscle tone. I started a limited workout program in December 2007 to help regain muscle tone and strength. Today I am in remission. Two weeks ago my surgeon told me I don't need the neck brace any longer since everything in my neck is healed. I work out 5 days each week and walk 4 miles daily. At this point in my life, even after being so ill and not knowing what the future holds, I feel I am in the best health I have ever been.


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2/2/2009 12:55:45 PM

Wow- February already! I too had slowed down on my walking mainly because of the cold and too tired but I have been trying to go at least 5 days a week- I cut my route down to 55 minutes so that helps alittle because I just tell myself, once I'm out and walking with the music and the mutts that I will feel better. Last Thursday, I had the day off and the weather was really nice here so I took the mutts to the Antioch reservoir to walk around that. To get there, I have to walk up a fairly steep hill- it was really nice- there were a ton of different birds- blue herons, regular herons, white egrets, ducks, wild wood ducks, and others that I can't think of their name off the top of my head. I even saw a heron eating a ground squirrel. I have this Thursday off too and am planning on doing it again. It took me about 90 minutes but I wasn't rushing either. I climbed an additional hill while there too- next time, I'm going to have to find my binoculars because the view was wonderful! I have been trying to log when I walk. I don't like how they changed Spark America.
If you like to use coupons, I joined a free site where you can do some coupon trading- it's called There are also message boards there too. So much to do, so little time!
Have a great week. I know you'll step it up. :)- as will I.

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1/14/2009 1:04:44 PM

Hello there.
Just checking in to see how 2009 is treating you.
My co-worker joined this site so I have some new
motivation to keep up with her!

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11/25/2008 1:15:55 PM

Just checking in to see how you are doing... are you cooking on Thursday, or going somewhere?

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11/13/2008 1:29:40 PM

You definately wouldn't get bored with the Wii fit- I jogged for 20 minutes yesterday and did a little over 3 miles. Not bad for me- a 6 minute mile :). Course the dogs were mad cause I didn't take them out... But I took them this morning. Although my right foot is acting up again- I don't think it's my plantar faciitis though- it's the top of my foot- it kind of aches and feels crampy. But after warming up on my walk, it felt better. I wonder if it has something to do with the cold? It's supposed to be into the 80's here on Friday and Saturday.... beautiful- but it is November! It's supposed to be cold! I can tell by the PG&E bill though the weather. Last year at this time we used like 30 therms of gas and this time this month- and with a couple more billing days- we only had like 12! I wish they'd give you credit for using less then you did last year :)...
Where are you on the minutes? I don't even check anymore. But I do at least log my minutes. And I'm trying to walk at least 6 days a week- but lately I've been going on the shorter route. Except this Saturday, I plan on going on my longer route. Then I will of course play the wii fit too- today I was 2 years older than I am....:(... I try to do it in the morning when I first wake up because it also weighs you and keeps track with a graph. So far it is going down- in really tiny increments- but it's going down! :)...
Pep wise, I've been feeling ok- taking my meds regulary and I've added ashawandga which is supposed to help thyroid too- and I take my multi=vitamin and extra vitamin C. Can't hurt.
I've joined and so go there to play on line games. You can win actual money- and it's free to play. But I don't go there until after I've walked :).... Which I will head over there now....
There's a fun word game and slot machines...
Have a fun Thursday :)....

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11/5/2008 1:12:21 PM

Happy Wednesday to you.
Hope the weather isn't impeding all your walking :)
We got the Wii Fit on Sunday and it is so much fun. There's a section where you follow a path and go "jogging" in place. The more you play, you open up new games. I opened up "free run" last night and it's a kick! They start a timer for 10 minutes and you jog in place- it even keeps track of your miles. I don't know how accurate but I just did a little over 2 miles in 10 minutes. And the scenery changes each time you run. Sometimes you follow dogs. And your little Mi character gets weighed- which is yourself- and it takes you BMI- my little Mi character is obese- so it's round in the middle- my husbands and daughters are just right- let me tell you- it's a great motivator! It does you fit age- today mine was 39- 3 years less than I really am.:). They even have Yoga too. I've been using it so far daily. And then I log onto Sparkpeople my time- I don't know how many calories it burns so I just guess- but I mainly want to log for the exercise time!
I better start getting ready for work.... enjoy the rest of the week... Jennifer

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