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I'm flying to emotional freedom!!!

I'm growing in so many ways. I'm learning to love me just as I am, learning to see me just as I am. I'm learning to FEEL my emotions and not eat because of them. I'm learning to let go of my emotions and to move on. I'm learning to deal with my problems with others and myself and then move on. I'm learning that it is okay to stand up for yourself and be okay with it. I'm learning that people will do and say what they want, but that doesn't give them the power over you. You control how you ...
I'm growing in so many ways. I'm learning to love me just as I am, learning to see me just as I am. I'm learning to FEEL my emotions and not eat because of them. I'm learning to let go of my emotions and to move on. I'm learning to deal with my problems with others and myself and then move on. I'm learning that it is okay to stand up for yourself and be okay with it. I'm learning that people will do and say what they want, but that doesn't give them the power over you. You control how you react to other people's actions and words. I have learned to take back my power over myself and control me. I've given up trying to control others. The freedom I have found from these lessons has made my life so much more happier to live in. Emotional freedom is the best freedom of all.

I'm so DONE!! Really, I feel like I've really found some real secrets to my success and I'm DONE with this whole yo yo dieting and obsessing about food.
I'm 36 years old with 3 kids 7, 2 and under 1 year. I am staying positive in my life for my children. I want to teach them healthy habits. I really want to be able to play with all my children for a long time.
I enjoy helping other people.
I want to be someone's inspiration.
I'm trying to be more positive towards myself and my family

Dear Alethea,
I'm sorry for the way I've treated you all these years. I'm sorry for every little hateful remark. I'm sorry for hating you. I'm sorry for abusing you and not loving you like you should have been. I'm sorry for covering you with fat and making you feel so unimportant. I'm sorry for letting every thing in life get in the way of our friendship. I'm sorry for hurting you and making you sick. I'm sorry for eating so much that I made you sick. I'm sorry for letting other people hurt you and not do anything about it. I'm sorry for not dealing with the feelings you felt and just ignored them. I'm sorry for not creating a loving environment for you to live and breath with ease. Instead I created a toxic environment that stifled your growth. I'm sorry for not listening to you and what you had to say. I'm sorry for not seeing that you are the most important thing in my life. Without you, I wouldn't be here. I forgive myself for the way I've treated myself all these years. I forgive myself for not listening to the cries for help. i'm sorry for hiding behind my fat and I forgive myself for doing that. I forgive myself for all the abuse and hate I poured into it. I forgive myself today. I love you self. Please forgive me.
Love Alethea

I'm working on myself to accept myself today. The person I am today will affect who I am tomorrow. I'm trying to make me the best self I can today to live for tomorrow.

12/10/08: I've learned to trust the person that I am and the decisions I make. In the last three weeks, I have trusted myself to make the decision on what, how much, where and when I eat. I have trusted that I will eat for my body and not to overeat. I have found trust in other areas in my life. This has seemed to given me the permission to trust in myself that I can control myself around food. My EE is under control for the moment due to trusting that I can overcome this 5/14/08 this is five months and still going strong!!!

10/17/08: official quit date for smoking.

3/20/09: Today I let my anger go. Today I forgive my dad for not protecting me as a child and for shutting me out now.
I forgive myself for holding my anger down all these months. I give my anger to God today. Please God take my anger away and help me move forward with my life. I pray to you to bring peace to my heart and help me move on.
Thank you God, I love you with all my heart and appreciate my life.

2/11/10: I'm back from maternity leave and I need to get back into the swing of things. I need to lose the rest of my baby weight and I need to lose another 40 lbs and I will be good. I bought the spark book can't wait to read it.

3/8/10: RECOMMITTMENT. Today I recommit to myself and my program. I bought a bunch of healthy foods fruits and veggies and salad and chicken and yogurt to start eating healthy. Wrote down my goals short term and long term. I am recommitting to start exercising again including strength training.

5/26/10: getting back into the swing of things, getting my confidence back without losing any weight. I haven't lost those extra pounds from the depo shot, but I have lost inches, feel better, working out 6x a week and eating better. I even realized that at the grocery store, I don't buy chips, cookies,cakes, brownies, etc except every once in awhile. We buy less canned goods especially that canned pasta and crud. I do buy baked beans every once in awhile, but not often. I have been buying canned beans, but have taken to draining them and rinsing them off with cold water. My kids don't ask for the junk very much anymore. Yeah, dh started working out with me. He has stopped eating the junk as well. This has been a process, but we have slowly incorporated the healthier foods into our diet and haven't really looke back.

7/30/10: Not sure who said it or even if this is the real quote:
"Dieing is mandatory, but living is a choice." I think that Jillian Michaels said something similar. But, not quite sure how she worded it. In any event, it is so true. We can let ourselves go and die or we can make the choice to live a healthy lifestyle and actually live instead of waiting to die.

8/31/10: look at my wonderful kids. How cute are they? I am working my program, better than before. Will continue to make small changes and work towards my goal. I know I will do it, but it may not be in the time that I want it. It will happen.

well, haven't lost much weight, but I am working on myself inside and outside. Fitness is key, I feel better physically, I'm more active on the boards, become a leader for another team. I'm hoping that working to be more positive everyday that I will get this going. My kids are now 1, 3 and 9. wow times flies.

Fraud: I have been a fraud since Feb. I started losing weight again in May but that fizzled out too. I used too many excuses as to why I wasn't losing any weight and why I gained weight. I lost motivation, emotionaly ate and just plain was a fraud. A lazy fraud at that.
So, this year I have dealt with some personal issues, now that they are taken care of, finally something snapped in Oct. Since then I have gotten back on track, back into being more on sp and being involved. Making changes I can live with. That is key. Only make the changes you are going to be able to live with the rest of your life, or it won't happen.

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My Goals:
To find the person I've always wanted to be.
to love myself no matter what size.
to accept myself now today
Setting a good example of healthy lifestyle for my girls.!!!

My Program:
Being more active, smiling more, eating less, moving more, drinking water, eating better quality foods and eating only when hungry, stopping when full and learning to love myself along the way.

Personal Information:
My name is Alethea. I'm originally from Anderson township in Cincinnati, OH, but lived on the West Side of Cincinnati for 8 years. Now, I live in Independence Kentucky to be closer to my job and I love it here in kentucky.
I love my job and I love the country.

Other Information:
I love reading and writing. I will write a novel someday. Some ideas have come to me lately. I think it is time that I come out of my shell and create the person I know that I want to be and continue to evolve into something better.

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10/24/2012 7:38:32 AM

emoticon Good Morning emoticon
Just stopping by to say hello and to wish you a most wonderful Wednesday!


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10/19/2012 9:44:36 PM

Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

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10/10/2012 5:24:11 PM

Thanks stopping by my blog and your words of encouragement. I think that it might have to do with the pill. They put me on the pill to see if it would regulate my hormones to help with my anxiety. I just had TOM 3 weeks ago and now it is here again and really it didn't stop (sorry TMI) but I am pretty sure thats it. I haven't been on track too so I am still hoping this will kick me in the butt to get back on! I have never taken the pill before so if yu have any comments on that that would be great.

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9/17/2012 9:52:24 AM

thanks for the add welcome sp family have a Blessed day emoticon

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9/12/2012 12:24:04 PM

I'm glad I didn't offend you, cuz I didn't want to do that. My pregnancy hormones have me all over the place these days, so sometimes I think maybe I should just keep my mouth shut.
I really feel for you, and your daughter. Go you for just letting him decide on his own. I know what you mean, he's a grown adult, and I feel the same way about my husband (most of the time, lol!). Sometimes I do have to step in and say something...though normally just my evil eye look will do! LOL!

I hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday! I'd say I hope the Bengals win too, but that would just be pushing it, LOL!

Have a great day darling...hope you feel better since you could vent it out too!


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