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Trying To Bring The Athlete Out In Me

Welcome and Thank you, for visiting my Spark page.

I've been overweight and struggled with my weight more years than I like to admit and want to remember. As a child I was the heaviest of the siblings. And, to this day it hasn't changed, but once again I'm trying to get this under control.

Their has been some events that happened to me along the way as a youngster. I can remember around the age of 13, while having a girls day out with my mother and sisters. And this ...
Welcome and Thank you, for visiting my Spark page.

I've been overweight and struggled with my weight more years than I like to admit and want to remember. As a child I was the heaviest of the siblings. And, to this day it hasn't changed, but once again I'm trying to get this under control.

Their has been some events that happened to me along the way as a youngster. I can remember around the age of 13, while having a girls day out with my mother and sisters. And this lady walked up beside me and put something in my hand(quickly walked away) with her turquiose tights and pink thong leotard up her behind. LOL Of course, I had to see what it was that was put in my hand. It was an advertisement for a gym. This was the first time that I could remember having to be judge by my appearance in public with my family. I laughed it off, but deep down inside it had ruined my day.
I'm a huge fan of the The Biggest Loser. Such a fan that I had downloaded the application in 2006, but never submitted the application.
I can relate to one of this season's contestant Dave, when they were choosing the teams. And Dave, said "It's like being in gym at school". Boy! did that take me back many years in school. I would be all excited about playing my favorite....volleyball, kickball, dodgeball,softball, and swimming. It never failed as I stood on the side line waiting to be picked. I was either last picked or dead last for a team. This put a bad taste in my mouth about gym class and after awhile I just stop particptaing all together.

When I gave birth to my first child I weighed a whopping 317 pounds. I recall hearing the staff joking about my size as I laid in my bed. I didn't bother the staff for anything during my stay. Also, when I was discharged I was offered a wheel chair. I couldn't even get my hips pass the arms of the chair. As I was walking off the unit I heared the staff laughing as I was leaving the unit. How rude and heartless can one be. And, one of the person was my Lamaza instructor.

Forever Dieting/Wasting Money
I tried countless diet gimmicks and wasted thousands of dollars over the years. And, each diet was more expensive than the next. This is one rollercoaster I want to end. Diet after diet I tired SlimFast, Dexatrim, Herbal Life, Bahama Diet,Cabbage Soup,Cardiac Diet,HydroxyCut,500 cal a day, LA Weight Lost Center, Nurti System, Physician's Weight Center, GNC pills and powders, Sugar Buster, Slim Down Sister, Solar Jumpsuit,etc. Their were others, but I can't remember. The one diet I did very well with was Choose To Lose. It taught you to eat healthy and how to make a healthier version of your favorite meals. I actually still have the recipe book. But, of course, old habits are hard to break. And the pounds start returning.

Changing Point
In August, of 2007, I received a phone message from the doctor's office to call immediately. I was informed that my A1C was 7.0.
I know what that meant as soon as she told me. When I saw the doctor the next day. My doctor went over my lab work with me and ask if I had a glucometer. No, because I never had to have one. This was the biggest blow to me, because I never wanted to be diagnois with diabetes. My eating habits had finally caught up with me. I had to return to the office in 3 months for a follow-up. I was depressed for months, but I attended diabetic classes and revamp my eating habits. When I returned to the received my results for my A1C it was 5.3 and till this day it has been under control. Woo Hoo! Losing weight was no longer a want, but a neccessary need for my health sake.

How I Found Spark
While reading a Essence magazine in the salon waiting area. I came across a weight articles in the magazine that featured, Ole Marie Tyler, and her story caught my attention. Ms. Tyler had mention that she lost weight by using I immediately found a piece of paper and jot down the site. Boy! I couldn't get home fast enough to log on. ( Once again Ola Marie Tyler, was featured in February 2009, Essence issue fit and fab special and she still looks great). I logged on and came up with several name, but they were already taken, so I sat back in my chair and thought long and hard and came up with FITWITHIN. It was accepted. WooHoo! Fit represent the person I want to be. Within is the person I've invision many times for mnay years waiting to be revealed. I don't want to look like anybody else, because I'm my own unique person. And, only I will know when I've reached that goal, because the vision I've seen and yearn for will be looking back at me, FITWITHIN.

While surfing Spark the first pages I came across was Ms. Valencia's. OMG! My eyes got as big as sausages. I was like. WOW! That's some transformation. And, I kept on surfing and was so impressed,inspried,and motivated even more by D710DANCE, Charlie-B(my first Spark friend), JO*ANNIE, WOLFKITTY, PHIT n PHAT and so many others.
Then the wheels really began to turn and I start refocusing on all the reasons I need to lose the extra weight besides my health.
Need For Change
1. I'm done feeling ashamed or embrassed around anyone.
2. I'm done feeling uncomfortable in my clothes or my skin.
3. I'm done feeling weak, intimated or unworthy.
4. I'm done being asked to step off a ride because I don't fit.
5. I'm done going to a restaurant and have to squeeze between the seat and table without getting stuck.
6. I'm done with being fat and unhappy.
7. I'm done feeling invisible.
8. I'm done being the fat sister with a pretty face.
9. I'm done with people automaticly assume that I'm Lazy.
10. I'm done having to shop at Plus size stores with limited options.
11. I'm done wanting to go to the pool and be stared at. (Haven't gone in 9-10years). Love swimming.
12. I'm donehaving more sweat pants then outfits.
13. I'm done with being camera shy.
14. I'm done having to deal with knee ,hip, and back pain.
15. I'm done with just to feeling like this and it's going to change.

1. I want to be able to sit Indian Style and get up without struggling.
2. I want to be a ble to wear regular calf length boots and not anklets.
3. I want to just be able to move freely.
4. I want to be a positive role model for my daughter.
5. I want to teach and show her that with hard work you can and will achieve your goal(s). Yes, their will be setbacks along the way. But, don't let these hurddles discourage you. Sometimes, it will take a second,third, or even a forth. Just refocus and re-evaluate what has contribute to the setback(s) and start again. But, never give up when you believe.

My View On Exercising
FITWITHIN, motto is, Keep It Moving! TO Keep On Losing!
We can find so many reasons to not exercise, but I refuse to make them anymore.

1. If I can give my employer 12 hours out my day 3 days a week. I can find the time to exercise.

2. If I can do errands for others and help a stranger. I can find the time to exercise.

3. If I can find time to volunteer. I can find time to exercise.

4. If I can go and watch a movie/concert for 90 minutes or more.
I can find the time to exercise.

5. If I can go grocery/mall shopping. I can find the time to exercise.

6. If I can watch television for what ever length of time. I can find the time to exercise.

7. If I can stand i line to make a purchase for what ever, I thought was important enough. I can find the time to exercise.
So, this is why I opt to get up 5 o'clock in the morning and dedicate 60,120, or 180 minutes of exercise, because this my time for me. And it gives me time to reflect and refocus. Hey!
I enjoy exercising.
Weight History
4/91 - 317lbs highest weight (morbitly obese)
1/95 - 286l
2/95 - 276
6/95 - 268
7/95 - 257
8/95 - 255
3/96 - 249
8/96 - 246
11/96 - 256
1/97 - 250
5/99 - 283 1/2
2/00 - 281
4/00 - 268
7/00 - 254
8/01 - 281
3/02 - 270
8/02 - 278
9/02 - 273
2/03 -273
8/03 - 285.5
10/03 - 286
7/04 - 283
10/04 -276
11/05 - 273
*5/30/08 - 260 Spark Weigh In*

As you can see I've been very consistence with being over 240lbs.

Ending Message From FITWITHIN
Don't allow a negative environment get the best of you. It's only a recipe for failure. Surround yourself with positive and inspirational people. Remember to walk with your head up not lower it when someone is walking towards you. Because, you are equally important as they are. Let's not allow others make us feel any less than ourself.

Stay Positive! Keep It Moving! To Keep On Losing! Your worth being healthy and happy.

Admire their strong legs
Tina Turner, Florence Griffth Joyner, Angela Bassett, Monque,
and Eartha Kitt
Working on developing my own Strong Sexy Leg.
I'm going to do something that I have done in a long time and that is buy and ride a bike. My friend was going to list her bike on ebay. And, I asked her how much was she listing it for and when she told me the price, I said I'll take it. I will be purchasing and bringing the bike home on April 18th, 2010. I'm so, excited not only will I'll be walking the 13 mile trail not far from my home. I will be riding the 13 mile scenic route and enjoying every minute of it and looking forward to pedaling until my heart is content.
One year journey beginning Measurements 11/11/2010
Neck 13 1/2
Bust 48 3/4
Arms L 14 R 14
Waist 43
Hips 55
Thighs L 29 R 30
Calves L 16 1/2 R 16
Weigh in
Start weight 11/11/10 253.6
252.8 - 11/18/10
Spring is here and I'm ready to start my personal challenges.
The first for the month of April is the Bowflex TreadClimber. I'm will be doing this 3x's a week for 30 minutes along with my regular workouts. I really make more of an effort to mix up my workouts. I do not want to get in a workout rut. I've got to keep it interesting.
I have gain many times during these last pass months. In the mist of it all I haven't given up on myself. So, I'm going to start posting my monthly losses and gains on my page starting with the month of June. I plan to have my tracker keep moving to the right and not the left.

June wt. 267 (-12) 255lbs end
July wt. 255 (0) no lost or gain this month
Aug. wt.
Sept. wt.
Oct. wt.
Nov. wt.
Dec. wt.

Life is like math everybody has problems. You just have to find a way to solve them. by T. Lee
Biggest Loser Challenge stats will be posted on Wednesday 23. It it my fresh start for 2013. This is a local challenge in my community.
The Biggest Loser Challenge 12 - week
01-15-13 262.8 SW
01-22-13 257
02-19-13 Halfway point
04-02-13 Last Day of The Biggest Loser Challenge

November 400 Miles Personal Challenge
November 1 - 5 miles
November 2 - 21.5 miles
November 3 - 14.91 miles
November 4 - 3 miles
November 5 - 15.98 miles
November 6 - 6 miles
November 7 - 17.51 miles
November 8 - 0
November 9 - 21.28
Total = 105.18
November 10 - 15.84
November 11 -
November 12 -
November 13 -
November 14 -
Week 2 total =
November 15 -
November 16 -
November 17 -
November 18 -
November 19 -
November 20 -
November 21 -
Week 3 total =
November 22 -
November 23 -
November 24 -
November 25 -
November 26 -
November 27 -
November 28 -
November 29 -
November 30-
Final Results = Miles Completed

2014 Fitness Events Completed

01/1/2014 Commitment Day 5k
3/29/2014 Four Hour Zumbathon
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My Goals:
1. Be overall healthy.
2. Ween off Blood Pressure Medication.
3. Set goals and reward myself.

My Program:
1. Plan meals in advance/work.
2. Drink 8 - 12 glasses of water. 8 - 10 now.
3. Set a challenge every month. (completed 12 mile goal on May 9th)
4. Weigh and measure once a month.
5. Stay within my caloric,sodium, and carb range.
6. Cardio 6 - 7 days a week.
7. Strength train 4 days a week.
Mon & Thursday's
chest, shoulders, triceps, quads, upper abs, obliques
Tues. & Fridays
back, biceps, hamstrings, glutes, lower abs.(will adjust training according to work schedule).
Equipment using to transform my body.
Bowflex Extreme
Bowflex TreadClimber T300
Step Reebok Platform
The Firm
30 Day Shred
Stability Ball(s)
Resistance Bands
Free Weights and a host of exercise DVD's

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emoticon DONE GIRL

Like the other water signs, this sign is very sensitive and emotional. With Scorpio, unlike the water signs Cancer and Pisces, the emotions remain under rigid control. They may not even be apparent to those who are very close to you. When your emotions do erupt, they do so very violently, often with a strong burst of sarcasm and vindictiveness.
The Scorpio child is born to a father who didn't want a child for whatever reason, and even though this isn't even talked about in the family, the child picks up on this and learns to not trust others. Scorpio always asks "What do they want from me" or "What is in this for me." Because of this, Scorpio is insecure and must be in control in any relationship they are in.
The strength of Scorpio is in the methods employed to meet every challenge. You approach everything with intensity and passion. Nothing is ever halfway because you put everything you have in your work; mind, heart, soul. You are one of those people who always gives 100% and sometimes more. Many born under the sign Scorpio become classic workaholics.
You may have an undesirable trait commonly found in the Scorpio person, holding a grudge for a very long time. The underside of Scorpio is often possessed with uncontrollable jealousies and the strongest passions. When offended the reaction is surely revenge. The higher side of Scorpio still dominates people and situations, but with much for the common good. This sign produces very few lukewarm people. You are either very bad or very good.
In Scorpio, the Sun is intense, skeptical and secretive. There is an intensity and a secretiveness in your makeup which results in an inscrutable persona most people cannot penetrate. This trait makes the Scorpio personality hard to detect. You like to remain incognito, and do so with your very secretive nature. You are a master at hiding your emotions. You neither flinch nor blush. It's hard for you to share your inner feelings with anyone.
You can be very critical and demanding, creating a forceful and dominating demeanor. You are strong-willed and determined, and you usually act with incisiveness. Your critical nature allows you to make shrewd and unusually accurate judgments at a rapid rate. You can penetrate the hidden agenda of those you meet. It is in your nature to protect yourself by knowing what your opponents are thinking and doing. You have uncanny intuition and accurate perceptions, making you almost psychic in understanding and making emotional connections with other people. Very few successfully earn your trust. Often, you experience difficulties with the authority figures in your life.
At home, you may be something of a tyrant, wanting everything done your way. You think you are always right and won't tolerate dissent. There is a tendency for you to impose your will on friends and family since you feel so passionately that your ideas are in their best interest. No one takes relationships more serious than you. Although you are highly attracted to, and attractive to, the opposite sex, in many respects you function well as a 'lone wolf' type.
Scorpio gets along with Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus. They should avoid Libra and Sagittarius, who are both outgoing people that would make Scorpio very jealous. Scorpio health issues involved problems with fertility & the reproductive organs. They can also have problems with the throat including the thyroid.

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