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Inch By Inch, Anything Is A Cinch

100,000 Americans die each year of Fat related Cancers. There are very few cancers that excess weight does not contribute to. Listen to your body and get regular checkups.

I had an actual age of 66 and a real age of 70. With the help of this website I am taking that real age south.

100,000 Americans die each year of Fat related Cancers. There are very few cancers that excess weight does not contribute to. Listen to your body and get regular checkups.

I had an actual age of 66 and a real age of 70. With the help of this website I am taking that real age south.


I love this website and I have tried to wear it out. The single most important thing I do is to log in my food. I visit the food log at least 3 times a day when possible; and when it's not, I have a pencil/paper in my pocket to jot down what I eat. I Track, Track and Track. Track my food, Track my exercise, and Track those triggers that encourages me to eat.

ME TIME. The 2nd most important thing I do is schedule time for myself with myself. I put myself on my must-do list. This is the time I do my daily walking, meditation and enjoy the sunshine..

1/1/09 - New - Track weight daily. I have put a calendar in the bath to log weight in first thing in the A.M.
It takes good fat (mono unsatuated), MUFA's, to lose body fat.
Make breakfast and lunch automatic.

Weight Maintance:

Exercise is even more important for maintaining weight loss than for taking off the pounds in the first place.

Successful maintainers of weight loss report continued consumption of a low-energy and low-fat diet. Women reported eating an average of 1,306 kcal/day (24.3% from fat); men reported consuming 1,685 kcal (23.5% from fat).
Your blood type may play an important part in the food program you should be consuming. I am an A+ and seem to function better on a higher vegetable diet.
"Your future health lies in nutritious food, sunlight, physical activity, good sleep and a happy outlook." quote from Dr. Joseph Mercola
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My Goals:
Present Goal: To become more physically fit. Take that weight down to 180.

My Program:
Eat a balance diet of foods with many colors. Originally I was walking 5 days a week varying distance, time, and speed. Now I am doing a slow 2 mile walk practicing meditation. I started out using a modified Zone Diet (1400 - 1800) calories. Now I count calories making sure I get the good fats - flax, nuts (peanuts) and avocado (a little bit will do you good). Most days I brown bag lunch and snacks. Generally morning and afternoon snacks are pieces of raw fruit or raw veggies --- When it comes to the food I eat, I had to adopt the philosophy of Their Food & My Food. I don't eat their food (maybe a smidgen) but they can have all of my food they want. I now do more of the grocery shopping and the cooking. My wife (we have been married for 30 years) likes that.

Personal Information:
Unfortunately I am all to familiar with cancer. Mother, sister, 2 brothers and myself have all had it.

In April 2000 I had a kidney removed due to cancer. When the kidney was removed, the cancer was gone. I firmly believe it was a fat attack that alerted me to the problem. --- In December 2007 I had a radiation treatment on my left eye for melinoma cancer. I believe that my weight loss alerted me to this problem. When I told my Doctor this, he said a number of people had told him they did not know they had a problem until they started loosing weight.

Folks, cancer is tied to excess weight as is so many other health problems.

Other Information:
My highest weight was in July 2006 at 268 lbs and I had been doing the yo-yo thing for years. Thankfully I found Sparkpeople in August 2007 when I went looking for an online food log.
8/15/07 - 255 lbs
8/15/07 - 51" waist
1/01/08 - 222 lbs (-33)
2/01/08 - 218 lbs (-4)
4/01/08 - 212 lbs (-6)
5/01/08 - 205 lbs (-7)
6/01/08 - 201 lbs (-4)
7/01/08 - 197 lbs (-4)
8/01/08 - 194 lbs (-3)
8/15/08 - 193 lbs (-62 year)
8/15/08 - 42.5" waist
9/01/08 - 190 lbs (-4)
10/1/08 - 185 lbs(-5)
11/1/08 - 182 lbs(-3)
12/1/08 - 181 lbs(-1)
1/1/09 - 182 lbs (+1)
1/1/09 - 41" waist (BMI-26.9)
2/1/09 - 177 lbs (-5)
9/14/09 - 194 lbs (+17)
2/22/10 -200 lbs (+6)
My goal is to stay between 170 and 180.


**"Eat To Live" by Joel Fuhrman, MD

"You: The Owner's Manual" and
**"You: On a Diet"
by Dr Oz & Dr Roizen

"Anticancer" by David Serv

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1/21/2009 2:31:33 PM

Welcome to the At Goal and Maintaining team!


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1/21/2009 9:40:46 AM

Thank you for the Spark Goodie and your kind words. Today you are my inspiration!!

I read your page and you're on track, you know what you are doing. I loved your pictures too. I envy you living in Georgia! Nice warm weather compared to my frigid PA....lol!

I wish you continued success on your weight loss journey. I see you're almost at goal...keep going!!

Blessings also being sent your way for continued good health!!

Nice to have met you, Von

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1/14/2009 5:53:40 PM

Thank-you dear Sir for stopping by my page! I see my life as a gift and I try to make good use of it each day. By the way, you are looking great in your latest photos. I

know that having my excess weight gone has helped me feel so much better. Yes, after the weight loss I couldn't understand why I still felt so terrible. My family also noticed I was getting 'fatter' around the middle even though I was getting thinner everywhere else. Well, I'm doing fine now and the is the main thing!

I see your previous visitor to this comment page is from my home town, although I no longer live there. All of my family does so I get all the updates on their miserable weather. Brrrr!

emoticon emoticon I live in one of the warmest parts of Canada now, so our winters are not quite so cold.

Comment edited on: 1/14/2009 5:54:36 PM

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1/14/2009 4:53:23 PM

Thanks for the snow flake! It's -37 here in Winnipeg.....without the wind chill. *brrrr*

I hope you are staying warm, safe and dry. Happy 2009!! *grins*


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1/9/2009 1:44:44 PM

Thanks for the goodie and the warm wishes. Hope you are haveing a good year so far.

Comment edited on: 1/9/2009 1:45:36 PM

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