this is me at the start of school... before my 15 stress-induced pounds

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work it out!!

hey everyone im new to this!! im not sure what im supposed to put here but id love to meet people with similar weight loss goals to motivate me and share tips.... i have a hard time staying on track sometimes :(
hey everyone im new to this!! im not sure what im supposed to put here but id love to meet people with similar weight loss goals to motivate me and share tips.... i have a hard time staying on track sometimes :(



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My Goals:
i would like to reach a final weight of 125. i am currently 152....

at my old weight of 125... i would feel super confident and proud of myself! woot

mini goals and rewards:
-5lbs lost: brows waxed
-10lbs lost: hair cut
-15 lbs: gray contacts
-20lbs: start fitting into my old clothes (i swear i have a closet full of baby cloths lol)
-25lbs: new swim suit!!

timeline: been having a hard time... take whatever i can get i guess

My Program:
NEW!!! 1/26

ive been doing cardio 4-7 times a week for ONE hour on elliptical which is about 700 calories burned and NOTHING after three weeks. NOW: 30 mins stair stepper on interval training and 30 mins abs/free weights (arms and lunges).

i was trying to do each day less than 1500 with a goal of 1200. it was super low fat, adequate protein and moderate amount of carbs in the form of oatmeal and veggies. NOW: after learning all about carb and fat metabolism... i need to increase my fat content. im going to start taking CLA supplements and adding more 'good oils' to my diet through salmon and things like that. however, i do want to decrease my fruit/veggie intake so that its not in excess... but enough to get my essentials. things i want to keep from my old diet:
-no 'white' carbs
-no sugar substitutes
-only 1 fruit and one packet of oatmeal in the morning (so i have time to burn it over the day)
-40g protein

Other Information:
im going to give this new diet until vday...

i will also use the online tracker for food and exercise on spark instead of using my own. maybe i am cheating on portion sizes.... we'll see!

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2/17/2010 11:56:45 PM

hey girl, i'm SUPER busy. like i literally i had to scedule in 'spark time' tonight to fit it in my schedule. Winter break was spark spark spark 24/7 and now i'm lucky to get 10 minutes lol I'm doing a little better. I THINK I LOST WEIGHT! haha I didn't actually get on the scale, but today was the day I could just tell. It's so weird how you jsut wake up one day and there's a visible difference. I'm still not where I want to be, but i'm getting there. I've been out of the house too much to deal with my roomates too much, and luckily they are getting pretty busy to so I'm seeing them less and less :-) and the house is on 62 deg now, which is a lot better than 60. hahah its ridiculous. How are things by you?? i've avoided looking in mirrors for months now to keep myself positive. As soon as i look too much in the mirror, I get discouraged and don't even want to workout or eat right. It's getting better now that I'm seeing some changes, but don't analyze it too hard, it doesn't do any good. I meeez you :-)

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2/14/2010 9:34:12 PM

Stay positive - it's a large part of the battle! You're working on it and you're learning, that's the best part and the start of a change for good.

Best of health,


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2/14/2010 3:10:42 PM

Saw you at the huddle and dropped into to blow a little on your SPARK. May today be the day that you make it into a BONFIRE. emoticon

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2/14/2010 1:09:32 PM

Keep up the workouts! I know it's hard to stay on track, but after a while you won't have to work so hard to lose the weight - you just have to maintain it and live healthy. I know it's hard to say No sometimes, and you should give yourself a small cheat day here and there. To mix it up - try recording some FIT TV workouts. Cathe Friedrich has some killer workouts. Shimmy ad Bollywood Dance are kinda cheesy, but a good change of pace to add variety to keep your body guessing. I walked for a while with no results and my body just needed some variety in workouts, then I started to lose some weight. Jump Rope, Jumping Jacks, Hop on one foot while watching TV.

Lean on me when you need to. We will keep ourselves going. You have a more intense weight loss schedule then I do, I am giving myself until August to get to 125. I hope to lose before then, but we shall see. I will keep checking in on you!

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2/12/2010 10:59:33 PM

Hi, got your message - glad to see you back! You hit the nail on the head with your comments on how I'm eating and exercising. Right now, you need to be treating your body gently. You dove in with tons of enthusiasm, but you need to nourish yourself. Bring your calories up and don't overdo the cardio. That's how I burned out this summer - and I was losing nothing.

Treat your body like a friend recovering from a sickness. Get the right fuel in and help it get stronger - don't beat it up. You deserve to be treated right!

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