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I am an Irish Setter for the Spirit Undah Dawgs doing the 5% Challenge for either the Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer time. Just ask if you want to JOIN !! We can put you on the "master list !" WOOHOOOOO !!!! As an Irish Setter, I am indepent spirited so FREE in the dah wind ! , I LOVE to RUN so you have to train me to walk besides you or ELSE I'll be WILD !, I will catch ur frisbee's HAPPILY !, please DO brush me out all the time for I DO LOVE IT ! I also LOVE to play, sleeping at time

LOL really notice hair !!! it was FUN ! its supposed to as PURPLE from top to bottom but , hey this site doesn't pick it up all as mucjd.

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I am Diane,, and wish to say TY SO MUCHERS for coming onto my page !! I HOPE you leave here ENCOURAGED !

I've been on SPARKS now for 4 yrs, and I've NOT lost much overall,,, at first I was STRUGGLING with MANY HORRIBLE habits,, 6 to 8 pepsi's a day ! NEVER Water,,, I slowly changed that down to ONLY Water now and smoothies with FRUIT of which along with feggies ALSO DID NOT EAT !! I Was a PIGGY HOG of cheese cake,,, triple layer choc cake,, and whoopee pies ! I'd eat them for ...
I am Diane,, and wish to say TY SO MUCHERS for coming onto my page !! I HOPE you leave here ENCOURAGED !

I've been on SPARKS now for 4 yrs, and I've NOT lost much overall,,, at first I was STRUGGLING with MANY HORRIBLE habits,, 6 to 8 pepsi's a day ! NEVER Water,,, I slowly changed that down to ONLY Water now and smoothies with FRUIT of which along with feggies ALSO DID NOT EAT !! I Was a PIGGY HOG of cheese cake,,, triple layer choc cake,, and whoopee pies ! I'd eat them for supper and I was FINE WITH THAT !! AND I was ALSO losing ! I had started out at 288 lbs and was at 256 when I found SPARKS,,, I am now having the WORSE OF TIMES getting down to the 200 in the teens. It's SO AWEFUL !! BUT YET, I WILL NOT QUIT !!! That's a STRONG message to send to ALL ,, DO NOT STOP !! IT WILL WORK IF WE KEEP MAKING THE CHANGES which may take sometime.

I was hit by an 18 wheeler in 92,,,, my whole world caved in. I also had a personal experience which I wish ON NO WOMAN During that yr,, and a month b4 the car accident to the DAY my Mom had died,, and that was her funeral date. 92 was the PITS !!! The worse of ALL and I had seen a LOT b4 that ! but, yet, I have FOUGHT MY WAY BACK thanks to a GREAT therapist,, if you are struggling with ANY issues,, and its causing you to eat more,,,,, I DO Suggest (NOT SPARKS SUGGESTION, but I DO) that you PLZ talk to someone you can TRUST that they ALSO NOT HURT YOu in return. Life is NOT perfect, neither shall it be, but yet,,, we can ALL be FIGHTERS !

:) So though I am in a TON of pain,,, this past Winter Challenge with the SPIRITED UNDER DAWGS, also on the LOSING and DISABLED team,, and another one which I also help lead (I do the first 2 also) is the BELIEVE , ACHIEVE and SUCCEED team !!! between the 3 of these teams,, I am now THRIVING !!! I DO STRONGLY believe IN MYSELF and of course my faith in Jehovah God (Found in PS 83;13 in most Bibles is his name) and that aids me JOYFULLY though I WILL NOT talk about my faith hardly at all,,, feeling that SPARKS is separate from this.

In the WINTER 5% Challenge the DAWGGIES were #1 in the WEIGHT LOSS (I need to update this as the other stats come in) but, MANY TIMES on the Exercise Challenge,, and awaiting to see how we placed with the LTGL (Living The Good Life) such as drinking 8 glasses of a water for a week,, than the next week,,, to eat 5 to 7 freggies (FRuits and vEGGIES),,, to maybe eat enough Protein,, or NO caffeine,, the list go on and on. If you are NOT a part of the 5% challenge (Which runs for 8 weeks and is a PRIVATE team) PLZ let me know,, we can invite you for the next one.

Also the LAD (Losing and Disabled) team is open to ALL at ANY TIME,,,,, it's if you suffer from a physical or mental or emotional illness. We are TOTALLY THERE FOR YA !! ANd of course is the BELIEVE , ACHIEVE, and SUCCEED team, which is ALSO OPEN at all time. COME and GET TO KNOW US, and be ABSOLUTELY INFUSED with GET UP AND GO !!! BELIEF IN YOURSELF ! and ACHIEVING the WEIGHT LOSS by making IMPROVEMENTS.

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DIANEDOESSMILES has SORE FEET !! OH MY GOODNESS !! next time I go to Wally world,, I NEED to ride one of those IDIOT carts !
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To see my Dr and find out why I am NOT losing and often GAINING though I am working the program so much better than EVER with hardly any cheats. I KOW I have NO control over candy, and sweets.

I am also gluten free now which REALLY helps,, I am this to help out with the arthritic pain. AND IT DOES !! if you have not tried this and the arthritis is bad, PLZ DO TRY IT !! its usually noted AT ONCE within 1 to 3 days, of being TOTALLY OFF Gluten.

My Program:
To continue to swim 3 times a week,, as long as my BFF can do so,, she 's having heart/breathing issues,, for NOT EVER taking care of herself. Now shes STARTING to, it may be to late????? I HOPE NOT !!! I usually do not think this for ANYONE, but she and I are closer than sisters,, and it scares me,, as it has been since she started to have heart problems over 4 yrs ago.

Personal Information:
I live in Maine,, and hence am known as a "Mainah" tnence if you are on any of my teams,, I will OFTEN TYPE as I talk. LOL Many on this site have HEARD me ovah the phone,, and can verify its NOT a put on. hehehehehe !! Gotta LOVE IT !!

I am OWNED by a kitty cat,, who is now ALSO an HONORARY Dawggie,,,, named Izzy. you can see hr on my page,,, with her in my arms,, with the pink shirt on. tha's MY GAL !!! She's part of a brown tiger,, and part Lemar' kitty,, the Lamar' cat will ALWAYS when you hold them put their paw on ur face !! Here you can see Izzy is trying to do so in the pic,,, I had just moved my face away from her paws. She's soooo funny !! As I do yoga,, she ALSO does it WITH ME !! As I do a pose to another pose,, she will FLOP From SIDE to SIDE,,,, if I do the "Cat Stretch" SHE WILL ALSO do this !! She's a "Therapy" cat,,, In that she knows when I am headed into to much pain,, I do not always notice this,, and she'll come and HEAD BUTT me on the left side of my

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I am soo fortunet to be the CL (Challenge Leader) of the Spirited Under Dawgs,, and a co leader on the Losing and Disabled Team, as well a co leader on the Believe and Achieve and SUCCEED team.

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4/24/2014 8:53:37 PM

I am in Social Welfare there is further growth from Management at this current organization. I currently work to programs and one of them I manage the volunteers and oversee files really no direct client work except for one night(Tuesdays). I have been asked to develop some different forms and continue to get asked to do other things beyond my current job description. I also have been asked to participate in focus groups that typically management would do. I do motivate and can be. I find where I question myself is can I do some of the written paper work to the standard or level the agency wants or something like that....I know I can I tend to sell myself short sometimes.

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4/24/2014 3:51:57 PM

Hey Diane - Thanks for stopping by. All is going well with the Black Panthers. Been busy doing a daily posting for the team. You know me I love to keep the team going!!! Hubby is good. Office picked up since we are finally warming up with the late Spring weather. Danny had the hardest H.S. Track Meet yesterday and the boys team WON!! They have two meets next week so hopefully they can keep the Undefeated streak going!! Justin is busy completing his Boy Scout requirements to become an Eagle. He is also doing Track so he will be ready for H.S. X-C and Track next year. I still can't believe Danny is going to College (deposit will be sent today?!!!) and Justin will be in H.S. Sept. Time is just flying by soooo fast!!! Great to hear from you again - take care, hugs, Moni

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4/24/2014 7:20:41 AM

Hey, Diane! I appreciate your thoughts on my latest blog. I don't drink pop anyway, diet or otherwise. I have had maybe 3 since I had the baby, just because the water was bad where we were and they drink all pop there! It was diet, but I don't buy pop or drink it with any regularity. I prefer water, tea, or coffee! I am working on eliminating the cream at the moment and drinking it black. I don't add sugar to anything if possible. Or salt. I try and watch my sodium, but with processed foods it is so hard to keep it low. I will be happy with any weight loss.

Also, on the alcohol. I do use it to relax or de-stress. I drink usually 2 glasses when I have wine and the other two the next day. I don't drink every day, but I am on day 3 of alcohol free. I have been using walking outside as my de-stress and also my "me time" even if I have Isabella in the stroller, because it is relaxing to get a little exercise and fresh air!

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4/22/2014 9:58:03 PM

I may not FLY through that door - yet! But I am certainly going to be strolling through with a major strut in my stride!!

Thanks so much for listening when I was worried and down right bitchy. I know that there were several times. I was really scared after that first diagnosis and you helped me through.

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4/21/2014 7:28:28 PM

emoticon on being Sparkpeople Motivator of the Day!!! Great inspiration!!

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