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Me in Sport magazine! Visual Cue.

If Janet can do it, I can!"Beware...it's easy to get into the habit of eating whatever you want."


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Height: 5'6"
Age: 48
Start Date: 4/2/2008
Current BMR: 1462 calories
TTL Energy Requirement: 1587 calories
Goal Waist-to-hip ratio: 0.80 (I think I measured this wrong)
Goal Body Fat %: Between 21%

I'm originally from Texas, but have lived in beautiful Colorado for 9 years now. I've danced most of my life, and have been on some pretty competitive dance teams...the most well known of which is the Kilgore Rangerettes. Any other Rangerettes here? If so, contact me! Maybe we can create our own team.

I think the fact that we had such strict weight limits (due to the fact that TV adds 10 lbs) has really stuck with me throughout my life. I find that I tend to correlate my self worth with my weight. I guess it keeps me in shape more than mmany women my age (I'm 47), but I tend to not be content unless I'm in that perfect weight range.

There are two potential obstacles that make losing weight difficult for me...hypothyroidism and menopause. I made the decision one day that I was going to research, research, research until I found a lifestyle plan that I can stick with forever. That's doesn't just mean food. It's the "whole self" idea...body, mind, spirit. I promised myself that Id never give up until I find the plan, &/or learn the skills, that work for me. Needless to say, I'm still on that journey, and it may be something that I'll always need to delve into...at least occasionally. But I thought since this is about helpful tips, I'd share a few with ya'll that, after years of research and reading countless books and websites, will hopefully help ya'll in your weight loss endeavors too. :o)

There's a lot of things I'm learning about why I eat when I shouldn't (i.e. mental triggers, visual triggers, unconscious sabatoging thoughts, etc.). A great book to read for this is The Beck Solution. I am slowly but surely starting to learn skills that I think will eventually result in permanent weight loss, and that makes me very happy. :o)

I own my a growing company, so I don't have a lot of time to cook. Yet I find that keeping variety in my food plan really helps me stay on track and not feel deprived. So trying to keep from getting into that slump where I eat the same things is a constant challenge. One goal I'm trying to start living by is to try a new recipe at least twice a month...whether I get it online or in cook books. The BLC cookbooks have awesome and easy recipes, BTW!

This journal is really helping me to realize not only how surprisingly bad some of the foods I thought were okay are, but it also makes me think twice before eating b/w meals, cuz I really don't want to have to write it down! LOL!

My other big goal is to move more. I sit at a desk all day for my job. I'm always looking for activities that I enjoy (i.e. dancing, swiming, biking, walking, hiking, playing w/my 13 year old son, etc. ). I don't have problems with this when the weather is nice, but now that I'm in Colorado, it's hard to get outside when the weather's cold...BRRR! So that's when I really have to work to stay motivated to workout regularly.

I posted a pic of me in my Rangerette outfit when I was in Sport magazine, because that is a visual motivator for me to get back down at least CLOSE to what weight!

Below is the current Motivation & Skills CheckList I try to read daily. It changes regularly. If you have any pointers, I'd love to hear them!

My Motivation & Skills CheckList

•NEW! Water or spray your plants. It gets you off your lazy butt and brings joy when your plants are thriving & looking so beautiful.
•NEW! Instead of eating more than you planned in a meal, stick a piece of gum in your mouth after your done eating to avoid temptation...or drink a Diet Pepsi instead.
•Make eating healthfully a higher priority than pleasing other people or satisfying a momentary pleasure.
•Tolerate cravings & hunger w/o giving in. NO CHOICE! I feel hot when I remain strong against temptation.
•Strengthen your resistance muscle. “It’s fun to say “No.” Every time you resist eating something you shouldn’t, you’re strengthening your tendency to resist in the future. Rememebr how Janet Jackson said it's easy to fall back into that pattern of eating whatever you want, so don't allow that to happen again.
•Retrain your brain: content weight of 142. It doesn't matter what you weigh, cuz you're gonna be practicing these new habits forever.
•Resist temptation of momentary pleasure vs regret or physical misery from overeating.
•Distinguish b/w hunger, desire & cravings.
•If you're still hungry after a meal, wait 20 minutes & you'll be surprised how full you feel by that time.
Never eat from a bag or box. Always portion out single-serving sizes into a bowl or onto a plate. Put the rest away before you BEGIN to eat.
•CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS. I can be loose w/ my eating OR I can be thinner. I can't be both.
• I'll CARE LATER. I may not care right now, but I will care a LOT when I get on the scale.
• Work to enjoy life more often & get my "outdorphins" (as Coach Dean calls them) on a regular basis.
•ID triggers that evoke sabotaging thoughts & eating in unhealthful ways or times
*Sight of food around house (i.e. coffee table, kitchen, cabinets, fridge), on tv, on commercials, on billboards, “cafe” signs
*When alone, I feel safe to cheat (so no one will know my weaknesses).
*Sitting on couch (not sure if it’s that place or watching tv that does it). Solution: Move to another room or find something to do like a manicure; pedicure; brush, wash or spray Abby; water plants; play w/guinea pig or cat; exercise; clean hs; visit SparkPeople; journal; etc.
*If I’m tired, run down, or don’t feel good, I tend to overeat.
*Nerves, frustration, anxiety, anger.
*The day we buy groceries is always a day I have problems resisting overeating.
*Alcohol causes me to have a hard time resisting cravings or munchies.
*I’ll have to figure out a skill to resist that.
*Stop sabotaging thoughts like, “I shouldn’t eat this, but that looks/smells so good. I really want it so...[there it goes in my mouth].”
*Don’t let menopause & hypothyroidism be an excuse.
•If/when you make a mistake or have a moment of weakness, focus on:
*Instead of beating your self up saying things like, “I’m so weak. I can’t control myself. I may as well give up.” Instead say, “I made a mistake, but I’m determined to do it right this time so what trigger caused me to give in & what skill can I use to counter that trigger next time...because you can do this Leslie. Remember....persistence and commitment will bring great rewards! ”
*No one said this is going to be an easy, flaw-free journey. The best successes are the ones you have to work for!
•Beware of people who sabatoge your efforts
•Remember! Menu w/variety keeps you from feeling deprived!
*Try one new recipe each week (online, cookbooks, hard drive “recipes” folder). Don’t forget the BLC roasted cauliflower...YUM!
*Try writing up a weekly menu on Fridays before grocery shopping.
•Plate tricks:
*Put all food on table before eating. Your mind thinks you eat more than eating one thing, then going for something else.
*Use a salad plate. Brain thinks it’s getting more food when the plate looks full & not deprived.
*Distribution: ½ greens, ¼ meat, ¼ carb.
•Yoga or meditate to destress
•Commit to working out at least two mornings @/week plus Power Plate M & W. Read article “Exercise for Non-Morning Persons.” Play MP3 for motivation. BG & I have fun walking, dancing, wrestling.



It's amazing how the little things can make a big difference when it comes to the daily caolories you can burn!

•While waiting for microwave, jog around the house opr do laps around the office to burn up to 500 extra calories/day!*
•When walking from room to room, JOG instead of walking!
•If someone wants something from another floor, you run get it!
•LAUGH! Laughing for 10 to 15 minutes (like when watching a funny half-hour sitcom) can burn about 40 calories. Sounds miniscule, but a daily chuckle could add up to a loss of about 4 pounds over a year. *
•Standing up boosts your metabolism! Rather than standing when kids are at the park, standing or walking can add up to 120 calories. *
•Fidgeting helps ward off nerves and burns extra calories! I shake my leg constantly, & it drives my husband crazy...which makes me wanna do it even more!
stand up and walk for 5 minutes every hour, at the end of the day I've walked at least 50 to 60 minutes.
•Desk job? Keep a Gaiam Mini-Stepper ($69) under your desk, and pedal while on the phone or talking.*
•Too busy for a workout? Walk for 5 minutes every hour & at the end of the day you will have walked at least 50 to 60 minutes burning an extra 240 calories/day!*
•Get a jump start on flatter abs before your feet even hit the floor, says Freytag. Simply draw your knees toward your chest 25 to 50 times to rev your energy, tone your belly, and burn 15 to 20 calories. Add a set at night to double your burn.*
•Dance to some upbeat music while you dress & burn 55 extra calories as you get dressed and pack lunch. Your kids'll love it plus you start your day off in a great mood! Burns up to 55 calories/hour.*
•Get a jump start on flatter abs before your feet even hit the floor. Simply draw your knees toward your chest 25 to 50 times to rev your energy, tone your belly, and burn 15 to 20 calories in 5 minutes. Add a set at night to double your burn.*
•Laps! Make it a rule to wear shoes comfy enough for a 5-mile walk, and look for ways to add bits of strolling all day long. Lap the grocery store before you pick up your first item, take a 15-minute midday walk, or try things like taking the stairs to use a bathroom on a different floor. Burns up to 375 additional calories/day!*Ideas from Prevention.com's Fitness section.



Breakfast: 175
Morning snack: 135
Lunch: 345
Afternoon snack: 135
Dinner: 340
Evening Snack: 70 calories
TOTAL: 1200!

Then if I go a little over, I'll still be within my "range."


Member Since: 4/1/2008

Fitness Minutes: 2,305

My Goals:
04/02//08 - START CHALLENGE!
Initial Weight - 168.6lbs
APRIL: "Start out STRONG, and Motivate DAILY!!
Wk1 - 166.0lbs : I'm on my way!
Wk2 - 164.8
Wk3 - 162.2
Wk4 - 162.2

Reward when I hit 159: Manicure/Pedicure

Reward when I hit 150
Reward: New outfit!

I'll work on the rest later.

My Program:

Daily mediation: "Tolerate cravings & hunger w/o giving in...I promise you won’t starve!"

-Plan on Fridays for success on weekends!

-Log food, exercise daily in order to meet goals.

-Get familar w/SparkTeams to see which ones "click."

-Report weight on "weigh-in" board so you're held accountable.

Personal Information:

Other Information:
I hate working out, so I look for fun ways to get my activity like dancing, sledding, skiing, biking, hiking, yoga, etc.

Favorite workout things:
-Sansa MP3 player
-Patricia Walden Yoga DVDs
-Camelbak Water Bottle
-Mountain Bike
-Cool reflective workout pants
-Hiking trail book

Favorite Snack:
Smoothies! Check our my smoothie recipe cookbook!

Favorite Workout Song:
"Dance Dance" - Fall Out Boy

Favorite Cookbook:
Biggest Loser Cookbook

Favorite Recipe Website:
It's a tie b/w SparkRecipes.com, Hungry-girl.com, & MensHealth.com

Favorite Diet Book:
The Beck Diet Solution
by Judith S. Beck

Favorite Calorie Calculator (thanks to SWEETNESS0721!):

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My Program:

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