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Our Love STOPPED Traffic!! Engagement Photo Taken in Y'Bor City!! 3/17/13

Engagement Photo in Tampa, FL!! Waterfall Pic, LOVE IT!!

On the 1st Trolley in Y'Bor City, FL!! Engagement Session. Love it!! 3/17/13

I have 50 pics in my gallery


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***Don't WISH to LOSE Weight, WORK for It By MOVING!!***

2012 was major roller coaster for me. I am at my highest weight ever- 254 pounds! I always said I would never reach 250 pounds well here I am.

I am in my early 30s, a mother of 2 sons & became a wife in April 2013 . I reside in Peachy Atlanta, GA as of May 2013! I had lost 60 pounds & got down to 160 pounds but gained all of it back & now in a size 20 (surprisingly again! NOT REALLY a surprise)!! When I started my journey back in 2005 I was a size 20. I am almost busting ...
2012 was major roller coaster for me. I am at my highest weight ever- 254 pounds! I always said I would never reach 250 pounds well here I am.

I am in my early 30s, a mother of 2 sons & became a wife in April 2013 . I reside in Peachy Atlanta, GA as of May 2013! I had lost 60 pounds & got down to 160 pounds but gained all of it back & now in a size 20 (surprisingly again! NOT REALLY a surprise)!! When I started my journey back in 2005 I was a size 20. I am almost busting out of a size 20. I kept majority of it off for about 2 years..

I am living 2013 WITHOUT EXCUSES!! In 2010, I lived life with Excuses & just gave up after September. I gained nearly 40 pounds in over 6 months. That is just insane, at the rate I am going by the end of 2013 I will be well over 300 pounds (well not going to let this happen)

New Beginning & New ME!!! So now I take my life back into control!!! I will be glad to have back control over my life. I no longer complaining about it But I just have to do it!! I am a very upfront person & don�t like to beat around the bush! I honestly have a PROBLEM WITH FOOD!!! I am ADDICTED TO FOOD (SWEETS)!!

I am tired of being the overweight! This year~ I say goodbye to my size 20s for once & all!


***My FAV Quotes***

"When you feel like QUITING think about why YOU STARTED!!"

"Your ASPIRATIONS & INSPIRATIONS mean Nothing Without The DEDICATION & ACTION It Takes To Get You There!" by C. Wynn

My motto "You only Fail When You Stop Trying!"

"Looking GOOD HURTS ~ I'm In PAIN Everyday!!"


�Complaining Gets YOU NO Where but Action Will Take YOU Everywhere!!�

�Only YOU can CHANGE Your Life. No ONE can Do it for YOU but YOU. So if you DON�T like SOMETHING, CHANGE it; if you can�t CHANGE it, CHANGE the way you think about it & see CHANGE OCCUR!�

�No ONE Can Buy You Motivation, Ultimately Only You Can Find that Motivation & Push YOURSELF!�

�Stop Talking About It & Start Taking Action!!�

�You Will Make The CHANGES You NEED When the PAIN of STAYING Where You Are Becomes GREATER Than Your FEAR of CHANGE!!�


****** Weight Loss Tracker ******

****** 2015 *******
Jan. 6: Broke My Leg & on Monday, Jan. 5 I weighed 253.0
So I won't be able to weigh in for a long time since I can't get on a scale.

Oct. 2015:
5% Challenge Weight Loss:
Current Weight: 10/5/2015: 246.4
Weight (9/7/2015): 256.2


Starting from 246.4

1%= 2.5 lbs (243.9): Reached on 10-21-15
2%= 4.9 lbs (241.2): Reached on 10-21-15 (241.2) - YAY!
3%= 7.4 lbs(239.0): Reached on
4%= 9.9 lbs (236.5): Reached on
5%= 12.3 lbs (234.1): Reached on

5% Challenge Weight Loss:
Current Weight: 5/19/2014: 241.8
Weight (1/13/14): 243.2

*By Month*
2014 (Weigh-in Days Mondays)

****** 2014 *******
Weight from January to April: Has fluctuated from 237.8 to 244 for past 4 months. Have not dropped below 237.

May 12: 240.4
May 19: 241.8 (+1.4 lbs)

****** 2013 *******

Dec 31: 246.2
Jan 7: 241.0 (-5.2 lbs)
Jan 14: 243.8 (+2.8 lbs)
Jan 21: 238.2 (-5.6 lbs) Finally Broke into the 230s!!! YES!!
Jan 28: 236.4 (-1.8 lbs start of TOM weighed in 1/26)
Jan Total: loss of 9.8 pounds!!! WOOO HOOOO!!

Feb 4: 236.8 (TOM week ended very stressful, personal family issues)
Feb 11: 238.0 (+1.2 lbs)
Feb 18: 235.2 (-3.2 lbs)
Feb 25: 235.6 (Going to Vegas)
Feb Total: - 2.4 lbs (Not Great but a loss)

Mar 4: 234.2 (-1.4 Lbs)
Mar 11: 233.4 (-0.8 Lbs)

Apr 1:
Apr 8: 229 (Getting Married in Puerto Rico!!!!!)
Apr 15:
Apr 22: 231.0 out of town
Apr 29: out of town
Apr Total:

May 6: 236.2 (gained 5 lbs while out of town for 10 days, not good!!)
May 13: 236.4 (TOM)
May 20:
May 27: (Moving to GA)

New City, New Marriage, New Home, & New Job! Let's kick it off again!! July 2013 Time to get RE-FOCUSED!

July 11: 241.6 (Up 12.6 pounds from when I got married in April - not a good way to start my marriage off- no excuses).
July 15: 238.8 (-2.8 lbs)
July 22: 239.8 (+1.0 lbs)
July 29: 241.2 (tom) (+1.4 lbs)
Tues, July30- found out that I'm Pre-Diabetic

July Total: loss - 0.4 ounces

Aug 5: 240.6 (-0.6 oz)
Aug 19: 244.0 Aug 26:

Aug Total:

Sep 2: 240.4 (joined gym.. 7 year Aniversary with Eric) Took my first Boxing & Zumba class at the gym and the workouts kicked my ass!!
Sep 9: 239.4 (-1.0 lbs)
Sep 16: 238.8 (-0.6 lbs) Starting with a PT once a week to be accountable.
Sep 23: 238.2 (-0.6 lbs) TOM
Sep 30: 240.4 (+2.2 lbs)

Sep Total: 0 lbs lost for Sept. I ended right where I started at the beginning of the month. :-(

Oct 7: 237.8 lbs (-2.6 lbs got furloughed last week, thought the scale would've been up but so happy that I lost)
Oct 14: 240.4 lbs +2.6 lbs UGGGGGGHHHHH!!! The rollercoaster ride)
Oct 21: 241.6 lbs (+1.2 lbs)
Oct 28: 241.6


********* **************
Weight Loss Date Reached
********* **************
5 lbs:
10 lbs:
15 lbs:
20 lbs:

25 lbs:
30 lbs:
35 lbs:
40 lbs:

50 lbs:
55 lbs:
60 lbs:
65 lbs:

70 lbs:
75 lbs:
80 lbs:
85 lbs:
90 lbs:
96 lbs:

START DATE- 24 September 2012

Sept. 24: 256.2
Oct 1: 251.2 {-3.0}
Oct 8: 251.2 (TOM) {0}
Oct 15: 248.6 (Broke into the 240s YAYYYY) Also, just seta date to get married in April 2013- Jamaica!! {-2.6}
Oct 22: 249.2 {+0.6}
Oct 29: 248.8 {-0.4 really no workouts other than walking, eating was okay}

Oct Total: Loss - 5.4 lbs (that's 1 bag of sugar!!)

Nov 5: 251.4 (+3.4)
Nov 12: 249.4 (-2.0)
Nov 19: (+0.4)
Nov 26: 252.4 (+3.4)
Dec 3: 250.0 (-2.4)
Dec 10: 246.6 (-3.4)
Dec 17: 246.0 (-0.6)
Dec 24: 243.8 (-3.2)
Dec 31: 246.2

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To final have self control & have willpower over food. I am determined to lose this weight & get to 165 pounds in 2016.

To take back control of my life, go into my 30's feeling & looking great & not worrying about still trying to lose weight but just living a healthy life!!!

My Program:
Cut back on unhealthy carbs. I am eating fruits twice a day along with veggies for lunch & dinner. Need to kick the cereals, chocolate cake slices, chips addiction!!!

My plan is 5 days cardio & 2-3 days of weight training.

Personal Information:
Name- Cassandra
Originally from Nashville, TN (relocated to Orlando in May 2004 for my career). Relocated to Atlanta area, GA in May 2013.

Single mother of 2 great boys ages 16 & 15 (as of May 2015).

Email address: (I check emails daily.)

Other Information:
Favorite Movie: Ghost.
Love action, comedies, & martial arts films.

Music: I love R&B, Jazz, Neo-Soul, Old School music.

Hobbies: Shopping!!! Big Shoe & Purse lady, literally I have over 300 pairs of shoes & nearly 100 purses.

Favorite T.V. Shows- Walking Dead, AHS, Criminal Minds anything on HGTV or DIY! Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Catch, RHOA.

18 May 2014: Became Spark Leader of Sparkers of Lawrenceville, Snellville, & Dacula, GA.

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11/28/2015 3:23:02 PM

Hi Thanksgiving went well. Happy belated thanksgiving to all. We did good I think. We have a very light breakfast and than we cook the main meal which was turkey,stuffing,yams,green beans bake, baked ziti, pumpkin pie,cake. We snack on devil eggs,sausage,cheese,crackers,chips,dip during the day. Even with it only being in the 50's the kids played outside for a bit. Over all it was a very nice day.
Well yesterday we set up the tree and now all we need to do is decorate it. and we put out the Santa's which the kids love. As one of them plays music and sings and dances. We didn't do black friday as we had all our shopping done ahead of time. Black friday is just too crazy for us.
Went and got a new outfit and it feels so good to be wearing a xl again. The weight it coming off slowly. I brought myself a sweater and leggins to wear on thanksgiving day..I am finally out of the plus sizes.
Well got some laundry to do and some cleaning and gonna try to decorate the tree. Hope all is well with you.....

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11/9/2015 8:14:48 PM

♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-: -*♥
“Fear of the storm is usually worse than the storm itself.” Gail Lynne Goodwin
♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-: -*♥

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11/8/2015 5:37:16 PM

Your status says that you are having mood swings regarding your weight. Sometimes writing it all out can help. Please consider blogging about the issues you are facing so that you can confront them better.

You are a STRONG woman, and you CAN do this!

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11/3/2015 10:53:31 PM

Please do not let that 2 pounds steal your thunder!!!! emoticon show that scale whose boss! My scale is up too I ran out of good for you food. But No way am I quitting! emoticon Success is just around the corner.

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11/3/2015 9:15:20 AM

♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-: -*♥
“. . . things take time to change… sometimes a lot of time. And the true test of a person’s character lies in their endurance and attitude during the entire process.” Rebekah Green
♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-: -*♥

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