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*First a note to YOU & to ME. Whether you just started a Spark or have been here for years NEVER EVER give up on yourself. I'm so sad when I realize people have become inactive. It's a journey. It's a struggle. It's embarrassing. I know all to well how frustrating it is to gain & loose the same stupid pounds time after time. One day my Friend all that past practice will pay off. You will realize your goals. Promise yourself that you are so worth it and you will NEVER give up.
12/29/13 I ...
*First a note to YOU & to ME. Whether you just started a Spark or have been here for years NEVER EVER give up on yourself. I'm so sad when I realize people have become inactive. It's a journey. It's a struggle. It's embarrassing. I know all to well how frustrating it is to gain & loose the same stupid pounds time after time. One day my Friend all that past practice will pay off. You will realize your goals. Promise yourself that you are so worth it and you will NEVER give up.
12/29/13 I am totally committed to all I had to say about the Eat To Live plan 4 months ago. I feel much better when following this plan exclusively. The biggest barrier is balancing my new plan with what my husband prefers. He likes the plan too but prefers to add a few things which makes it technically not the ETL plan. I think we have worked that out now The second barrier was to learn to eat totally different then I'm use to. I have learned several new ways to prepare foods & feel I can have easier success. This is "it". This is "the" plan. I have never felt so strongly about nutrition before.
8/27/13 I have began 6 weeks (and beyond) of Dr. Joel Furhman's EAT TO LIVE nutritritain plan. Basically a vegetarian and avoid processed carbs etc. This is a huge step for me but I'm convinced it's the right plan based on it's sound medical science evidence. I will not be hungry and will be nourishing my body with nutrient dense foods. I have wasted far to many years of being obese and malnourished on processed foods. And if nothing else the cows and pigs on my neighbors farm are real happy with my plan.
I'm 50 years old. August 2012 the Drs. told me that they were quite sure that I had cancer in my neck lymph nodes. They removed them and tested for everything. They thankfully found nothing. It's time to quit pushing my luck.Whether I had cancer or thankfully did not; it's time to change my life. If I want to live longer it's time to eat clean and exercise. My health has been good but I fear that parts are wearing out and going to break down soon. Statistics show what healthy eating, healthy weight, and regular exercise decrease cancer risks, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc. dramatically. So much of it's in my hands. God blessed me with a healthy body. Why would I try to destroy it?
I'm happily married with the most wonderful young adult children. I work a very demanding healthcare. I'm a busy person but I need to allow myself to take care of my own health.
I am 100 lbs. overweight. I miss my agility the most. I'm not a real athlete. I too easily forget that I feel so good after a work out. It's honestly not the hard to make right choices. It's a matter of rewiring your brain. What takes longer? Pack a lunch or drive to a drive thru. It's not about lack of time. It's about repeated bad decisions.
My closet has too many sizes in it. Not because of yo-yo dieting but because of going up, up, up every year. I always have hopes that I will go down, down, down.
I can renew me. I'm going to realize my goals and so can you. There is a real inner me waiting to be unveiled.
God has given me many Blessings for which I am very thankful.
By taking better care of my body I will be able to have more stamina and agility and decrease health risks.
2014 will debut the improved me. I have hung in there on Spark. I have learned allot. The support and tools are awesome. It's time to use it consistently.
By becoming better organized at home, work, and Church. I will be better able to realize my lifes'goals.
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My Goals:
By loosing 100 lbs. with nutrient dense foods I want to eliminate preventable diseases.
Increase strength.
Increase agility.
Feel & look good.
Enjoy life & the people in it to the fullest.

My Program:
8/27/13 day 1 of Dr. Joel. Furhman's EAT TO LIVE Nutritarian plan.
-1 lb cooked vegetables
-1 lb. raw vegetables
-4 fruit (whole) minimum
-1 oz raw nuts or seeds
-1 cup beans
- 10% or less lean protein
No added fats, sugars, flour, or processed foods.
Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day.
Plan Meals.
Pack a lunch 4-5 x per week.
Exercise 10 minutes or more 5 x per week.
Move more!
Spend more time with family.
Write in my gratitude journal weekly.

Personal Information:
I live in a small USA town in the Midwest.
12/29/2011 248
1/09/2012 242
1/16/2012 239
1/23/2012 236
1/30/2012 234 (first time with new home scale)
2/5/12 235
2/12/12 235
2/20/12 234
2/27/12 234
3/5/12 235
3/12/12 234
3/19/12 234
7/30/12 243 (regained in about 6 weeks)
8/3/12 240.8
8/10/12 239.8
10/22/12 243.8
12/28/12 242.8
8/23/13 247
9/3/13 239.4
12/28/13 238.4
3/4/14 241.4
Goal 229
Goal 219
Goal 209
Goal 189
Goal 179
Goal 169
Goal 159
Goal 149
Goal 139
Final Goal 135
A loss of 113 lbs which is almost 1/2 my size!

Other Information:
Phenomenon is one of my favorite movies. We all have the ability t do something to change someone elses life for the better. Never underestimate the difference you can make in the World! Everybody can do something to make the World a better place.
What will you do? Start by doing something for persons closest to you and reach out from there.

By the Grace of God I was born in a country that I am free to worship as I choose. I am thankful for all my freedoms and safety. I Pray for World Peace!

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Member Comments:
11/29/2014 12:30:08 PM

Didn't do too bad over Thanksgiving with the food. I know I need to really get to work on changing the eating. I am thinking on it more here lately and with the end of the yr coming up and a new one starting that kinda of helps. Serious I need to be serious about was I put in this body. No exercise for 2 days. I am thinking to get some today. Hope you are too!

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11/26/2014 6:04:22 PM

Love the color! Pumpkin bread, Pumpkin cheesecake, apple bread, and pecan pie. I baked all day so just standing all day was a work out for me. My legs and back hurt from that oh cancer area. I think some of it is scar tissue rubbing against in there. Any way I did get on the recumbent for 25 min , only 5 miles. Hope you are moving too! I will travel tomorrow = no exercise for visiting with family. Jesse, 31 yr old son, Sarah 28 yr old daughter , and Lilly 20 yr daughter, Melanie my sons gilrfriend and her parents, Ariana 12 yr old GD, Abbigail 4 yr GD , Blake 1n1/2 yr GS, Last but not least Camden 7 yr GS. Oh yeah and I have 2 grand doggies Butter bean and chop chop! We will watch our grands so our kids can go black Friday shop. You have a wonderful Thanksgiving .
Let me hear about your Turkey day. Hug God bless you!

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11/25/2014 7:37:17 PM

Nothing today, too tender from yesterday. Back at it good Lord willing tomorrow. HUG Hope you are doing well.

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11/24/2014 10:33:09 AM

Weekend weakness, No exercise except for walking Saturday. Need to get to it today. Will edit this post after while. Hug have a great day and move it!!!

Woo hoo! 41 min on the recumbent with some stress added to the pedal . I felt so lazy, I thought maybe when DH does out to hunt I will get back on the bike again. Then I thought just 1 mile with Leslie Sansone ( do you know her?) I went down to my workout room and did 4 , 14 minute miles plus warm up and cool down. again WOO HOO. I tell ya after having that cancer and having to start completely over. I am doing terrific . I hurt so bad when I started trying to exercise with her way back then. I would almost cry from the pain when I would walk with her. Now I still have pain BUT thank God I can keep up!!!! How exciting . Hug .You better move that body!!!

Comment edited on: 11/24/2014 6:55:25 PM

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11/21/2014 8:16:43 PM

15 min 3.39 miles then off we went for a girls day. My neighbor and friend called so we went to town. What a great day. We went Goodwill , I found a new dvd workout and curtains. She found a bunch of 50 cent flower vases for something at her church. We went out to lunch then to Walmart. Oh yeah we went to the dollar store too and I found some baskets to hold my pots and pans in under my cabinets , so now I can pull a basket out to get a pan instead of trying to lift all of the pans. I hope the baskets will make it a lil easier. We also went to a Mennonite store. We talked a little about beliefs . I got some Flax seed there. They have really good cheese too but the deli was closed. We walked alot today. Hope yours was half as good as mine and I know it was great! hug sandy

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