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1 day I will own one of these (me goal weight)-no i will never cut my loc's only hairstyle i liked

If I would grace the world in a swimsuit now, this is what I would look like w/ loc's

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I Pray for Success this Time!

Still trying to get healthy,50 years young, starting my new year with real changes in mind. I pray I reach my goal this time. One day at a time is all I can pray for. I have started this goal so many times. I just ask the good Lord to help me succeed this time!
Still trying to get healthy,50 years young, starting my new year with real changes in mind. I pray I reach my goal this time. One day at a time is all I can pray for. I have started this goal so many times. I just ask the good Lord to help me succeed this time!



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My Goals:
Loose 140 pounds,
create and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Learn to work out and enjoy it.

Stop Smoking

My Program:
Food plan of 3 meals, 1 snack, weighed and measured. Trying to stay around 1200-1500 calories.

I do water aerobics, when there is open pool at the rec center, walking 1 miled a day 3 days a week (in home walking video)

I am currently working the 12-step of Overeaters Anonymous and receiving counseling to help me learn to deal with my problem with food and get my emotional issues settled as well.

Personal Information:
My name is Tina,

my email:

Hit me up any time if you want to chat.

Other Information:
I love to Read and listen to music, I am currently revamping my life, so I am looking for friends to try new things with. I love Dance (watching, not doing, yet).
Reading a great book right now called: Don't Be Nice, Be Real (Author Kelly Bryson)

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10/21/2015 9:31:52 PM

emoticon Happy Belated Birthday, Done Girl.

In Libra the Sun is tolerant, affectionate, and well balanced. You are a courteous and agreeable person who is considerate of other people's feelings. You have a personal charisma attracting friends. Functioning well when working in harmony with other people, you are an excellent team player. You like being on the winning team.
The Libra woman is a "steel fist in a velvet glove" as she always wants to be attractive, but she has a spine of steel when it comes to working and going for a goal she wants. She can put on work clothes and get dirty and then come inside and take a bubble bath and put on an evening gown. She has to learn to make up her mind and stay with her goal, as she to often fears she will hurt someone else's feelings and she needs to learn she can't please everyone all the time, but she has to think of what she wants. As a child she was the peacemaker in the family where there was a lot of conflict between the parents.
The Libra woman most often gets married young which can be a real mistake for her because she seeks to find a partner to be her "other half" before she really has learned who she is herself. She is better off to go out with groups of friends and learn about what she likes in life, before she gives over her power to some man who will tell her what to do, because as she matures and finds she has a mind of her own, she will resent the lack of respect she gets from the partner. She gets along best with Aquarius, Gemini, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, and she should avoid Scorpio who is secretive and her opposite in most ways, as she is very open and honest and she does need a partner who is as well. ..
You prefer working in a pleasant and very orderly atmosphere, with people who don't put undue pressure on you. She makes a good lawyer, math teacher, arbitrator, interior designer or furniture saleslady. You like to see your role as that of peacemaker. Peace and tranquility are so important. The least sign of hostility or discord is very upsetting to you. You refrain from speaking your mind if you fear your thoughts would alienate or start an argument. Always ready to compromise or mediate, you need to be careful not to appear wishy-washy or less than reliable.
In many ways, you are dependent upon the approval of others. Libra is the sign of relationships. You think of yourself as half a partnership rather than an individual. Because of this feeling of dependence, you put your mate's needs and desires ahead of your own. You may become confused as to what you want at any particular time, versus what your partner wants. Your partner's goals and ambitions become your goals and ambitions. You are the true helpmate. Because of this attitude, Libra is very stable and dependent in a relationship, even a bad one.
As attached as you are to your partner, you may not really show it much. In your quest for balance and harmony, you rarely have or express strong emotions of any kind. Yours is a very dispassionate demeanor that is detached. You don't invest much passion or feeling in your relationships, loving with your head instead of your heart.
When cast in a supervisory role you may have some difficulties. This is because you weigh each decision before choosing your direction. You can experience problems if you are called on to make frequent snap decisions for the group. You are an excellent go-between, and not as good at being the leader or boss. Unfortunately, such a balanced view of situations sometimes makes decisive action more difficult. You have a hard time making everyday decisions of little or no consequence. On the big issues, you may vacillate indefinitely.
One of your main personality traits is a love of justice. You are insistent on fair play. In this too, you have a very balanced and unbiased way of looking at everything in your world. Accordingly, you are often called on to be mediator in family disputes or in disagreements at work. Your impartial judgment can always see both sides of a matter. You can be very cool and detached, keeping your feelings well under control in pursuit of fairness.
Your love of balance and harmony allows you to appreciate music and the arts. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet closely associated with artistic endeavors. If you don't have talent yourself, you probably to do have an interest and excellent taste in these matters.
Courteous and refined, good manners are important to you. You exhibit them and you expect them. You are especially repelled by vulgarity and coarseness. Tactful, diplomatic, refined and socially successful, you strive to say and do the right thing. It is always so important for you to make the right impression.
Libra really isn't lazy, but needs exercise that she can feel a part of such as dance, Yoga or Pilates which have movement and balance.

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10/6/2015 8:13:54 PM

emoticon Hope you had a fabulous birthday!! emoticon

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10/5/2015 9:05:13 PM

emoticon Happy belated birthday, Done Girl! emoticon

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10/5/2015 7:17:49 PM


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10/5/2015 12:42:56 PM

emoticon I hope you had a fabulous birthday DONE GIRL!

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